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Signs your child may be a bully

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While many parents concentrate on watching for signs that their child may be being bullied, it is just as important to watch for signs that their child may be the actual bully.

Signs that a child may be acting as a bully are frequent violence, trouble controlling anger, acting manipulative and controlling of others and situations, not accepting responsibility of their actions and quick to blame others and a strong need to win or be the best at everything.

As soon as parents begin recognizing this behavior in their child, it is important to talk to them about what may be triggering this anger and aggression towards their peers.

This is also a good time to talk to your child’s pediatrician about the situation, as taking a multidisciplinary approach can be a successful method for rectifying the behavior.

Here in the community, Cone Health has an exceptional network of pediatricians, behavioral health specialists and other related medical professionals dedicated to educating and counseling children and families on bullying and how to intervene if it becomes a problem.

Spokesperson Background:
Dr. Carmen Thomas is a board-certified pediatrician at Greensboro Pediatricians and a member of the Cone Health medical staff.

Dr. Thomas received her medical degree from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and residency training in pediatrics at Duke University Hospitals.