Winston-Salem parents charged with child abuse

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Dennis Ernest Brower, 22, and Sydne Rose Grier, 20, both of Winston-Salem.

Dennis Ernest Brower, 22, and Sydne Rose Grier, 20, both of Winston-Salem.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Two Winston-Salem parents have been charged with child abuse after police said their 5-week-old baby was hospitalized with critical injuries.

Dennis Ernest Brower, 22, and Sydne Rose Grier, 20, were arrested Friday and charged with one count each of felony child abuse.

Police said they were called to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center last Monday in reference to a child with suspicious injuries.

Police said the preliminary examination indicated the child had sustained numerous injuries from abuse and remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

Police said the suspects are the victim’s parents. Specific details about the allegations have not been released.

Brower was jailed under a $200,000 bond and Grier a $150,000 bond. Both have court planned for Jan. 30.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information can call Winston-Salem police at (336) 727-2800.


  • anonymous

    I personally know this girl we went to high school together… she was excited when she had her baby… and its sad that they would do something like that to a beautiful baby. Its a sad situation but you do the crime you musy do the time. I just wished this didnt happen to the child, this could have possibly avoided.

  • Anon

    Looks like more should be looked into this; why does she have a black eye too? Possible domestic violence case?

  • Anonymous

    I know that girl personally and she would never do anything to hurt a baby. If anything i believe they should look more into him abusing both her and the baby. Why would she have a black eye . Honestly he had to be beating her too. And she probably so scared to talk up thats why she going to jail.

  • regina

    Just sad for her she should have left him or called for help I’m sad because the baby is the one suffering not them they both need jail time and a lot.

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