Man claims to have Bigfoot’s body

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HATTIESBURG, Miss. — A man claims to have shot and killed Bigfoot and said he has the corpse to prove it. reported that “Bigfoot hunter” Rick Dyer claims he fatally shot the mythical creature in a wooded area of San Antonio, Texas on Sept. 6, 2012.

Dyer said the Sasquatch’s body has since been at an unnamed university in Washington state getting tested. He said the school plans to hold a press conference in February, standing behind him.Bigfoot

Dyer said he killed the 8-foot-tall 800 pound creature by shooting it twice in the back and once in the head.

He said he used pork ribs from Walmart and attached them to trees to lure the beast.

“We nailed ’em all around the trees, and then that night we heard Bigfoot come back,” Dyer told Esquire. “I chased him down in the middle of the night. I shot him once, he ran, I shot him again.”

Dyer said his evidence includes DNA, DNA sequencing, scans and an autopsy.

“I am the first person who has ever killed a Bigfoot, that’s without a doubt,” Dyer said. “Others may claim it, but no one has produced a body but Rick Dyer.”

Dyer said he plans to take the Bigfoot’s body on a tour across the United States. After that, he said it will end up in a museum.

Dyer said a medical press conference is scheduled for February 9 in Washington, in which his evidence will come to light.

Despite his “evidence,” Dyer has been caught trying to fool the public before. In 2008, he claimed to have killed a Bigfoot, but it turned out to be a rubber ape costume, according to


  • Terry

    There has never been a report or a news commentary indicating that anyone has been attacked or killed by a Bigfoot or any other man-ape roaming our wilderness areas. The contrary seems to be the truth of the matter, and that is that these creatures seem to simply want to be left alone. If in fact they do coexist with us here on earth, I say let them. We humans approach everything we don’t/cant understand with the same emotional response and that is FEAR ! If we cannot understand it, communicate with it , or dominate it, we fear it. There have been hundreds of examples where we men, supposedly the most intelligent beings on earth, have played major roles in the poor judgement that has led to the extinction of several species.This is simply another example of that poor judgement. I think it is a stretch to say men are the superior species; after all we are well on our way to eliminating ourselves. FEAR, a game changer!!!

  • its my business

    Very well stated, Terry. Personally, I don’t believe in the mammal’s existence because surely we would have some real proof and identity or shock and awe already. IMO, if they do exist, leave them alone. The mammal is not hurting anyone. If anything, you would think they would have run across a “young big foot” track or tracing , as well. We never hear anything about that. They have to propagate somehow for this charade to exists for all these decades. I realize a “find” could be a great Coup d’état for some. But personally, I think it is a waste of time and energy and fuel for the public to beleive in yet something else that is not real. Waiting for Feb. 9th.

  • Steven Lynch

    It has been said ” the most intelligent animals on earth are the ones yet to be discovered by man”,.Unfortunatly for Bigfoot,he has been exposed by man’s expansion into his territory,along with modern technology.

  • Steven Lynch

    Lots of questions to be answered…How did he remove an 800 pound body from the woods?
    Surely if the goverment knew about it they would have covered it up.

  • clint

    Hunting is legal in all fifty states with the proper licences and during the appropriate seasons. Bigfoot hasn’t been proven to be real so you cant be arrested for poaching something that isn’t real. In the state of Louisiana I can hunt and kill any animal on my property at any time if I consider it a danger. So if I spotted a big foot in my cow pasture I could shoot it and kill it.

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