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Community remembers NC teen couple who died in double suicide

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Malia Porter and Spenser Garrison (Facebook)

Malia Porter and Spenser Garrison (Facebook)

GOLDSBORO, N.C. -- Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to a Wayne County teen couple who took their own lives in part of a double suicide that shocked a community.

Officials said 16-year-old Spenser Garrison got into an argument with his girlfriend, 15-year-old Malia Porter, on Monday.

Investigators say Garrison shot himself inside a truck on the side of Capps Bridge Road.

Hours later, officials said Porter found him and then shot herself. She was taken to the hospital, where she later died.

Investigators found one gun inside the truck.

The two were sophomores at Rosewood High School, and Garrison played football for the school.

Many of their classmates filled Rosewood Baptist Church for Garrison's service Thursday night.

The funeral for Porter will be held Friday night at the Bridge Church in Princeton. That's where she was very involved with the church and its Honor Star Ministry, a group intended to build women up.

Wayne County Sheriff C.A. Winders issued the following statement:

"My heart goes out to the families of these young people. This is just such a tragic loss for all involved. These two young people made a decision without thinking that has affected their families, their friends and other loved ones. They never got to live a life. My advice to young people. If there is something going on in your life and you need help, please find someone to talk to. Find a family member, a friend, a trusted adult, but please find someone to talk to. The events which unfolded [Monday] is not the answer."

Source: WCTI


    • kalee

      How dare you try to blame the parents,do you think if they would have known what was going on they would have done everything in their power to stop them, if you can’t have a little sympathy you need to keep to yourself and screw off, (BLESS THE FAMILY’S that are hurting and sorry for your loss)

      • Pebblez

        i agree if the parents knew this wldnt of happened… this is very sad that this happened and im praying for the family… may god bless them and be with them in their time of need…

    • Melissa

      You are stupid. The parents are burying two children. Helpful tips for later, were (past), we’re (we are), wear (as in wearing clothes), where (refers to a place). Please don’t (do not) post anything else.

    • Sarah

      Probably sitting at home grieving becuase they never saw this coming. Or maybe they saw the signs and are heartbroken becuase they didn’t see the pain their children were in. Either way I do not think it is an appropriate moment to ask that question. Please be courteous to those who are heartbroken over the situation.

    • Casey London

      Please unplug your computer and refrain from ever getting on line and if you do, just stay off of news forums with what I believe to be the stupidest comment ever. I pray this never happens to you and if it does I also pray that no one will blame you for it. VERY hurtful comment Tim, just saying!!!!!!

  • Faye Farlow

    Blame is the first thing thing most people want to say instead of God help the parents and people that love these young people.God please help the ones left behind!

  • Jacqueline Smith-Mosley

    May God comfort the parents during this time. I think a lot of these kids start dating seriously way too early and need to be allowed to be kids, they are not emotionally ready for all of this serious stuff.

  • joey t

    So sad to read such but nobody seems to be teaching KIDS that they are indeed single and don’t even know what a relationship is. Look on Facebook at all the kid’s stats. They need to figure out boyfriends and girlfriends are just that, FRIENDS!

  • kalee

    So sorry for your loss , i would love to tell you time will heal the pain but i can’t but what i can tell you is talk about it never hold your pain bottled up inside it only makes it wourse trust me i went though it in 2012 and it is still hard as hell but it helps a great deal to talk to someone

  • Wilda Segers

    May “GOD BLESS ” both families going through this sad time, but , GOD can bring you through this just put your FAITH in him ! That’s what helped me in dealing with my son’s death! I will always miss him, but never forget him! “GOD BLESS BOTH FAMILIES”

  • Jason

    Why is it when someone dies, the religion starts flowing? It’s god this and god that. I’m pretty sure “god” had nothing to do with this story or the following events. Educate yourselves people, you’ve been duped your whole lives. Mental illness is a terrible thing.

  • Kristen

    God Bless both families. And do not blame the parents. I went to the same school as Spenser and malia and nobody ever saw this coming.

  • larry

    may god bless both families,and for mr tough guy tim.believe me your heart will bleed someday.its guaranteed.

  • Sandy Craver

    Wish kids would realize that suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. Bless them and bless their families and friends who are grieving. God be with you in your pain.

  • Chris

    My child know these kids and went school with one of them at Rosewood. They were good kids and so are their parents. How dare some of you and your self centered comment and don’t even know these kids or their parents. It’s bad as it is losing a child, but to loss a child this way is even worse . So unless your praying for these families , leave them to grieve and time to heal. Now for those who have given pray for the families… Thank you.

  • Brianna

    I’m not a parent, but I know if my mom would ever see signs of me wanting to commit suicide she would do anything in her power to stop it. & I know if I did, she would be devastated , blaming herself anyways even if it wasn’t her fault. The parents are not to blame, it’s not their fault the kids killed themselves???

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