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Reidsville mom upset after school gives child Confederate hat as prize

Posted on: 6:17 pm, January 17, 2014, by , updated on: 09:53pm, January 17, 2014

REIDSVILLE, N.C. — A Reidsville mom is upset after her son came home wearing a replica Confederate army hat he received as a reward at school.

Natasha Lea noticed her nine-year-old son Jacob was wearing a new gray hat when he got off the bus earlier this week, and a closer look revealed it was a confederate-style costume piece.

“I did not want to believe that. That the school actually let him walk around as an African American child with a Confederate cap on,” insisted Lea. “This stands for a dark time in our history,” she said, pointing at the hat.

The hat does not have a Confederate flag on it. A tag inside says “Confederate” and a price of $4.95. Lea says it represents slavery and oppression whether it bears a flag or not.

“What is this hat doing in that school, period? For any child?” she questioned.

Rockingham County Spokesperson Karen Hyler said the school system is aware of Lea’s concerns.

“At South End Elementary a classroom teacher rewards students with ‘big bucks’ for positive behavior,” Hyler explained in a statement today.

“Before winter break in December, the class had an auction where students could bid on different items using their big bucks. Many of the items are donated by families. One of the items for bid was a grey cap with a black bill. The cap did not feature any additional decorations.”

The cap was donated to the school, she confirmed.

The statement added, “The student who won the cap misplaced it and found it in the school’s lost and found on Jan. 13. When the student wore the cap home, the parent saw the price tag that stated in small print that it was a replica confederate hat.”

School leaders looked into Lea’s complaint.

A statement concluded, “Ultimately, the teacher had no malicious intent offering this cap as a reward. The school has reflected on this issue and will be sure to thoroughly screen items donated to err on the side of caution that they could not be seen as potentially offensive.”

Lea said even if the situation was an oversight, she wants the school to be more considerate in the future.

“I am very, very hurt,” she said.


  • path says:

    Goodness me. It’s a hat, not a chattel chain! We need to move beyond this type of petty nitpicking so true healing can take place. No hurt was intended and none was perceived by the child until the adult instucted him as to how he should feel. This is how prejudice is perpetuated. Let’s think about how we can stop it, not continue to teach our children to practice it.

    • This is truly nit-picking and I agree with your comments. Also, this woman could use a few history lessons. After all, there were Black Confederates in this war!

      • Helman says:

        @ Johnny Parker it seems you could use as quoted by you “a few updated history lessons” Many Black Men served as body servants to their masters. Many were also promised freedom if they fought. Many dejected and joined the Union. And to your quote “Please do not forget how those slaves (WHITE PEOPLE) got to the shores of this country” and stole the land from the Native Americans and sold over 10,000 native Americans to other countries. Would we be having this same conversation if a Union Hat or Malcom X or BLACK PANTHERS hat was chosen. Those were probably not an option. And since when do they allow hats to be worn in public schools. Or is it OK because its confederate hat?.

    • Hubert Cash says:

      If any of you study the subject of black Confederates you’ll find more and more proof that they were very real and in large numbers.

    • Tom says:

      What would you people who are complaining that the mother is making more of something than “you” think it is, if that child was awarded an Equality cap, an NAACP hat, etc? If anyone thinks racism isn’t still an issue, you’re very mistaken. The teacher/school should have been more aware of what was given as the winning bid to be honest.

      • ken peele says:

        From what I understand there were Many competent Black Confederate Soldiers That were given some of the highest Honors. If this Parent would stop and think.Some of those very Soldiers maybe Her Descendants!!!

      • Racism is still an issue because of people like the mother, Natasha Lea.

      • Douglas says:

        People wouldn’t say nothing because nobody wants to offend the black people. And also it would not make news headlines either

    • Carson G says:

      Good grief everyone. first off, that kid wouldve been happy iwth his hat if his mom hadnt freaked out and told him its a symbol of hatred for his people (Which it absolutely is not. thats absurd.)

      second, there were many black soldiers in the confederate army. (no they werent all forced and some of them were officers)

      thirdly, those were Americans. GET OVER IT YOU BIGOTED YANKEES. stop hating on the confederates. the civil war wasn’t started to end slavery. it was started over states rights. slavery was brought in later by Abraham Lincoln as a purely political move.

      This is what he said in a letter: “If there be those who would not save the Union, unless they could at the same time save slavery, I do not agree with them. If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them. My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause. I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors; and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views.”

      So i end my post by reminding you that everyone who fought in that war was an American. and not a nasty little racist. so stop demeaning the heritage of millions of Americans by calling them racists and pretending they never existed. stop removing our monuments to confederate soldiers and acting you were personally affected by slavery in the first place.

      • AMH says:


      • To Carson G. More Applause. Thank you!

      • Thank you H.K. Edgerton….. and to whom ever posted your video. You are a wonderful man who has tried to bring peace….. not hatred about things such as this. God Bless You!

      • Stephanie says:

        I agree with you that Abe Lincoln had slaves and it wasn’t a priority for him to abolish slavery. But just because it wasn’t one man’s concern does not mean that’s what it meant for others. I believe the South fought so hard for “states rights” because they were bigoted and did not wish to give up their rightful property.

