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Brutally cold temperatures sweep across the Piedmont

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Bitterly cold air arrived overnight in the Piedmont.

But it's a DRY cold...

Nothing makes this morning's temperatures feel better. We started the day with a new record low temperature (Midnight: 10°, Previous record: 14°), but temperatures have continued to drop since then.

The most recent low for the day is 6°, occurring at both 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Wind chills have been soundly in the negative digits all morning.

This is life-threatening cold for humans and pets, so please take every precaution to protect both.

Sunny skies are ahead for today with highs near 22°.

Winds are going to be lighter during the day, so wind chills will be in the teens through afternoon.

Overnight, it will be clear and winds will become calm. Our expected low of 15° is plenty cold, but at least there won't be a wind chill to factor in!

The axis of cold air will begin to slip northward, so Wednesday highs will be above freezing.... around 38°.

The warming trend continues into the weekend, with highs both Saturday and Sunday in the mid-60s!


  • My Name

    Wonder if they will close or delay schools in the morning if the temp is 4 degrees with a wind-chill factor of -11…You think …? anyone?

  • My Name

    I ask as my child is in the Test Prep Mode….that is just about everyday at her school…but want to make sure she is not penalized…I will keep her home if temps are dangerous..

  • My Name

    So many schools in this area…..including Wake County …Rockingham Co……..and quite a few more….have already delayed for 2 hours on Tuesday. Do they wait around these parts until 5 min before the bus comes to delay? Just wondering?

    • Stephen Melton

      Seriously…why delay at all?
      My friend in Montana with 4 school age kids texted me and was laughing about it..
      When I lived in Colorado, if they delayed or canceled school every time a snowflake hit the ground, they would never go.
      What is the purpose?

      • FaithC

        Your friend has the right clothes and outerwear for extreme cold. Most people in the south don’t. It does not happen here often enough.
        The same goes for snow. In the Midwest and northeast they have the equipment to deal with snow on the roads. Here they don’t. Towns can’t afford to buy such expensive equipment to use once a year.

    • My Name

      Thanks…I see some School Systems do not play games….Let’s do this…Why are the other ones playing the waiting game??

  • Tommy Moran

    Guilford county has now delayed schools for 2 hrs, hello people, the temp will be the same 8 degrees 2 hrs later so why delay it at all, why not just close the schools? Oh, I just realized we are dealing with a Govt agency lol

  • WhoGivesA?

    Wonder why they are delaying period….8am / 9 degrees
    10am / 12 degrees
    Well that’s a hell of a thaw! Let’s plant a garden!

  • KelzCarmoatu

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