Davie Co. deputy injured in shooting, K-9 dies

Posted on: 7:59 pm, January 22, 2014, by and , updated on: 10:42pm, January 23, 2014

DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. — A Davie County deputy and his K-9 were shot while conducting a raid to apprehend a suspect Wednesday evening.

The K-9, a Russian Shepherd named “Gorky” died Thursday.

The deputy who was injured has been identified as Christopher Fleming.

Davie County Sheriff Andy Stokes said in a press conference Thursday that he shot Fleming in the shoulder by accident during the incident.

Nicholas Scott Tilley

Nicholas Scott Tilley

Officers went to a residence to serve a warrant on 19-year-old Nicholas Scott Tilley around 4 p.m. in reference to a suspected home invasion.

Tilley fled the residence to a nearby mobile home on South Angell Road north of Mocksville with two juvenile hostages he reportedly knew.

According to a release, Tilley called his probation officer and stated that he would not be arrested or go to prison. He also stated that he would shoot police officers and kill people.

Tilley held the hostages at a residence on South Angell Road for approximately one hour before releasing them after being giving cigarettes he had demanded from officers.

Three sheriff’s deputies and the sheriff went to the mobile home to raid it around 7:30 p.m. Deputy Fleming went in first with his K-9. Tilley hid behind a wall and started shooting “instantly,” according to Sheriff Stokes.

Gorky with Davie County sheriff’s deputy Christopher Fleming.

Gorky with Davie County sheriff’s deputy Christopher Fleming.

Tilley, who was using a shotgun, hit the police K-9. Gorky, who served with the police department for five years, died around 1 a.m. Thursday.

“If it wasn’t for that dog, I’m sure in my mind we would be burying an officer,” Stokes said Thursday.

Sheriff Stokes said Thursday he fired four shots in an attempted to provide cover so deputies could get out of the mobile home when he accidentally hit Deputy Fleming.

Deputy Fleming was transported to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem where he is in stable, good condition.

Tilley surrendered to officers around 8 p.m. He is in the Davie County Detention Center under a $1.8 million bond.

His is charged with attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer and killing an animal officer.

Additional charges are pending.

Davie County deputies said they are planning a memorial for Gorky.


    • Sean says:

      That Deputy should be fired. I am a Soldier and prior Marine. That Deputy admittedly fired his weapon without knowing what or who he was shooting at. Unsat performance while in the line of duty.

      • Barry says:

        Sean. Being a police officer is different from soldier. That being said the sheriff was providing cover fire so the other deputies could get out. It was an accident. No he shouldnt be fired

      • Then as a “prior” Marine you know there is no such thing.
        Once, always, never refer to as former or prior.

        Reading isnt high on the list now, as it was not a Deputy that shot the other, but actually the Sheriff himself, and my question is…why is this Tilley dirtbag still breathing my air?

      • Caleb says:

        At the memorial, the officer thought it was the “bad guy” getting away, not knowing that he was the other officer.

    • kevin moore says:


  • Crystal says:

    Officer and K-9 officer are both stable at this time.

  • Eilene says:

    That is so sad. Praying for the Officer and his K-9, for a very speedy recovery.

  • God be with both these brave protectors.

  • Saundra says:

    An officer’s son said the suspect is in custody.

  • Sharon Spry says:

    Prayers going up for Chris and his dog! Your a brave man Chris and I know God was with you! Remember your second mom loves you! Get Well soon!

  • aaron says:

    I no chris personally. He is a super good guy and has always wanted to be a cop. He has worked his butt off to finish school and get to where he is. Everyone please pray for him and pray for a speedy recovery. Things like this don’t happen in davie so hearing things like this make me realize that the world is changing.

  • FaithC says:

    So sorry to hear this. I hope both will recover soon.

    The scum that did this should be put down.

  • Sierra says:

    Praying for him gods under control

  • Tracie says:

    Prayers for them both.

  • Chris says:

    Praying for both to recover! I read in another news article the dog was shot several times. Hope they will both be okay!