        Regardless, the Confederate flag, no matter how you look at it, is a symbol of treason and sedition. As such, I think it’s fine if you wish to encourage that culture in your home, but anything Confederate has no business being handed out by a US public school.

      • Eve Davis says:

        You shut up! you “Racist Bigot” your sorted history have only one place in history and that disgrace as most of you let bye gone be bye gone sh*t , you still the relatives and children to the Racist Bigots of the slavery period in this country. From the tone of your little rant on the “Confederate hat” you .indeed a RACIST. You get over it we don’t respect or need the painful remind of how so very inhumane this country once was ,there is No! and I mean No pride in that!

      • Cwfarms says:

        You are going to call that man a bigot and racist just because he tells facts, yes facts that can not be denied, to an audience that is persecuting this little innocent black boy because that he picked out a hat that he liked? On that his ancestors may have well worn? People that were all fighting a common enemy, of an invading army that raped all colors, burned homes, desecrated churches, stole all food and destroyed what they couldn’t haul off, that would shoot civilians just because they wanted to? Yes blacks, whites, Indians, Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, etc all fought for freedom from the oppression of that invading army that killed, and destroyed at will.

      • Douglas says:

        Your the bigot you and all your kind that wines about racism is the real racist. I have never owned a slave I don’t think anyone now has owned a slave. Hell you don’t even know a slave so shut up Eve

      • Carson G says:

        ummm @eve davis? calm the heck down. i’m no racist. i recently allowed a homeless black gentleman stay in my home for a month since he had no where else to go. helped him find a homeless shelter too. and i had a black foster brother for a while growing up. so please. calm your racist remarks. Also, I’m originally from Kansas. Not exactly the most confederate place in the world. also, i’m not descended from a bunch of racists and even if i were? you wouldn’t have any right to judge me for it. thats prejudice that sinks just as low as racism. so maam? reread my post and pay attention to the parts where i talk about what the Civil war was all about. thank you. have a nice day…

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, us Yankees won. And you southern idiots wave that confederate flag around as if you accomplished something, which you didn’t.

      • Carson G says:

        @anonymous in all technicality, i’m more yankee than i am confederate. second, you didn’t win. not unless you’re a liberal in favor of a oppressive government such as we now have. and third? i didn’t see you in a blue uniform. oh wait. you werent there. you didnt win squat. you probably have confederate blood in you as well.

        the war wasn’t between the north and the south, it was between two differing ideologies that divided into north and south. but you know what? I should probably wait until you’ve grown up before i explain all of this in full detail. wouldn’t want it to go over your head with your “we won you lost nah nah nah nah boo boo” mentality.

    • Helman says:

      @path wow! It seems you know it all. Just curious how you would know that “No hurt was intended and none was perceived by the child until the adult instructed him as to how he should feel”. Enough Said…

      • Ummm… because there’s a picture of the boy wearing the hat JUST AS HE WAS WALKING IN THE DOOR from school…and he had a huge smile on his face. How do I know he was just walking in the door? IS MOTHER posted the picture on FACEBOOK. So, no one is assuming anything.

      • Helman says:

        @ Diane Knight LOL. Once again this is still just your assumption. This may be hard for you to comprehend and I get it it. But you DONT KNOW THAT FOR A FACT, that a picture of a smile meant it was for that HAT. How about he just smiled for the camera.

      • @ Helman….. and it’s your assumption that the lady is wrong and you are right. Did you read the article, BTW?

  • does not represent slavery at all- there were black confederates! do you research

  • Since the boy bid on it and won it, maybe he just liked the hat. That history is a sad fact but how can we move on unless we stop giving objects like this any significance. I understand how it is offensive but it is just a hat and kids would be better off just to see it that way. That takes away the power any object has to offend. It doesn’t mean we forget the past, just that it doesn’t have that power over us. Just a thought..I’m sure there are other opinions

  • Eric Smith says:

    This mother is ignorant if she really believes 1. The civil war was fought over slavery & 2. A simple hat can represent slavery.

    • Casey Lester says:

      Although I do feel this was blown out of proportion, the civil war was definitely fought over racism and slavery. Some will argue that it was over state and federal rights, as well as preserving the union. This is the politically correct way of saying a war over racism. The reason the states wanted to be apart form the union was because the south wanted slaves and the “union” didn’t. Looking over personal journals and letters to family members from those in the war during the time reflect these views of fighting for slavery and racism and rarely talk about preserving the union or state rights.

      • Carson G says:

        Thats what Abe Lincoln wanted you and everyone in the union to believe. That there was a righteous cause behind his slaughtering of innocent Americans. and thats eventually what won him the war. but look around you today. you don’t think the Federal Government has too much power? the NSA stores everything. EVERYTHING. Obama can get away with anything. thats too much power for anyone, and as a result, our government is becoming more repressive on a daily basis. it is both atrocious and terrifying how scarce freedom is becoming. If the south had won the war maybe abolition wouldve happened in its own time. In fact, there wouldve been a lot less racial tension. thats for sure. and the government would be a lot healthier. the ONLY righteous thing about the union was their desire to free the slaves, but that desire was not shared by the very people who enacted it. the Emancipation proclamation was enacted as a purely political move to keep England from assisting the South, and to “justify” his unjust attack on his fellow Americans “for the preservation of the union” and that is a quote from Lincoln himself.

