Brutally cold temperatures sweep across the Piedmont

Bitterly cold air arrived overnight in the Piedmont.

But it’s a DRY cold…

Nothing makes this morning’s temperatures feel better. We started the day with a new record low temperature (Midnight: 10°, Previous record: 14°), but temperatures have continued to drop since then.

The most recent low for the day is 6°, occurring at both 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Wind chills have been soundly in the negative digits all morning.

This is life-threatening cold for humans and pets, so please take every precaution to protect both.

Sunny skies are ahead for today with highs near 22°.

Winds are going to be lighter during the day, so wind chills will be in the teens through afternoon.

Overnight, it will be clear and winds will become calm. Our expected low of 15° is plenty cold, but at least there won’t be a wind chill to factor in!

The axis of cold air will begin to slip northward, so Wednesday highs will be above freezing…. around 38°.

The warming trend continues into the weekend, with highs both Saturday and Sunday in the mid-60s!


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