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NC State students line up for tickets to see President Obama

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Hundreds of N.C. State students stood in line for a chance to see President Barack Obama. (Image: WTVD-TV)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD-TV) — The hottest ticket on the North Carolina State campus Monday wasn’t for a rock band or basketball game.

Instead, hundreds of students stood in line for a chance to see the president of the United States.

WTVD-TV reported that less than 500 tickets were up for grabs, and many missed out.

President Obama’s visit to North Carolina and the NCSU campus Wednesday has been billed as “an event on the economy.”

In a statement released Saturday, NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson said, “We are honored to welcome President Obama and look forward to demonstrating how NC State is a pre-eminent research enterprise that excels in driving economic growth and educating the workforce of the future.”

Political experts who spoke to ABC11 believe the president will touch on the lack of unemployment benefits in North Carolina. They also believe his visit is helping solidify North Carolina’s growth and role as a big political battleground.

Source: WTVD-TV


    • Intellectual

      What a great pun with the sheep and the sound effects. I bet you made that up. Well, probably not, just regurgitating what you hear around the PBR cooler.

      • Derr

        Haha, conceded much, Intellectual? It’s hilarious to me all of you self-righteous liberals pride yourselves on being open minded and equal opportunity. However, your arrogant comments like this show you are more narrow-minded, bias, and hypocritical than any conservative person with sense ever thought of being. Move to California or New York please, thanks.

      • Joust

        Just because you call yourself intellectual, doesn’t make it so. But, hey, as long as YOU believe it. Got your ticket yet, drone?

  • Wayne

    I thought we had to close the White House because we don’t have money to pay the bills, because of ObamaNation’s excessive deficits?


  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Honestly Wayne our countries deficit was $288,970,938,610.05 in 1961…that’s the year Obama was born.Before welfare,border issues with Mexico and so called government hand outs.We our looking for one particular group to blame and that’s not what OUR country is about.We need to be coming up with ideas and inventions to put us back on top,like Mr.Ford and Rockefeller did!

  • Thedouchebag

    @webuilt..we are a big industrialized America. We produce more natural gas and fuel in America and import less. It’s not about innovation putting the U.S. back on top it’s this administration that spends, spends, spends! and refuses to cut any of it’s current wasteful spending on top of that!

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    @ Douch…. The Iraq war cost tax payers 6 Trillion dollars(Brown Unerversity The 911 war cost tax payers 4 Trillion and 225,000 lives!You are misguiding on where the real goverment spending goes.But i regres because I have respect and trust in our leaders…even the oil crazed Bushes)

  • Hmm..

    Obama is who he is. His belief is bringing this free country to its knees, aligning us with the rest of the world. Some people, no matter how the facts show, their will be others who believe in him no matter what. He could declare martial law tomorrow, take away all the freedoms we have, but those who believe in him, will only mock the ones who hurt from this tyrant.

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    I don’t agree with Obama’s foreign policies. I don’t agree with his. Chrysler bailout especially when the stipulation was going joint with Fiat.I didn’t like how Bill Clinton manipulated the american people after JW Bush raised federal taxes eventhough it was because of a war we all beleived in.He beat Romney in preliminary elections so your “bringing the country to its knees” thing is a bit extreme

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