  • Harry says:

    Its funny how the kid didn’t see anything wrong with the hat but she did. Many free blacks fought in the war on the confederate side. Maybe she check her history and not teach so much hate!

  • Dean Behrr says:

    How utterly stupid, yet typical. Thou shalt not offend. I bet mom thinks she hit the jackpot now. Has she sued yet? Maybe obama will outlaw the color gray since it was associated with Confederate soldiers. Does Ms. Lea know that blacks were also in the Confederate army?

  • FaithC says:

    The mother is just one of those people who has no clue as to the facts of the civil war. She needs to read a bit. She will see that many black men fought bravely on the side of the south.
    I am not sure what she is hurt about. Don’t know how a historical representation of a hat can hurt a woman who has never been touched by slavery in her life.

  • ME says:

    Good one Dean… ROFL!!!

  • Lee Goins says:

    The mom needs to get a life and get over the whole slave issue….I’m sure she will talk to a lawyer next week….SMH

  • Scot Kimel says:

    Unbelievable. How is a gray hat offensive? I guess we will have to do away with the color gray now. I think the young man looked great in that hat. Many brave African Americans served in the Confederate Army. It is sad that people aren’t offended by things until they are told they should be. This mother is continuing the legacy of the offended.

  • Fran says:

    This Mom needs to check herself. She is talking out of both sides of her mouth. The “Hat” represented Nothing to the child, it was just a hat he liked – She has now instilled in her son the very thing she wants to get over.
    As the others have said, a good history lesson should be in store for Mom.

    The hurt is still there. Theres only one real answer.

  • Dot Mills says:

    He seem to be happy with the hat;let it go Mama don’y live in the pastlive for his fotore , thats problemwith our world to much hatred,& living about past , Rant over

  • Michelle says:

    True blacks fought in civil war but they were made to fight after the south lost too many white soldiers and didn’t have enough men to fight so they enlisted black slaves. These black men were not equal to the white soldier they were just used as pawns in this war. After the civil war blacks were still second hand citizens they couldn’t vote or share facilities with whites. When did blacks become equal not after civil war but after civil rights era 1960 s

    • Stan Hoyle says:

      Don’t know who fed you all that. I can give you a personal account. My family came to America in 1730 and landed in Pennsylvania. There they purchased 40 slaves and traveled to NC. My ancestor Peiter Heyl then gave each of the slaves part of his land and homes so they could have their own place in return for their work on his farm. He never chained anyone, never beat anyone, never treated anyone less than himself and he passed this on to his children and this has passed on now for 13 generations. Of those Free Men that were with my ancestor their children fought with the CSA to keep the Northern Aggression at bay beside their Hoyle brothers! That’s a fact! Remember this little boy bid on the hat cause he liked it. Funny how he had no clue about racial tension until his mother brought it all up and made a scene. Sometimes we adults need to just let children be children and have fun.

      • Michelle says:

        You ppl I’m not talking about slavery lol I’m talking about how ppl are insisting blacks wanted to fight in the civil war. They were not wanted they were the only men left to fight when the south lost a majority of their soldiers.
        @ Stan

        your family treated their slaves good lol you sound so dumb. Even though they were treated good not all slaves were. More than hundreds maybe thousands were killed separated from their families. That’s why black ppl today don’t really know their ancestry like white ppl

      • Michelle says:

        Don’t forget black females were raped and raised the white ppl children. Black children were play toys for white kids. This is a time were black ppl couldn’t learn to read or they would be killed. It’s a bigger picture . Than what your family did for their 40 slaves the movie 12 years a slave he was a free man and was tricked into slavery

    • Cwfarms says:

      The US military treated blacks very badly, different companies, different food, lower pay, some they wouldn’t even give guns to and sent them out to be slaughtered. The US military wouldn’t take Southern blacks as pow’s, they just shot them after they surrendered.
      The north was the one who had constitutional amendments to keep blacks out of their states, they are the ones who had the original Jim Crow laws both long before the war.
      The CSA military had mixed units, they fought side by side with anyone who fought. They all ate the same food, they all drew the same pay. The US didn’t do this until Korea. The north had to threaten to shoot their own troops to get them to go near the black regiments. Their were slaves on both sides, but the South generally treated theirs with respect. The north confiscated black and white women and forced them into prostitution, they even coined a new word with union general hooker for his camps. While the South had revivals and prayer meetings. While hundreds of thousands of Southern soldiers were being baptized, the northern soldiers raided homes of all colors, raped women of all colors, stole, burned, salted the land, etc.

      When a northern leader would get court marshaled for allowing and ordering these things Lincoln. Would promote them. Lincoln was an evil man.

    • Michelle…. One of the Confederate Generals that blacks hate most is Nathan Bedford Forrest. Are you aware that Forrest offered 45 of his slaves their freedom if they would fight along side him? Eight of those black men were in Forrest’s Personal Escort. He did not make them fight. They did so of their own free will. After the war he said he had not fought with better or braver men than those. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne (C.S.A.) wanted to enlist black soldiers to fight for the South. He was told that would not be allowed but still blacks continued to join the southern ranks and no one forced them to do that….. through out the war blacks and whites fought in integrated units in the South while blacks who fought for the union were FORCED into segregated units because white union soldiers did not want to fight along side them!! I have no idea where you got your information from but I suggest you read several legitimate history books and not perpetuate rumors you have heard. Thank you.

