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UFO sightings reported across California Tuesday night

Posted on: 6:40 am, January 2, 2014, by , updated on: 07:10am, January 2, 2014

CALIFORNIA — Several people say they saw a strange thing in the sky over California on New Year’s Eve and they say it wasn’t fireworks, but a UFO.

These people saw multiple glowing objects over several cities including Sacramento, Auburn and Stockton.

Someone captured video of a similar image in the sky over Hollywood, spotted during the fireworks.

They all report seeing four to six unusual-looking lights.

California isn’t the only place where people are reporting seeing the same six strange lights.

Folks in North Carolina, both Greensboro and Raleigh, reported seeing the glowing objects.

Everyone is still waiting to find out if there’s an official explanation for what those people saw.

Source: CNN


  • Tommy Drumz says:

    People celebrate certain holidays by lighting these floating ballon things that have like a candle inside of material that works such as a hot air balloon and light them into the sky and i have seen hundreds of them at Geneva On The Lake in geneva, oh on the fourth of july before

    • chucky1992 says:

      One of the guys said one moved away from them at a “high rate of speed”. I don’t think those balloons can move that fast. But then, a lot of people were probably drinking that night too.

      • Chinese lanterns . We set them off here on occasion . They can travel pretty fast if a wind gust catches one .

      • Silvia says:

        I witnessed the lights took a picture. I was in my sons room in the 10th floor of UC Davis. They did come apart and hovered over for a while changed from orange to bright white. I took a picture. Counted six lights.

    • john choo says:

      pictures or video pls of the lights and lake of course.

    • Jeff says:

      If If these were balloons that were flown as some annual tradition, You would think they would have been seen or reported in the past on New Years or other holidays. I haven’t heard of it before.

    • Tiffannie Scott says:

      Okay so if their these so called candles floating or what not then how do you explain how they are all over? Not everyone uses them i know in GA they are not available you have to order them even still the time frame. Either way what we all saw was not floating candles the light did not flicker at all it was a steady bright light.

  • Cindy Flora says:

    I, too, thought they were those “floating balloon things.”

  • billy says:

    I seen these in burlington on new years ever right around 12:30!!!

  • Tawny says:

    And the government will have the people brain washed into thinking they seen something else! Never fails!!

  • Joe S. says:

    We saw them on New Year’s Eve and 12/7/13. Always 6 of them spotted near Orlando Intl. Airport…no they weren’t planes. Flying in 2′s spaced about 30 seconds apart. Both times we saw them, they traveled southeast to northwest without any sounds. There were 3 reddish orange lights in a triangular pattern. I estimate they were small objects, maybe probes, about 300 feet in the sky traveling maybe 100 mph. We have I-phone video of the first sightings. Joe (

    • Linwood and Mae Leslie says:

      our comment would be almost the same as Joe S to the letter but we spotted them on nFernandina Beach Florida at the fireworks that was
      going on at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. There was no sound at all and theywere moving right along and they did vary the speed at times as the fireworks ended they were gone. L Leslie

    • PoppenReport says:

      You can email me a copy of video if possible for my show Poppen Report. at I will cover this latest UFO Sighting and use your video on website. GIving you full credit for filming such an amazing wonder in the sky.

  • Kayla C says:

    Me and my husband were passing thur empire Louisiana and we seen a total of 5 there was 3 in a triangle shape and there was 2 in the other side it was kinda like on both sides if the 4 lane and they were just floating across the sky. We seen them in November. I thought maybe it was long shooting stars but they never disappeared they we going north towards port sulphur Louisiana.

  • Max R. Pardon says:

    I am not an alien but would say that the lights were soldiers in an whirlybird doing manevuears. GO USA #1 this winter and the 237 1/2 years before #1 Baby 4ever!!!!!!!!

  • Max R. Pardon says:

    remember that aliens, #1!

    • Joe S. says:

      We saw them In Orlando, Florida for the second time, too! Three of us didn’t hear any sound as they passed over us.

  • Kathy says:

    Drones! A flying video cam that can also take still shots. Has lights for night flying! Radio controlled.

  • anhal says:

    We saw them too! And we even saw them as they took off! In all, over 50 of them went up over a 30 minute period. They are called Sky Lanterns. See them here:

  • Nonya says:

    Agree with Mark A Mitchem…I saw quite a few of the floating lanterns on new years eve.