  • Why no pictures of the perp? Viewers want to know what this pos scum looks like. This is what we’re faced with today;;with all the dopers and pos food stampers;;that can’t work and support their selves and their sorry addictions but then prey on honest hard working people that have to be away from their homes to make an honest living;;and then to add heartache to misery, these scum that are doing nothing but feeding off tax dollars;;;laying around watching telly and talking and planning on their obama phones;;break into people’s homes to steal what little they have worked for. Then they take down a brave officer and his dog that’s trying to serve an arrest warrant; adding more to what he’s costing the tax payers and society by his continuing to breathe. It doesn’t get much lower than that;;;so Where are the pictures ;;;myfox8?

    • Yo David, Had you waited a few hours for the complete story everything you ranted about would have been updated. Sometimes information and pictures are not immediately available. But of course in your little entitled world you think they should be.

  • Andrea says:

    We’ll said David

  • Diane Early says:

    Lifting Officer Fleming and his K-9 up in prayer. May you both recover quickly.

  • anom says:

    Caption says the dog died, that is so unfortunate, he didnt make the choice to be a K-9 and risk his life. If he just got shot in the leg??? Why is he dead????? Run Free at Rainbow Bridge…Borky :-(

    • anom says:

      now that this creep and that’s putting it nicely….wish someone would shoot him since he doesnt want to live. give him his wish!!
      May Gorky run free of pain now at Rainbow Bridge.

  • Teresa Hedrick says:

    I think this is the most outrageous situation I have ever heard. This K-9 officer was only doing as he was commanded. Anyone who would shoot a K-9 dog should face as serious a sentence as if he shot and killed a human officer. It is really sad that the canine had to give his life for someone else’s stupidity. It really reeks that a 19 yr. old…who should be acting as an adult… would react in such a manner that would place an officer and his canine partner in a life-threatening situation over something as irrevelant as a warrant. My thoughts and prayers go out to the human officer for a speedy recovery and to the K-9 officer who should be awarded a honorary medal for his bravery in-the-line-of-duty.

    • Intellectual says:

      The dog is considered an officer.

    • nikki says:

      Amen!!!! The dog is not just a dog to these officers, he is family and anytime one is lost, great heartbreak runs through the department. They are an officer, just like the 2 legged kind. I have to agree, I think that whoever is so stupid enough to shoot and kill them should be charged and tried just like if they had shot a human. Many prayers go out to this department and family members!

    • anom says:

      I AGREE!!!!

  • wbfjdotdude says:

    Praying for Davie Co. Deputy Fleming. So sad to hear that K-9 Gorky died in the line of duty.

  • Rick Yokeley says:

    Offender Number: 1326716
    Probation/Parole/Post Release Status: ACTIVE
    Gender: MALE
    Race: WHITE
    Ethnic Group: EUROPEAN/N.AM./AUSTR
    Birth Date: 05/30/1994
    Age: 19
    Probation/Parole Office: DISTRICT 22 UNIT H

    Printable Version

    Name(s) Of Record

    Last Name
    First Name
    Middle Name
    Name Type

    Most Recent Incarceration Summary

    No Incarceration Record Found

    Offender Sentence History

    Most Recent Period of Supervision Record

    Sentence Number: 03-001 Commitment Type: PROBATION/PAROLE
    Conviction Date: 07/11/2013 County Of Conviction: DAVIE
    Punishment Type: COMMUNITY SS (DCC)
    Sentence Type 1: PROBATION
    Sentence Type 2: SUSPENDED SENTENCE
    Sentence Type 3: COUNTY JAIL
    Total Supervision Term: 18 MONTHS

    Offense (Qualifier)
    Offense Date
    Class Code


    Sentence Number: 02-001 Commitment Type: PROBATION/PAROLE
    Conviction Date: 07/11/2013 County Of Conviction: DAVIE
    Punishment Type: COMMUNITY SS (DCC)
    Sentence Type 1: PROBATION
    Sentence Type 2: SUSPENDED SENTENCE
    Sentence Type 3: COUNTY JAIL
    Total Supervision Term: 18 MONTHS