      • What General Forrest said about his black Confederate Soldiers:


        General Forrest was a military genius and his tactics have been studied in military matters around the world. So his statement about his black soldiers is profound! Blacks should glory in it.

        General Cleburne was the “Stonewall of the West”, an immigrant from Ireland, who had settled in a small Arkansas town across from Memphis.

      • Cwfarms says:

        Forrest’s soldiers

      • Cwfarms says:

        Forrest’s soldiers

      • Cwfarms says:

        Sorry about the ad, I didn’t let YouTube play long enough before copying the link. Now I can’t delete it. The correct video is also listed

    • Sorry Michelle, you’re rewriting history. Some blacks were made to fight, some fought after being offered their freedom if they went, and some fought because they felt the south was there home. << FACT

      • You might add that most of Forrest’s former slaves chose to stay with him after the war.

        The quote would depend on what your source of info was.

        And Cleburne died Franklin because of a mad-man named Hood! He was indeed Irish but chose to fight for the South because he loved it so.


  • Michelle says:

    Watch the movie glory with denzel washington and matthew broderick.

    • Matthew Fleming says:

      Michelle is all of your knowledge of Civil War history learned through the viewing of Hollywood movies about the war? Believe or not free blacks did exist in the south at the time of that war and many more freely enlisted within within the Confederate army at their own will. Not forced as you so arrogantly seem to believe. Regardless of the fact the woman’s grip about her son wearing a grey cap is ridiculous. Here’s a quick fix. Tear off the tag that reads Confederate and now its a Union cap. Yes believe it or not Union troops wore grey too.. Gasp!! Mind blown!

    • AMH says:

      Michelle…regardless of anything else…it is over and in the past, is not happening now and we all need to move on. Even white people whose ancestors had slaves are heartbroken and horrified by what happened, but if we can’t let it go and people keep raising hell over things like A HAT then racism will NEVER go away! I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be a part of a person and should be swept under the rug, what I’m saying is, you can’t use it against others that weren’t even involved. Time to let go of it and live. You can’t be treated as equal if you can’t think as an equal. No one owes you, and you don’t owe anyone. As soon as we all start thinking like this…maybe THEN we’ll see CHANGE!

    • ems says:

      Because movies are such an accurate portrayal of historical events…yeah right…

  • John says:

    The civil war was about illegal taxation on the prosperous southern states NOT ABOUT SLAVERY. What we have here is an education deficit and a flagrant use of the race card, yet again. Grow up people, the south didn’t invent slavery, heck slavery can be traced back to Babylonian times and even specific cases have been recorded by tribes in Africa (tribes enslaving rival tribes ). So it’s not white vs black, it’s not north vs south. If anything the confederate kepi represents the south’a unwillingness to fold under a tyrannical northern rule. Anyway, if you don’t like the south and it’s heritage…..just move.

    • Casey Lester says:

      It appalls me to see the amount of people who think the civil war wasn’t fought over slavery. That may be the way the south justifies the civil war today but anyone from the time period would say they were fighting for slavery. A lot of people would say it was over state and federal rights but at the time the only right that the federal government was infringing upon was the institution of slavery. The civil war is DIRECTLY tied to the institution of slaver and keeping blacks as second rate citizens. On another not history should always be taught, even to children and in this case it should show the horrors and devastation that racism can cause. Now that you know my side I feel it validates my opinion even more when I say the mother overreacted.

      • Douglas says:

        Well if history should be taught why not tell them about the Africans selling the Africans to the white people. Or better yet Casey why don’t you look up black slave owners and you will find out there was such a thing you ignorant person

  • Rebecca says:

    People like that is why racism is still alive. The child found no harm in it. So why make a big deal. Get over it.

  • Alex says:

    I am appalled at the number of people here who don’t think slavery was at the center of the Civil War. It may not have been the only issue, but it was certainly a MAJOR one. And for the teacher to “not realized” that the cap represented the confederacy is evidence our education system is broken.

    • @ Alex….. and I am appalled that you do not know that lincoln said he would not interfere with slavery where it existed. You should know that secession was mentioned as early as the war of 1812 @ the Hartford Convention in New England….. and was threatened again circa 1828 over the Tariff of Abominations. The major point on slavery was not that the yanks wanted to free blacks but that lincoln and the north did not want slavery to spread into the opening western territories. All the Confederacy had to do was stay in the union if this had been a question of slavery being the cause of the war. We were fighting for our independence from an overbearing government that we no longer wanted to be a part of….. not because of slavery where it existed. Please read the Lincoln-Douglas debates and you will find just what lincoln thought of the black man…. and believe me his thoughts and opinions were not very pretty. As someone has already stated, he was an evil man!

    • Tim Smith says:

      You are what is wrong with society Alex, the kid want the hat and the teacher did not make a BLACK kid take it.

  • Michelle says:

    Of course this war wasn’t about slavery the union or confederate cared less about slavery but it’s the fact people think black men were just willing to fight in civil war and that’s definitely not the case. They were made to fight they weren’t even equal citizens they were just used as a last resort.

