UNC Chapel Hill named one of the happiest colleges

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one of the happiest colleges in the country, according to a recent online ranking.

The Daily Beast had UNC-Chapel Hill ranked as the fifth happiest college for its 2013 rankings.

The study put Texas A&M at No. 1, followed by Stanford and the University of Wisconsin.

The rankings were reportedly based on full-time freshman retention rate, the quality of the student health center and the overall student experience.

The website wrote the following of UNC-Chapel Hill:

Full-time Freshman Retention Rate: 97%
Best Student Health Center (score out of 10): 8.8
Best Overall Student Experience (score out of 10): 9.7
Would Do It All Over Again (score out of 10): 9.8

Read more: The Daily Beast


  • Frank

    After the NYT and Business Week both call out unx as the academic fraud that it is …it SHOULD be a happy place for students! You don’t have to do anything in classes that don’t exist! However, NC taxpayers still foot the bill

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