    Offense (Qualifier)
    Offense Date
    Class Code


    Sentence Number: 01-001 Commitment Type: PROBATION/PAROLE
    Conviction Date: 03/07/2013 County Of Conviction: DAVIE
    Punishment Type: COMMUNITY SS (DCC)
    Sentence Type 1: PROBATION
    Sentence Type 2: SUSPENDED SENTENCE
    Sentence Type 3: COUNTY JAIL
    Total Supervision Term: 12 MONTHS

    Offense (Qualifier)
    Offense Date
    Class Code


    This thug should have been in prison long ago!

    • The One says:

      No he should have been shot by a home owner. People should arm themselves because things aren’t getting better as our so called leaders tell us.

    • Saundra says:

      What I don’t understand is why do so many keep getting suspended sentences when they’re a possible danger to society? Could it be the jail system is so full as it is? If he hadn’t been given suspended sentences, maybe the little punk would have had a taste of real life behind bars. Also, he wouldn’t be out of jail now so that he could have killed an innocent K-9 and wounded an officer. The officers were only doing their charged duties. Sigh What in the world?

      • T says:

        Davie is a small county, but suffers from serious drug problems. I was part of the jury system for a year, charged with dealing with bills on scum like Tilley. The police and detectives do their jobs well, providing the grand jury with enough evidence to warrant sending this kind of trash to trial, but the jail system isn’t big enough to hold all the people who should be put away for the safety of the public. The worst are confined, while the small fish are given reduced sentences with the hope (futile as it is) that they won’t do anything worse. In the case of Tilley, he escalated his criminal pattern, resulting in the death of a police officer (K9). Hopefully he will suffer the full extent of a criminal sentence this time.

    • Misty says:

      Good job on posting his criminal history. Obviously, this guy didn’t learn his lesson the first time. Hopefully he will get more than probation and a slap on the wrist. Prayers for the Officers involved and condolences for the lost K-9. Hopefully they will charge him with the death of an officer for the K-9′s death. I lived in Davie for 2 years before moving to Davidson County in 2003, so I keep up with what goes on there.

  • Shawn E says:

    ……People please read carefully which some of are not…..Its sad but the dog passed away……….smh

    • RachH says:

      Shawn, are you mentally challenged? The story was UPDATED to say the dog had died AFTER some of the people had already commented on the story. YOU should please read carefully.

  • Bev says:

    Shawn E, please look at the dates and times of people’s comments. They posted them before the article was updated about the dog’s passing. Fox8 often updates the same story instead of publishing a new one.

  • mike jones says:

    What a shame. Now this low life piece of trash will be in jail where he will be fed, clothed and entertained on our tax money. Someone should have been a little more trigger happy with this punk.

  • Nautical Winds says:

    I hope you rest well K-9 little puppy dog. Officer who lost your partner, may peace be with you knowing that your K-9 friend did his job with honor, I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    All officers, be careful out there and thank you for protecting us.

    Now if we could just get the left wing bleeding heart liberal judges to protect you by locking these repeat offenders up and throwing away the key we might see less loss of life.

  • Dmcdaniel says:

    Prayers for Chris and rest in peace puppy Thank you Chris and the rest of Davie county sheriffs for risking your life to keep us all safe !

  • Miss E says:

    So sorry to hear that the K-9 died in the line of duty. It should have been the dirtbag that shot him and his partner.

  • billy says:

    Please pray for both the deputy and the K9. I can only hope the local DA will pursue a charge of homicide for the K9.

  • Misty says:

    So sad to hear that the K-9 lost his life. Prayers going up for Officer Fleming and his family, as well as the department on the loss of the K-9. Hopefully Mr. Tilley will get more than probation this time. Praying that God will lead him to a better life.

  • FaithC says:

    Oh my, that is so upsetting. So glad the human officer is recovering, but so sad the dog officer died.

