Three men killed in High Point wreck

Posted on: 5:59 am, January 21, 2014, by , updated on: 05:33pm, January 21, 2014

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Three men are dead following a car wreck early Tuesday morning in High Point.

Police say the driver and two passengers died when a 2003 Audi A6 ran off the road on South Main Street and crashed into the Show Place West Building near High Street.

The wreck occurred around 12:15 a.m.

The driver, Edgar Jehovanni Ramos, 19; passengers, Etzel Martinez Cruz, 39, and Jose Louis Gonzalez-Delon, 29, were all ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

They were all from High Point.

Police say that prior to the impact, the Audi was traveling in excess 0f 100 mph and that speed was a major factor in the wreck.

Alcohol is also suspected to have been involved, according to police.

Some of the windows in the building were broken, but the structure was not damaged.

A portion of Main Street was closed overnight, but has since reopened.


  • thomas says:

    It seems our younger, Fast and Furious generation didn’t learn anything from the speed-related death of their icon, Paul Walker. Just glad no innocent motorists or pedestrians were affected in this latest example of reckless driving that is all too prevalent on our roads today.. And yes, I WILL judge, as more judgment in our society would likely result in much less of this insanity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t bring these trash comments in here. Nobody needs to see them. Don’t blame the FnF franchise for somebody speeding. I’m sure you speed to. And he wasn’t even the one driving so don’t blame PW either. You’re a joke of a human being

      • SR Johnson says:

        I don’t think people generally speed at 100 mph. I think you might be a joke. Idiots being idiots. Too bad, but expected.

      • D. A. Isley says:

        I agree with Anon “Don’t blame the FnF franchise for somebody speeding.” This is was a case of someone knowing they were going extremely fast and didn’t realize the consequence.

      • J. Marmaud says:

        Oh anonymous…get over yourself and stop praising a movie that teaches irresponsibility and reckless behavior, As for Paul Walker, his death and the death of the gentleman driving the car that he died in was a tragedy, but the truth is there was irresponsible behavior. I have sped…I admit it. I have gone in excess of 100 mph on an open highway….not through the middle of town. Even on the open highway, it was an irresponsible act done by a stupid, ignorant, thrill-seeking teenager. We DO have a fast and furious generation that lacks responsibility and self-accountability and just spends too much time with celebrity worship and adoration for nothing more than being a pretty face.

    • Judgemental? Oh, don’t worry. Nobody views you as judgemental. We view you as presumpuous. Inconsiderate. Rude. Asinine. Imbecilic. Thoughtless. Heartless. Despicable (and not in the Disney way). Cruel. So many other things. But not judgemental. You’re making no judgements here. You’re making unfounded presumptions regarding the victims’ ages. At any rate, I found no indication of their ages in the article. Perhaps you are in possession of information Fox8′s reporters were unable to obtain? If so, that would suggest you had a hand in the emergency response. In which case, I’m sure your superiors would be thrilled to know you’re implying insider knowledge without proper authorization. If not, then you are, indeed, making presumptions. Either way, Anon is absolutely right: Don’t bring your trash comments here. Nobody needs to see them. And shame on you.

      • FaithC says:

        Wow, I wonder what the original post you are referring to said. Fox8 took it down. It must have been pretty bad.

      • 19, 29, and 39. The names and ages are right there. Speed of up to 100 mph. The person didn’t say anything bad.

      • Lee Goins says:

        maybe you can’t read numbers…the report says they are 19, 29, and 39 years old….SMH

      • Stuart Stanley says:

        The ages are listed in the article above. The driver was 19 the passengers we 29 and 39.

      • Amy says:

        The age of the victims weren’t in the article this am. Yes, the poster can read because I read the same article they did this morning and ages nor car information was known at that time.

      • Rachel says:

        Shari, Lee, Stewart… the numbers were NOT there this morning when Logan posted his comment. The article has been updated since then. Shaking MY head……

      • Then you need to learn to read as the article states the ages of all three men, except for the driver they were not teen agers and all of them were old enough to know that going 100 mph was wrong, Time to take driving privileges away from people who can’t read English, who think the laws do not apply to them, etc.