    • Mr. Papageorgio says:

      I once thought the civil war was history…at least that’s how I learned it. After reading some of these posts I think the teacher was teaching current events. No wonder the South lost, or should I say losing. With people like this it’s a wonder we don’t still have slavery.

      • Mr. Papagenorgio….. those of us who have studied about this war do not wish for a return of slavery. In fact, for many of us that fact that slavery existed in the South is deplorable. Please do not forget how those slaves got to the shores of this country. They were brought here by slave ships that flew the the American Flag. They were sold to northerners slavers by their own people! If you read the Confederate Constitution you will find that it states that No further importation of slaves will be allowed into the Confederate States of America. Happy reading, sir. :)

      • AMH says:


    • gerjuan simpson says:

      Michelle you are the only knowledgeable person on here thank you!

      • AMH says:

        Don’t you think that if the majority of us are saying this…that maybe it’s a time to listen and realize that maybe you are the problem? Just a thought.

    • You left out the part that the people that were capturing and selling the people to the Americans were the people of Africa. They were selling the weaker tribes to white people. The black people of Africa were selling their own people for money. Research your history and movies are not research. BTW, slavery is still being a major trade in Africa. It is still legal in Africa to have slaves.

      • Left out the fact that FREE BLACKS owned black slaves as well. At one point just before the war there was one black South Carolinian who owned more slaves than any white planter in the state. What is the use in bringing up facts here when you are called a racist for telling the truth?

        As to what blacks did in the service of the confederacy…. o.k… James Washington, Terril’s (sp?)TX. Cav. 3rd sgt. Black man. Over three hundred black men and the widows of other black men who fought for the Confederacy drew a Confederate pension after the war…. and this was in one county in TN. alone!

        The righteous yanks beat a black woman senseless on her own plantation is Louisiana because they kept asking her who owned the plantation and where was her mistress. She told them it was her property and she was the mistress….. and the owner of the slaves they were trying to confiscate. This was true but they left her for dead anyway.

        As to what I left out…. that was called the slave triangle. Ever hear of it? But why try to tell that to a bunch of people who get their info from movies on T.V.?

  • Big Rigger says:

    The bottom line is the child liked the hat, but he would not have been able to wear the hat he liked because of over reaction of others including his mother. I hate to say this but some of the overzealous in the society we live in today may have even hurt him if he wore it in public.

  • kristi says:

    This is why im ashamed to live in reidsville. This is ridiculous. People r not educated at all about the confederate war. That boy loved that hat. And its a part of history AND HIS ancestors fought in that war!! Get a grip people!

  • Smar Tasse. says:

    Sad that this woman has no idea what the Civil War was about and who fought in it. Welcome to the “the World of those just Waiting to be a offended”

    • Helman says:

      @ Smar Tasse to your comment.Welcome to the “the World of those just Waiting to be a offended” just happens to Includes many of your commenters as indicated here.

  • Maybe Jacob needs to teach his mom, Natasha Lea that the hatred will be there as long as it lives in her soul.

  • Kim Bush says:

    This is all a Crock, blacks fought along side the whites in the Civil War. Yeah, We had segregation but over time that last I knew was suppose to have ended as well….Why must people continue to bring up black and white my God We all Bleed RED……and the Confederate Flag and the our US Flag are the same colors for crying out loud. The civil War had nothing to do with Slavery, it was about other things. Yeah, I may be allergic to moving Chocolate because it’s my preference to date or marry a white person, but I am not Racist by any means. I don’t care what color your skin is, If I am respected I give respect back. I love both flags and wear them proudly. This mother needs to stop all the hating she is passing on to her children.

  • R. Rumley says:

    I’m a little surprised people want to wear a German helmet when they ride their motorcycle, or even purchase a German or Japanese car. However, I built a bridge and got over it…

  • brenda says:

    wow that was all in the history why in the world does anyone want to complain about confederacy this is stupid as all get out our country is one country our God is one God and when you get to heaven mom you’re going to be there with all God’s children no race color or creid in heaven just saying

  • jason says:

    really? hey mom while your at it why don’t you petition to have the civil war removed from all history books also. really dont see how you made it through the interview with your head up your a**. its sad that people are this petty and insecure.

  • She has a nine year old , What does she know about Slavery ? NOTHING

  • julie says:

    The hat should not have been item to bid on period. In years to come white people will be the minority. We will see how the white race deals with it!!! You think you are taking all those meds now you will be popping pills!!

      • stefinie says:

        AMH! Your pathetic and a follower I’m caucasian and you make me want to just throw-up my dinner gosh get a back bone or just resign your position gosh………

    • AMH says:

      I would just like to add that white people are being repeatedly made victims of racism. Heard of the knock-out game? Majority of the cases are young black males knocking out white men, women, and children. How much do hear of racism the other way? Not often. What’s even worse is the fact that none of these THUGS are being charged with hate crimes, but if it were reversed, you know that the same grace would not be given. The roles are reversed now and white people are the victims because black people are racist against them because of history that none of them were even involved in. It’s absolutely ridiculous and unfair…and white people are scared to say a word in fear of being called a RACIST. SMH!

  • The One says:

    Why are black people so intent on keeping racism and hate and segregation alive? they always try to blame it on whitey and its almost as if white people have become an easy scapegoat but dont complain about racism being alive and well when your culture is the one doing it!