    Our courts need to stop with suspended sentences. They need to bring back chain gangs and they need to make these criminals work hard labor from the first infraction of the law. Maybe if they have a taste of what they will go back to they may not commit a crime again.

    • JT says:

      I’m inclined to agree with you about the suspended sentance deal, Faith. But there’s a problem–judges hand out suspended sentances because there is literally no room in the jails; petty drug offenders make up the overwhelming majority of those incarcerated. So until we end this ridiculous, failing war on drugs, you will continue to see this.

  • Renee says:

    So tragic, people with that kind of criminal record should not be walking around, they should be in jail.

    For those saying he should be charged as if he killed a human…a K-9 officer IS an officer. The perp will be charged for killing an officer. The same thing applies to others too…if you attack a police K-9, you’re charged with assaulting an officer. So you can stop saying “they should charge him as if he killed a human officer,” because HE WILL.

  • Melissa says:

    The criminal looks so smug in the picture. Perhaps some prison time will remove his anger.

  • dobydog1 says:

    since he killed a K-9 officer he is quilty of murdering a police officer. he needs to be charged and convicted of murder. so sorry for the loss of this police officer and the wounding of his partner.

  • Good for him i am a supervisor at ingersoll rand and this cop kept harrasing me. its about time someone stood up to him.

    • Tori Norris says:

      Haha Mark your awesome! Tilley made a mistake, yes but he didn’t shoot the deputy which is funny because the sheriff got his own man. How do you shoot your own deputy with cover shots? Is he going to be charged? He saod of it wasnt for the dog they wouldve been burying an officer but he was the reason they almost had to bury an officer…wow. The boy may have done wrong but I still love him as my friend no matter what everyone says!

  • carlisa frank. says:

    I work in Davie co. very close to these officers. Our Da’s office is the most sorriest in the state. I know people need chances but this is pitiful. This guy had felony charges which is reduced to misdmeanor charges and given probation. This probation officer is then held responsible for these peoples actions. When are we going to hold the da’s office or the sorry judges for accepting the pleas that are offered. Davie county lawyers have it made. They charge big for little or no work. Its time we start doing something to these people instead of taking the liberal approach and singing kum by ya with these dope heads.

    • T says:

      If you work in the system, then you must be aware that Davie doesn’t have its own judge. We depend on a rotation of jurists who don’t really know the area or public servants like a permanently seated judge would. And if you work with the system, you ought to know what a sorry jail system we have. It is up-to-date in its maintenance and monitoring of prisoners, but it is SMALL. It’s no wonder that the offenders who aren’t considered to be a severe danger to the public are cut loose, the county doesn’t have the facilities to house them.

      Davie County is a very skewed area. We have the affluence and insularity of Bermuda Run vs the poverty of Coolemee. We desperately need an updated school system, but everyone squabbles on how to make that happen. We have a criminal system with decent officers to uphold the law and protect the citizens but a judicial system that can’t detail with the intake.

      This county has been my home for a number of decades; we love living here; but for its size it has a lot of problems.

  • Angie says:

    Only the people that can cast NO STONES should say anything BAD about my son!!!

    • Saundra says:

      Are you Mr. Tilley’s mother? If so, I prayed for you often yesterday, as I did for the officers involved.

    • If Tilley is your son, hes a dirtbag. Based the value of life on a pack of smokes.
      Gorky was worth a bit more than that, so if we use your POS sons logic, your son should be dead. Save the taxpayers a bit..

  • krystal says:

    stokes should be fired he shot chris not the other kid. we are all wishing for our court system to change but this is the same sheriff that left a loaded gun on the back of a toilet at our local subway and nothing was eever done about that. he should have made sure that he had a clear shot before shooting into a home with his deputies still in. my father always make sure you know what you are shooting before you pull that trigger. i thought everyone knew that. shame on you andy stokes i hope you get fired. you of all people should know better. and as to chris my prayers go out to you.