      • Logan James Denny says:

        When I originally posted my comment to “thomas”, whose comment IS still on here, by the way, fox8 had not updated their article to reflect the ages of the victims, the speeds, nor the suspicion that alcohol was involved. The only thing in the original article at the time of my posting was that police “suspected” that speed was a factor. If you look at the time I posted, you’ll see it was just a few minutes after 7 yesterday morning, but if you scroll up to the top of the page, you’ll see that fox8 didn’t update it until 5:30ish yesterday evening.

    • D. A. Isley says:

      Romans 2:1-3 – “Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah…. People have been racing since prohibition. And your comment is equal to me saying Paul Walker died because he liked Mario Andretti. You’re incompetence is on a level that can’t even be mapped.

    • Pam Johnson says:

      Amen, Thomas.

      And it isn’t “judgment”; it is “common sense”. You drink & drive at excessive speeds, that means you are willing to accept the consequences of what may happen. Unfortunately, you act recklessly and foolishly, you are not only taking your own life in your hands, you are also risking the lives of those around you. Thrill-seeking is no way to die. It is also no way to kill those around you. These were unnecessary deaths, but as you pointed out, at least no bystanders were taken with them.

  • so sad. people just don’t realize how close eternity is to them each day. praying for these families.. another instance where life is just cut too short. Hebrews 9:27

  • FaithC says:

    This is 7 people dead in crashes in 2 days. We all need to drive a little better.
    This is just so sad.

  • Lee Goins says:

    More non-drivers

  • Chucky1992 says:

    I wonder how they figured out that speed was involved… might it be because you can’t tell what type of vehilcle they were in? I’d also have a difficult time believing that with that amount of damage to the vehicle that there was no structural damage to the building. With this location, there has to have been another vehicle (racing) or impaired driving involved. Main St. is pretty straight and fairly well lit.

  • b says:

    Life is too short if you drive like an idiot.

  • Evengelist Fannie Roberson says:

    So sorry for the family’s and friends. God please comfort them all. Will keep praying. God bless.

  • frank sinner says:

    Was this the A6 or A8??

  • Tonya says:

    The police are definitely negligent in high point, too many people drinking and driving in this city and nothing is done about it!! All of my years in high point I have never seen them have check points!! so people think they can drink and go get in a car and do as they please, feel sad for the 3 that lost their lives because of this,prayers go out to the families.

    • Chucky1992 says:

      Really?! You have the audacity to blame the High Point Police?! Your an idiot. 1. The report says alcohol is suspected, not the cause. 2. They were traveling over 100 mph. 3. Just because you have never seen a checkpoint in High Point does not mean they don’t do them. I have been through several.

      Even if the High Point Police never did check points in High Point and even if alcohol was a factor or the cause of this incident, the driver and passengers in this car made decisions that caused their deaths. The Police didn’t put them in the car and make them drive at a high speed.

    • jmarmaud says:

      I have seen drunk driving check points in High Point but that is neither here nor there. The police can’t be everywhere at one time and as far as negligent, well, I don’t think so. I think there is negligence involved by the people that choose to drink and drive. There is always another choice.

  • hilda king says:

    Just feel really bad for the family of the three that passed.Prayers being sent to you all.

  • frank sinner says:

    News 2 says three latinos all male and car was speeding at 130 mph!! I want to know who did the calculation for speed !!

    • frank sinner says:

      OK. Did some checking,Audi A-6 top speed 130 MPH computer limited!! Audi A-8 Top speed 155 MPH computer limited !!


  • Heather says:

    Instead of fighting over who’s right and wrong, we should all join together and pray for these families. Regardless of what you think should and shouldn’t of happened, please understand it went according to gods plan. God knows all and he knew this was going to happen. Lifting these families up in prayer.

  • Pearl Barber says:

    all facts aside there is still 3men dead sons , brothers maybe fathers a big void in someones life pray for peace for these families and god bless them

  • saddenedformyloved ones says:

    i know all 3 of these men, and i don’t know why giovani was driving when e was drunk, i don’t know why he was going so fast, i only know all 3 of them will be forever mourned by their loved ones. here in nc, giovany leaves behind several aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and friends. jose leaves behind his gf, (one of my best friends), and also numerous family members. the other, pepe was more of an aquanitance, but, he also has family and friends here in nc that will miss him. my heart go out to all of u. and to my friends, u know i’ll be here if u need to just call and cry.

