Missing man found in USA Today photo


WASHINGTON, D.C. — A family of a missing New York man has a news photographer to thank for finding him.

Nicholas Simmons, 20, was last seen in upstate New York on New Year’s Day. He left behind all of his personal belongings, including his wallet and cell phone.

Four days later Associated Press photographer Jacquelyn Martin took his picture in Washington, D.C. The man was huddled around a steam grate with other homeless men, struggling to keep warm.

She introduced herself and shook his hand. He said his name was Nick.

The next day, Sunday, Jan. 5, Nick’s photo was published by USA Today in Sunday’s Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester.

His parents saw the photo and contacted police who were able to reunite them with their son.

There are still no details on why the man was on the streets.


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