Newsmakers: Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Last November, Nancy Vaughan became mayor-elect of Greensboro with a 19 percentage point victory. It marked the third straight time Greensboro voters sent an incumbent mayor home after just one term. Recently, she spoke with Neill McNeill as part of his “Newsmakers” segment. Here are some of her comments on several current issues/happenings:

On her biggest surprise

“Well, I would have to say the city manager resigning (laughter). That was probably the most un-anticipated thing. It was a wonderful opportunity for her. But it’s put us into a bit of flux at the moment.”

Her feelings on Boeing decision

“You know, I think everybody knew it was a long shot. (But) there was a lot of buzz around that. And I think the important thing is we are now on the radar. People know we can handle a big new employer like that.”

On the three new hotels planned for downtown

“I’m not confident that all three will get built. You know, possibly one or two.”

On hotel tax revenue, parking and ticket sales paying the city’s part of Performing Arts Center

“I think we found a good way to finance it with user fees so that it’s not on the backs of taxpayers. Now that doesn’t say that there won’t be a year that there might be some cost overruns and that would have to be absorbed by the taxpayers. But it would be a small amount compared to the whole project.”


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