  • Ken Yount says:

    This location is smack in the middle of downtown High Point. How could anyone possibly be running 100+ mph there?

  • Michelle says:

    I’m so sorry for the friends and families of these men. Please have some respect.

  • M. Atkins says:

    Yes. They will be respected as they respected themselves, their families and those, who by their actions, could have precipatated a far worse outcome. I do not have sympathy for those who would be so careless with the safety of others. I would have to say this was meant to be so that these unlawfully minded people are no longer able to harm anyone else.

  • unknown says:

    not trying to be inconsiderate but what high school did giovani go to?just trying to see if it is the same person i knew from school

  • saddenedformyloved ones says:

    he didn’t go to school here. he just moved here from mexico in 2012

  • saddenedformyloved ones says:

    m. atkins, yes giovany was driving, and i still haven’t found out if he was drunk. i have talked to some of the family, but, as u can understand, they aren’t much in the mood to talk. u want to hate on giovany, the driver, but what about jose and pepe? they weren’t driving, why are u such an a** and say they deserved this???? jose was about to get married to one of my best friends. u sir, need to keep ur idiotic comments to urself.

  • toni says:

    prayers to their mothers.

  • TiskTIsk says:

    Do any of you know how ridiculous it would be to be doing 100mpg in down town high point? STUPID. People can make any excuse they want, you would have to be drunk to not think of the danger of driving 100 in an area like this. Not only was the driver not thinking of himself, he killed two other people. Try to rationalize with THEIR families.

    • O'DOYLE RULES! says:

      Those 2 other men had a voice and a decision to get in a car with a inexperienced driver and at that time. There is no “gods plan” or was it a car malfunction. It was a choice and nothing more, there is no reason why a car should be going at that speed unless it wants to the kid was 19 one of the other guys could of driven too everyone is at fault not just the kid. I used to drive around the same speed when i was going into work for a year every single day i speed when i’m alone i don’t drink i don’t party and i don’t smoke. I only drive fast and its my choice, if i have my brother or my friends in the car i don’t do over 5-10mph over the speed limit if i’m in a rush and at that point if someone wants to speed i move over to the right lane its common sense. You are responsible for your choices not others no excuses.

  • duvan says:

    19, 29, and 39 = 666 devil number, is here now, open you eyes Usa

  • Duke Jupiter says:

    My condolences to the families. 19 year old do make mistakes. I live in a glass house therefore I will cast no stones

  • I personally would love to meet Frank the Sinner or Duvan in public and show them a good time. Please message me where to meet you. I’ll make sure you never forget it.

  • Robert Slack says:

    You know it saddens my heart that there are three men that are dead and it seems that most of the concern is bashing each other over someone’s opinion. That’s what’s wrong with the world today,no one is aloud to have their own opinion anymore unless it matches your opinion. We don’t know what happened in the accident it could have been something mechanical went wrong with the car. You know accelerators have been known to stick or malfunction,we don’t know! But we’re more enthused over each other’s comments than the souls and life’s of the three men and their families. Now I’ve spoke my peace now you can say whatever you want to about me I’m not one of the three men!

    • Sandy says:

      I agree it is so sad that humans act and say such things I pray karma don’t come there way any thing could have been going on we don’t no someone could have been chasing them gas pedal could have hung people quit before you have to drink from the same cup and you say oh no this could never happen to me well don’t bet on it the point is this is here humans gone you should be praying for the family because it could have been your family

  • TJ Lane says:

    The only comments on this article should be for condolences to the families…nothing more

  • fred says:

    You don’t do that kind of damage to a car at 35 miles an hour.

    yes movies and video games do impress young men.
    I can remember going to the movie Bullet with Steve McQueen as a youngster
    After the show we were all pumped up and though we were as good a driver as he was was and did some stupid stunts on the way to the Boar and Castle.
    I guess I’m showing my age now

  • tom denning says:

    19, driver was 19, the teenage brain tells you that you’re invincible, you have to try and not listen to it. you have to prevent it from letting your imagination over ride things like physics and reality.

