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Amazing photos of snow along the Outer Banks (gallery)

Posted on: 10:53 am, January 30, 2014, by , updated on: 12:11pm, January 30, 2014

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Photographer Lori Sorenson submitted some amazing photos of snow along the Outer Banks to our sister station WTVR. 

The Outer Banks was transformed into a rare sight – a snowy, winter wonderland.

View more photos from Sorenson on


  • Nobody@All says:

    Okay, I saw a dozen pics…Where does the amazing part come in? Hey look, there’s a car going down the street! Amazing?

    • sally jane says:

      It’s rare for them to have snow,if you didn’t like it don’t click on it.If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep it to ur self.Now that’s AMAZING~

    • Del says:

      Nobody@All says it all……….enough said!

  • penny says:

    Beautiful if you love nature you could see the amazement in each picture thanks for sharing

  • nikki says:

    awesome sauce

  • spencer says:

    would love to be there.

  • Chilli says:

    To nobody@all, I don’t know what pictures you were looking at, but the ones I saw did NOT have a car going down the street. I saw some AMAZING SNOW pictures of OUR state’s Outer Banks with snow. OUR Outer Banks do not get snow very often and WHEN SNOW falls there IT IS AMAZING. You evidently are NOT a PROUD TARHEEL!!!!!!!

  • Donna says:

    I think the pictures are beautiful. And yes, I did not see a car going down the street either.

  • Chucky1992 says:

    I liked them… there were a couple that looked like paintings to me they were so beautiful.

  • Rob says:

    I like them, but “amazing?” Methinks you spend too much time on Facebook.

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