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If the ‘Home Alone’ movies were real…

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A scene from "Home Alone" where Harry's head is lit on fire.

What would happen to crooks Harry and Marv if the movies “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2” were real?

The Screen Junkies YouTube channel asked Dr. Adam Friedlander that question and he said they both would have died multiple times.

Had the violent pranks in the movies been real, there is no way “Wet Bandits” Harry and Marv would survive, especially in the second movie.

Friedlander said in all, Harry (the shorter one played by Joe Pesci) would have died nine times and Marv (the taller one played by Daniel Stern) would have died 14 times.

The pranks in the second movie seem much more dangerous. Just in the brick-throwing scene alone, Marv would have died four separate times from massive head trauma, according to the doctor.

The findings were published in a recent YouTube video that has more than 800,000 views since being uploaded earlier this month.

Home Alone 2 director Chris Columbus has said the movies are not “reality.” Columbus has compared the series to cartoons, saying “It’s the Road Runner come to life,” according to an AMC blog.

In the video below, Screen Junkies makes a parody preview for the original Home Alone.


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