Davidson Co. horse rescue group sees rising cost

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – The same factors hitting horse owners are now being felt by rescue groups.

Ginny Wiltsey with Davidson County's Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement said vet and hay costs keep rising.

It takes more than $3,000 a month to nurse 14 to 16 horses back to health and the group survives off donations and sponsorships.

But with a growing waiting list for help, Wiltsey said limited funds are preventing the group from doing more.

“It can be challenging,” Wiltsey said. “We rely on donations so it's challenging at times.”

The group said they get several phone calls and about 10 emails a day about abused or malnourished horses.

To learn more about Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement, their website is www.sherrnc.com

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  • JC (@z1creep)

    There are rescue groups for every living animal on the earth and we can not save them all. Sometimes a Humane death is better than a slow death and this should be a starting point. A healthy animal that can be saved with little cost should be the first choice.

    Please don’t tell me that I should be put down if I am abused or sick. Obamacare will take care of me soon enough. I am on that kill list now.

  • Andie Guess

    These are the very reasons horse processing in Roswell should have been allowed instead of passing defunding language in the Omnibus bill, they should have gave a definitive go ahead! There will always be a place for rescues to rehome, rehab horses, but too there is a place needed to provide nutrient dense cheval overseas and domestically, beef process are sky rocketing by the way.

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