  • RS says:

    I hate to say this but, imagine how much bullying this boy is going to get from his own race over wearing the hat.

  • sunshine says:

    To all that feel like this situation is nothing a woman complaining about petty racial bs ask this since I feel most of the responses have come from caucasian race?? Here’s my questions if this mother is so “Wrong” where’s the “UNION” HAT why don’t they have something like that for the children

  • Mark says:

    Anyone else catch the fact that he bid on the hat and win it.
    It says students had the chance to bid on the hat.
    Then later says, the student who won it, lost it later but found it in lost in found then wore it home.
    So he wanted the hat. It’s just a hat.

  • JamestownJames says:

    Seems to me the kid just liked the hat…

  • brad says:

    If the little guy would have sported some shades to accent the earring & turned the hat backward…baby momma would have loved it!

    • dan says:

      hahaha agreed. Please, can everyone just start making fun of this situation?? We are wasting brain cells even discussing this – I’m becoming increasingly stupid the longer I type on this subject…

  • Suzanne says:

    I am a descendant of several confederate soldiers and slavery was not the reason for the war between the states. blacks served in the confederate army in several ways also. People need to not forget the history or we will be doomed to repeat it. Let’s learn about history and not be afraid of being offended.

  • Diana says:

    I agree with Mark and James, the child CHOSE the hat- he had a choice of what he wanted to buy. He liked the hat, the hat was just a hat to him. The problem here is the ignorance of the parent, plain & simple. It was an innocent choice by the child that the parent chose to be offended by. She should educate her child if she wants him to make more educated decisions about his choices in life. Don’t blame his choices, actions and behaviors on the teacher or school.

    • sunshine says:

      Look that’s also the school JOB!!! That’s what she sends him to be educated he’s to young to understand it seems to comprehend what it meant that’s what makes it sad they took away his choices because if had understood What the war was about he have made have chosen something to purchase with his”BIG BUCKS” so his stepped in for him that’s what she suppose to do and defend her baby child no-one else was doing it and of course Caucasian thinks it’s alright there child coming home with a UNION hat in the SOUTH!!!!!!!!

  • WhoCares says:

    If I had a choice, I’d prefer a Union hat.

  • AMH says:

    Lord have mercy…this is ridiculous! This is why racism still exists! It is a hat..just a hat that doesn’t represent anything other than the fact that this is the south and the southern soldiers wore it. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intended to be a racist thing…and assuming so is just being racist yourself. You live in the south…get over yourself! I’m just gonna say it…I have nothing against any other race but when other races act like this and are over sensitive, then it drives a wedge and CREATES racism. We can get rid of it unless all sides are willing.

    • Mrs Weinberg says:

      How is this mother racist? Would it be OK to give my Jewish child an SS hat? Absolutely not. It may be a hat to you but to others it represents a lot of hatred and pain our older family members suffered. It is NOT ok that this was handed out in a school who should check things before giving them out. I am a teacher and I can’t imagine the fall out had I done this in my Bible Belt public school in the South. They know it wasn’t OK.

  • General_Johnny_Reb says:

    “The Northern onslaught upon slavery was no more than a piece of specious humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the Southern states.”
    Charles Dickens, 1862

    Slavery was a fictitious reason for the Federal government to seize control of the power of the States and to gain absolute control of the strong economy of southern states. It had more to do with southern states directly importing and exporting goods from southern ports than it did with the already dying practice of keeping slaves. The southern states bypassed the union by and did not allow them a cut of the monies. I quoted Dickens statement (of which he has MANY more anti-union ones) because he is a highly regarded educated literary genius who was UNBIASED as he lived in niether the north or south.

  • Just something else for someone to get their panties in a twit over. I know that there are SOME people who continue to uphold this stupid black-white thing and for that I am sorry. But for someone in the year 2014 now is not the time to look for it it is time to let it go louie.

  • Carla Akins says:

    Wow, nit-picking? No, it’s not – it’s wrong. The school should not have offered it, if the boy didn’t know what it stood for, the school is failing him and failing to speak up about these issues simply perpetuates racism. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • AMH says:

      If you think that hat perpetuates racism, then you are part of the problem!

    • The school is wrong to bow down to this racist mama; They are wrong and what they are doing to the Confederate Americans at their school is wrong. The naacp is the cause of all this hatred and it should not be tolerated and given in to.

      • Helman says:

        @ JOSEPHINE BASS; THERE ARE NO CONFEDERATE AMERICANS Did you know they lost that war on April 9, 1865. Just wanted to update you.

      • I am a Confederate American. My entire line of dead and living kin are Confederate Americans. Our ancestors came to Jamestown, Virginia and they were Virginians, authors of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; Patriots of our 1st War for Independence and founders of THESE United States. Our Charleston ancestors are Carolinian in the 1700s; I also have a great great grandfather that was on the Mayflower, arrived in Plymouth, MA but came South in 1863 and never left. There are black and white Confederate Americans, who are descendants of the patriots of our 2nd War For Independence and forced into THE United States by bayonet and gun. NOT every slave or black person is your kin and ancestor as some activist claim in their rants, they may be the same color as you but that does not make them kin or an ancestor to you.

