Woman wants to change her name to ‘Sexy’

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Sheila Crabtree wants her first name to be legally changed to "Sexy." If Crabtree is successful, her new name will be Sexy Crabtree.

LICKING COUNTY, Ohio — A woman in Ohio wants her first name to be changed to “Sexy,” according to FOX8 sister station WJW.

Sheila Crabtree said she hates her first name so much; she has gone by her middle name, Ranea, since she was a teenager.

Crabtree said she plans on going to court to have her first name changed to Sexy. She said it’s something her husband sometimes calls her.

“I just decided on that just because it’s fun,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting anyone to find out. I didn’t even tell my husband I was going through with it.”

Part of the application process requires running a notice in the newspaper. That’s when her plan became public.

Crabtree said a couple weeks later, she started getting calls and has since been interviewed by media outlets from all over the country.

Crabtree said this is not something she is doing for attention. She said this is what she wants in her life.

“I just wanted to get rid of that name entirely so I could be completely happy,” she said. “I’m perfectly happy with everything else in my life right now.”

Crabtree has court planned on Feb. 11, where a judge is expected to decide whether or not to approve the change.

If it doesn’t go through, she said she’d try to change her first name to “Sparkle,” since she has a “sparkly personality.”

“I know it sounds very silly, but that’s OK. I’m just having fun,” she said.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland WJW


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