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Burlington woman makes quilts for soldiers

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Jackie Reynolds has turned her hobby of sewing quilts into a service project providing quilt blankets for our service men and women overseas.

Over the past year and half, Reynolds has been sewing quilts by hand called "Quilts By Bana" to offer soldiers a piece of home during their tour.

The name Bana comes from her grandson.

"He got nana and banana mixed up so it’s been Bana. So that's how I sign my quilts cause these boys are all over the place and I thought they don't need to know who I am just that somebody loves them and is thinking about and praying for them," Reynolds said.

Reynolds said even though she does not have any family members in the military, she felt compelled to give back.

The idea originally began as a gift for one of her daughters, a friend who is in the service.

Since then, Reynolds has sewn about 22 quilts (each taking nearly 2-3 weeks to complete) for soldiers in Germany, Japan and Afghanistan.

"As they're sitting there with all the camouflage around them, they've got something different to look at and some of it's a flag, some are flowers, some look like a piece of watermelon," Reynolds said. "It's a piece of home."

Reynolds relies on her daughter Audrey Garton and her friends and classmates at UNCG to find the soldier to gift a quilt.

"I can sew all day long, but these people make it possible," Reynolds said. "They get these quilts out there in the hands of those who are so far away from home and I'm proud of all of them."
The supplies and fabric are from donations of friends or out of Reynolds' personal budget.

Reynolds would like to continue to sew for dozens more across the world. To assist Reynolds with fabric donations and supplies, you can contact her by email at