    • saddenedformyloved ones says:

      giovany wasn’t like that. last time i saw him about 3 weeks ago, he was bringing his bible over to his uncle. stop judging people. i honestly believe it had to be a car malfunction. and i know all 3 of them, their faces, their voices, and since learning of this, every time i try to lay down to sleep, the pictures go through my mind and i try to imagine exactly what happened in those last few seconds. did they realize what was happening? did pepe try to grab the wheel? did pepe and jose say anything? did giovany pass out? i can’t sleep for thinking of this tragedy. last time i saw jose i made some food for his girlfriend’s (one of my best friends) daughters, her brother, and jose. we sat together, talking and eating. and giovany turned 19 in may, i was at his party. he was a great dancer, and his family loved him very much. stop judging these men. yes, giovany, the 19 yr old was driving, but i can honestly say i very much doubt he went 100 miles an hour on purpose. he was very mature for his age.

  • Point is 3 are dead. And there is a lesson to learn from any angel or point of view. If you ‘get’ the message that speeding can cause death than more power to you. If you don’t… scary thing.

  • tom denning says:

    yes 3 are dead, but one died and 2 were killed.

  • jose says:

    please yes prayer for all them todos nos vamos air un dia

  • R.J. says:

    This is so very sad.

    I think there’s more to this story than is either known or reported. I can understand a invincible teenager being with other teens acting stupid driving over 100 MPH. We’ve all done crazy stupid and in many cases DANGEROUS things as teens.

    However, I doubt we would have done that in the company of men nearly 30 and 40 years of age. It doesn’t add up. Even though no vehicle was seen in the area by witnesses, it doesn’t exclude the possibility they were trying to get away from someone. How many seconds does it take to get to 130 MPH in this old Audi? Wonder how many stop lights they passed or ran?

    Any reports of break ins or shots fired in the area.

    I’m reminded of one of my relatives who was involved in a chase in Lexington NC with speeds in excess of 100 miles per hours. The other guys were also shooting at him. It all started when they tried to rob a dealer of pot

    He sped past a LPD squad car and was stopped.

    The only reason I bring that example forward is not to accuse these poor souls of anything, simply trying to see if anyone knows the back story. The story that can help make since of this tragedy.

  • dorthey2750 says:

    It also seems strange to me that they were going 100 MPH intentionally. I see white boys speeding down the streets of High Point all the time and it appears that no police are ever around. I always report it when I see this but they don’t do anything about it.

    Perhaps they were being chased and lost control and not necessarily because they were doing something illegal. They may have had a drink or two but it doesn’t mean they were impaired. Just because they are Hispanic doesn’t mean they had been drinking excessively.

    I have found that these wreckless, young white boys and girls who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it tend to hang out in grocery parking lots,etc., race up and down the street, pranking people (I have seen it and called the police). I also think it’s more to this story than is being reported. Maybe they are still investigating but if any so called “well to do white kids” are involved, we won’t ever get the full story.

    I feel sympathy for the families of these three men for the loss of life of their loved ones regardless of how their lives were lost.

  • dorthey2750 says:

    I do blame the police for not patrolling the main streets as they should. No way should anyone be allowed to speed up and down these streets. They are so busy stopping innocent young people, they neglect stopping the real culprits in High Point. Although the police force has improved somewhat here because I have met some good officers, there is still that backwards mentally in some of them which leads them to continue with letting the apparent privileged few get away with anything they want. Whewww! I guess I have vented enough. I’m out.

    I’m still trying to figure out on my calculator (since I couldn’t figure it out in my head) how in the heck he came up with 666 from 19, 29, and 39. WOW. I must be missing something somewhere. I need to reference the Bible I guess and try to find it. I really feel uninformed. Please enlighten me.

  • saddenedformyloved ones says:

    i wanted to say on behalf of the family and friends, thank you to all the wonderful people who came to the wake last night. almost 500 people came to mourn the death of these 3 men. rip giovany, jose, and pepe

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