  • rick o says:

    Some fought black and white over rural agriculturial freedom and not industrialization. Not all confederates owned slaves nor were racist. I Have Strong Feelings For My Family History and Confederate Heritage! Why Can’t I Embrase This Without Your Hate & Bigotry?

    • Because there are black racist that is why and this mother is making her little boy a hater too; the school is helping her make all the kids haters, shame on her, shame on the school, and keep your guns loaded! I agree with the General Johnny Reb comment above; teach thyself and da..the schools because:

      “For every slave the slave traders sold the South more than ten were sold to Brazil, Cuba and the West Indies. Why is all the hatred over slavery directed at the South? by Francis W. Springer in WAR FOR WHAT?. (only 300 pages all you will ever need about the War.)

      • stefinie says:

        Are’nt you my old old history teacher? Miss Bass? Yea that’s you “WOW” how are you? Small world I never forget a double chin you were a racist then and your still practicing? It’s so good to see you still alive that is gosh it’s been what over at least 10 years my parents raised me well Yes I’m in college and studying hard they warned me not to pick up none of your bigotry and hatred and you will be estatic to know I haven’t I steer clear of people like YOU and your kind and I’m living a guilt free life I do hope you can say the same? Well be good and be sure to take care of both those chins I’ll make sure to tell my folks I ran into you and your still ad racist as ever. Toodles,

    • Helman says:

      @ Rick you are Right that “Not all confederates owned slaves nor were racist” and this should certainly be noted. The majority of soldiers were of the white race that fought in the Civil War. Everyone should embrace there history without bigotry. But, the line is crossed when people try to push their embrace upon other people.

    • I have been asking myself and others the same question for well over 25 years? Thank you. Well stated!

  • Pat says:

    I just hope the mom reads all of these comment and realizes what a big mistake she made by making a big deal of this. This only racist here is “the mom”.

  • AMH says:

    …oh, and if it’s any indication as to the type of person she is…her profile picture on her facebook page says “power to the people” and they have contacted the NAACP and they are going to investigate and have contacted the Rev. Yeah, who’s the racist?!

  • Helman says:

    Just wondering. We send our kids to school to get a public education. SO, what was the lesson that this 3rd grade student received about this hat prior to receiving it? Just wondering, how much different this conversation would be if your child came home from school wearing a Malcolm X hat that he purchased at his school. Please take time to think outside of your box.

  • Helman says:

    I commend this courageous mother for speaking out and shining the light on this controversial object that was encouraged by the school. She did what she was suppose to do. May The LIGHT ALWAYS SHINE BRIGHTLY on every ACT of RACISM.

  • RadarGort says:

    Only in Bazarro America !!!!!! Let’s see, Christmas is offensive, Dixie is offensive, Confederate is offensive, Southern heroes like Lee, Davis and Stonewall Jackson are offensive, Jesus is offensive, God is offensive, the Ten Commandments are offensive, the Confederate flag is offensive, oh yeah George Washington is offensive cause he had slaves, Redskins is offensive, Confederate history is offensive, American history is offensive, Merry Christmas is offensive. Now an offensive gray cap that that has that offensive word “Confederate” in it. What an ignorant and pathetic society that our poor nation has become. I shall always have fond memories of the America that Was, when Wisdom and Integrity and Decency and Common Sense was the rule and not the exception.

  • Malcolm says:

    The mom did right by exposing the school more and more anything that represents the confederate is not accepted. The confederate flag is offensive to all races it’s clear the confederates fought in the civil war in order to keep slavery legal that’s the only reason for the war

    • Douglas says:

      If I’m not mistaken Malcolm we live in the south where the confederate states were. So if you and the rest of the world who thinks a flag is racist now leave. I mean everything about white people is racist to hear people say. It’s a flag or better yet about this article it’s a hat so shut up

      • Helman says:

        Because it’s A replica of a Confederate HAT. Would you allow your child to parade around in a Malcolm X hat? why WHINE Douglas. Students aren’t allowed to wear hats in public schools. But they allowed a Confederate Hat. The offering of that hat was with a racial undertone. We all know it. So quit kidding yourself. You know better. And who cares where you live the confederate states don’t exist, So maybe you should leave now.They lost the war and many family members for being stupid enough to go against there country. How dumb was that.The flag and is a symbol of slavery to most. .

      • terri says:

        The confederate flag is a thing of the past. It’s nonexistent. So why fly it. Most non American flags flown in this country have a nation they represent. The confederate flag represents nothing but the past please let it go and fly an American flag. What’s wrong with our flag …

  • Helman says:

    @ Diane Knight at your comment “Ummm… because there’s a picture of the boy wearing the hat JUST AS HE WAS WALKING IN THE DOOR from school…and he had a huge smile on his face” So, no one is assuming anything” LOL. Once again this is still just your assumption. This may be hard for you to comprehend and I get it it. But you DONT KNOW THAT FOR A FACT, that a picture of a smile meant it was for that HAT. How about he just smiled for the camera.