  • Well, Tony your good friend Tilley is responsible for all this tragedy and sadness;;;do you no see that? Based upon your callous heart, I would not be surprised if you acompanied your ‘good friend ‘ on some of his night raids at B&E. B&E in my view should be a felony;;;do you not know that he was convicted of B&E? He carried a loaded weapon and knew how to use it;;and that’s what has brought this community sadness. Tony, you should grow up and grow a brain. These good men may have made some mistakes in their efforts to protect and serve our community, but it was the criminal acts of your ‘good friend’ that brought us to this point. They laid their lives on the line when it counted;;and all you can do is throw rocks at them and praise your lawless friend. You should be ashamed;;;I mean ‘very ashamed!;;;

    • Saundra says:

      I like you. :D I pray for everyone involved, but let’s face it. Mr. Tilley clearly has issues. He’s going to have plenty of time behind bars to reflect upon them. The police were doing their jobs.

  • anom says:

    Run Free Officer Gorky @ Rainbow Bridge!!!

  • SHAWN G says:


  • RachH says:

    Well, now I don’t believe a word the cops first reported. I wonder who REALLY shot the dog?

  • anom says:

    Thank you Gorky for your service…may you now run free @ rainbow bridge

  • anom says:

    I hope there will be some kind of a ceremony or service for Gorky. He was an officer killed on duty. I hope he wasnt just discarded. I would hope the officer would want his ashes???? I now have 3 urns with my precious babies. and will always keep them.

  • A says:

    This is a very unfortunate incident. A Deputy has been injured at the hand of his superior and didn’t even accompany him the WFBMC and his superior gives a premature press release before SBI gathers all evidence. I’m sure that was not recommended by his delegates. Sheriff needs to listen to their recommendations, at least the main 2. Andy should have owned up immediately. It is very obvious that he was aware of where his rounds landed after discharge. That is an officers responsibility once it leaves the firearm. If he was not aware of its destination then that is very irresponsible and a civil liability that the citizens of Davie County will bear. The Sheriff is protected by an “umbrella” and is not personally responsible civilly. My question is what repercussions would he impose on a deputy if they done the exact same thing? The knee jerking history of the Sheriff may not reflect on himself. Overall this boils down to integrity. Yes, the suspect became fair game once he set the stage of his capture. Being a wanted suspect is not a defense to the Sheriff’s actions. He (suspect) did not get on television and omit that he shot without a definite target. You never shoot towards “sounds”.Cover fire? Really? Defeats the purpose if the one your covering gets shot. I’m sure it was a very confusing situation and the deputies needed a superior leader to demonstrate competency, professionalism and most of all honesty and integrity not someone who is a liability and an embarrassment. This sets back the Office of Sheriff back decades not the Deputies. Slow down and think, swallow your pride and be honest Sheriff. Everyone expects that from an elected official. Law Enforcement leaders across the nation are depending on it. You guys need all the positive image you can get.

  • frank sinner says:

    The sheriff needs to retire before he kills any more animals,human or other wise !! I would not want him behind my back in a real shoot out and it is likely he shot the poor dog!! The point is why did this crook come out without a scratch !!

  • jim says:

    Aside from our opinions, and sadness for the entirety of the event, has anyone stopped to try and understand the possible happenings in the life of Nicholas that would have brought him to a life of drugs and violence? When you feel loved and appreciated what desire is there to hurt other people? And amoungst all of us that were or will be 18 years of age, who at that age has the mental ability to understand our feelings and what they mean? Perhaps what Nicholas was trying to say by this crime is that he hurts deep inside and wants to be loved!

  • dobydog1 says:

    mr stokes you ARE burying an officer.

  • tiffyb1970 says:

    Anyone who knowingly and willingly kills a dog needs to be hung up by his neck and left to die slowly :)

  • tiffyb1970 says:

    And anyone who accidentally kills a k9 officer needs to be hung up by their neck and left there to die slowly also :)

  • CrazyUSMarine says:

    Let this piece of s**t walk out of JAIL and let me deal with him

  • The Truth Hurts says:

    It is just a damned dog, and you silly people are getting all worked up for it. Headline should read, “Dog shot by pig.”

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