4 goats and a dog shot, killed in Guilford Co.

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — People who live off Hicone Road in Greensboro are disturbed and worried after five animals were shot and killed near a neighborhood this week.

Guilford County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Col. Randy Powers said on New Year’s Day, a man found a dog dead in his backyard off Jason Road. The man did not own the dog. Powers says they are not sure who the owner was.

The next day, Thursday, members of Lebanon Baptist Church found four goats dead on their property.

Four of the church’s eight goats were outside overnight and were shot and killed. One of the dead goats was floating in the church’s pond.

Lebanon Baptist Ministries is just down the road from where the dead dog was found.

The goats graze in a fenced-in area behind the church and help with vegetation control.

Randy Woody works for Lebanon Baptist and said they acquired the approximately three acres of land behind the main church building about ten years ago. The goats came with that property and have become favorites to church members and kids in the nearby neighborhood ever since.

Woody and his father take care of the goats and consider them pets.

“What in the world are people thinking?” he questioned. “I know some people do evil things but to be in a populated community like this and randomly shooting animals. It makes no sense.”

He came to check on the goats yesterday morning after neighbors called Woody’s family with concerns the goats were not moving around like usual.

“I saw one on the ground. Then then I saw the multiples- I knew right then something wasn’t right. Then when I got close to them I could see the bullet holes.”

Robin Carmon lives in a neighborhood nearby and heard gunshots the night the goats were killed.

“We are around here, we have children, we want to be safe. They need to find out who killed the goats,” she insisted.

Col. Powers said the person or people responsible for killing these animals will face five charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

The Sheriff’s Office does not have any suspects and is still investigating what type of gun was used.

“They were intending to kill the animals but we don’t know for what reason,” he added.

Powers urged anyone with information to report it. He encouraged pet owners to be extra cautious, and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

Woody is letting the church’s remaining four goats graze inside the fence during the day, but for now they will be locked up in the barn at night. “To me if they think it’s a joke, it’s a sick joke,” he added.


  • The One says:

    Thrill killing at least it wasn’t a person killed.

    • dobydog1 says:

      so killing someone’s pet is not a problem for you? then you are almost as bad as the sicko that did this.

    • Anna Bromley says:

      If they killed 4 goats AND a dog, what stops them from shooting small children next? People that don’t see that kind of thing as wrong can escalate.

    • Thedork says:

      The One you are a disgrace come over and let me slap the sh*t out of you

    • FaithC says:

      Are you kidding me Do you really think someone who can use animals for target practice is going to stop there. It is just a matter of time before they decide that people are fair game.
      The person or persons who did this are psychopaths, they will shoot at people in the near future.

    • My Name says:

      Not this time….hopefully they will catch the person(s) before these crimes escalate.

  • The One says:

    I didn’t say I aproved of this you idiots… I think the sicko should me made to pay for what they did.

  • So sad – poor things. I hope they find who did this. Who the heck gets a kick out of doing something so senseless and cruel?

  • Thedork says:

    @The one you are the “idiot” you were glamorizing it as a “thrill killing” your exact words there Mr. Captain obvious!!

  • Thedork says:

    I would call it that you leave too many dumb a. comments The One

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