  • Cwfarms says:

    Since this article is about a NC kid, who just wanted that hat, and had no problems with it until his mother threw a racist fit. I had ancestors in the 42nd NC, the 12th NC, and other units I am uncertain of the exact unit on. They were Catawba Indians, their Grandfather fought in the Revolution. They were heroes. They didn’t own slaves, they fought because an invading army was there, and threatened their families. I have pictures of them at Confederate reunions after the war. One was severely injured at Gettysburg, one was a mail carrier, etc. this lady needs to stop being racist, and stop spreading hate, especially not teach her son to hate people who he doesn’t know, and has done no one any wrong.

  • Cwfarms says:

    H.k. Edgerton

  • RadarGort says:

    This kid looks good in his gray Confederate cap. Who knows , he may have had a relative that served with the Confederacy. There was more racial diversity in the Confederate army than many people realize. Certainly the politically correct, government school system doesn’t want it known but there were several thousand black soldiers in the Southern army. There were a good number of Mexican Confederates who served too, mostly in Texas and a good many American Indians were in the Confederate service. A few Orientals were Confederates and at least one Hawaiian served in the Confederate Navy on the famous raider CSS Shenandoah . Some monuments were erected and honor loyal black Confederates. One is at Harper’s Ferry and another is in the small town of Madison, Mississippi. The beautiful large Confederate monument at Arlington National Cemetery also honors loyal black Southerners but of course it is not part of any tour there. Confederates of many different racial, social, religious backgrounds served together because one thing that they all had in common was that the South was their HOME. We should remember them for having the courage to defend their homeland that was being invaded by a large destructive, Union army sent to subjugate the South.

  • johnathon says:

    I don’t see a lot of British flags flying all over the country. I believe that most people that fly the confederate flag or wear anything that represents the confederate are doing so for attention or to offend others.

    • Douglas says:

      Is that so maybe it’s because their ancestors fought in the war you know there were white people back then. Is black people the only ones who can talk about the ancestors. I mean hell why wine about a hat anyway.

    • Well, Johnathon if that is all it takes to offend you then you need to toughen up your hide. I had too grow a tough hide to protect myself from all the slurs and garbage your type throws at Southern Confederate Americans. My mama always told me not to feel sorry for myself!

  • John says:

    Didn’t seem to be too upset about it…her son wore it during the entire interview.

  • Dee says:

    I am sure the teacher did not realize what it was and I wonder if mom would have if it were not on the label. Teachers at South End spend much $$$ out of their own pockets to reward good behavior. It makes me angry because teachers do not have to have auctions they do it because the kids enjoy them and they again are used as a reward! He picked the hat and bid on it. It was not given to him. I suppose the answer is to stop the auctions and only look at what children do wrong instead of rewarding good behavior. That will make more kids want to go to school. TEACHERS ARE UNDER PAID AND DO MUCH OF THE PARENTING OF MANY KIDS! UGH!! Mom is looking for $$$.

  • Cwfarms says:

    It was a wonderful thing as a prize. It could be a teaching tool, to teach young people how the people all joined in together to try to defend themselves against the invading army, who made war on civilians, raping women and children of all colors, who stole everything most people had, who killed civilians for no reason, who had no redeeming qualities. It could be used to teach how righteous the South was and how heathen the northern armies were. How well the south treated the blacks and how awful the north treated them

    • AMH says:

      Yep…and will also teach them to continue hating white people for what some white people chose to do before any of us were living…. because that seems like a great reason to continue the hate.

      • Cwfarms says:

        Ok, if you choose to go that route, then since blacks from the Barbary coast enslaved whites for hundreds of years before the Yankees started buying blacks from the Africans for slaves, then the whites should, what just forget about that history?
        You have a whole month commerating black history. You choose to honor bad men when you have good men you could honor. You pick one of those bad men to put down one of the few national Confederate holidays, and try to do away with Lee-Jackson day, or in many states called Confederate Memorial Day. You put in it’s place a man that you choose to honor that ran around on his wife, was a communist, was a thief, was a murderer, was an all around bad person. You could have chosen many great black men to honor, but their birthdays didn’t come close to the National Confederate Holiday called Lee-Jackson day. Your ancestors held white men as slaves, my ancestors held black men as slaves. Neither of us ever had a slave. The war of Northern aggression was not fought over slavery, Lincoln wanted the 13th amendment to be that they couldn’t touch slavery. He even offered up all the confiscated and runaway slaves that still lived as late as Feb 1865, and to leave slavery in place, the South offered to free all slaves if the north would just go home and leave us alone.
        All this little boy wanted was a hat, and he was proud of getting it

  • Cwfarms says:

    The war of northern aggression is over, but it is important that the lies the Yankees print in textbooks is told.

  • Tom White says:


  • GC says:

    Even if you think that a hat can “stand for a dark time in our history” you should understand that just because it is an unpleasant history, that doesn’t make it any less real. It happened, get over it and stop living in the past. I have ancestors who were killed fighting with the Confederates who never owned slaves. I believe slavery is wrong but I’m proud of their service. I never had to bear the burdens that they had to bear, so I have no right to claim any credit or make any claims as to their service. Likewise, there is not a single black (I refuse to use the term African American- they are American, plain and simple, not African American, just like I’m not a European American, I’m simply an American) individual who had to suffer through slavery in America, so they have no claim to complain about slavery. It is and was very wrong, but southerners today didn’t enslave anyone, and blacks today weren’t enslaved, so everyone, black and white, needs to get over it and spend time educating yourselves about our history instead of complaining to each other.

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