  • That was me and my five friends, we each took 3 his of LSD.wewere all over the world

  • Cool Mom says:

    My daughter is into vlogging and posted her new years eve night out in Raleigh NC, i watched the video this morning and kept asking her about the ball of light over the fireworks.. she said she didnt notice it when filming! you can see it here…
    who knows right??

  • Cato says:

    my two boys ages 12 and 14 ran downstairs at about 1215 on New Years morning here in San Antonio Texasthey say dad come and look at this look at this in the sky. we went to the backyard and over to the north westwe see on slight hope bring over the skymy wife says its just a plain but there was no plane that flew that higheven so how would it stay in one placewhy is it orange in color never seen a plane luminated like thatI reach to get the phone out of my pocket and look down to start my cam and looked up and it was gonethe stories confirm exactly what I saw

  • we saw and watched these in Southern Utah. Several of them, orange lights, flying around in the sky. No noise just the lights. It was awesome.

  • jonathan lake says:

    they are tr3bs ,goverment aircraft.better known as black flying triangles

  • jonathan lake says:

    my son shot a twenty minute video of one of these last month!they are used for survalance !

  • petertiger says:

    Maybe they are personal overhead surveillance systems people use to scan the roads ahead of them for road blocks in order to avoid a DUI. That’s my theory

  • Elizabeth Adams says:

    I saw three orange lights right at midnight New Years, just south of Fortuna ca. Granddaughter said they released some lanterns, but not untill after 12:30 am.

    • Ron says:

      I grew up in Fortuna and Loleta, so I have to ask… You weren’t partaking in any herbal experience enhancers by chance were you? LOL! Just kidding. Surprised to see Fortuna in a thread….

  • Jacqueline C. says:

    We first saw these orange lights about 7 years ago on Memorial Day st our house in Rancho Cucamonga. There were three that would line up and separate flying east to west. My parents saw them again on New Year’s Eve around midnight this time four of them flying the same path as the first time we saw them. My mom says one of them was slowing as it passed over our neighborhood and the light was dimming and then disappeared and something fell straight down toward the ground. She said when it was flying over that it looked like a jagged edged object like a snowflake but a half circle but definitely with pointy edges..The night of new years day i saw another orange light flying from east to west over fontana as i was on the 210 going east to west. The light was orange and going about 40 mph so I could not video or get too good of a look but definitely not a plane or like anything else i saw flying that night and i drive that way almost every day at night. Just a bright glowing object flying straight in the sky. My sister made a good point its always on a holiday. It always seems to be before a season change too. We never thought we would see these lights again.

  • Tiffannie Scott says:

    we saw two bright orange or reddish colored lights on new years eve they were hovering then barely moved. It wasn’t a baloon or floating candle nor was it a plane or helicopter there was no sound. the people two houses down saw it as well. we got in our truck to follow them and could not locate them.

  • Cpt. Picard says:

    @Silvia – “Counted six lights.”


  • The danger is letting them fool you into believing that Chinese Lanterns are the cause of recent UFO sightings. Don’t worry, you will know the real thing when you SEE the real thing.

  • Joanna escobar says:

    Dude I was sitting out side with my friend Bobby and I looked south ,west from were I was at and I was like Dude those lights look different then every other day Lights such as planes And other flying vehicles …. I started to think of other explanations but all I said was we are not alone but it was a trip I have never seen anything like that before . I thought to my self what the hell was the air port doing with 4 or 5 planes at 12:00 ???? Sooo idk what do you think ???

    • Tiffannie Scott says:

      Wow real good comment there maybe you should go work for the government you’d fit right in. Idiot

  • LawLord says:

    Its just people lighting up in Col.

  • Lyrik Davis says:

    We saw these like 6 days ago for about 25 minutes in a triangle shape
    heres a link to the full story

  • Lloyd says:

    It could be chinese lanterns but by the accounts of those who took video footage and reported these objects if they were able to hover over an area then decide to move at various speeds they are not chinese lanterns as some have stated in there opinions.Based on the reports from various parts of the country some could be Chinese Lanterns but i’ve been in the ufo investigative field for many years have seen real ufo sightings in the skies and have seen what are Chinese Lanterns etc.I think these people saw what they saw groups of ufos.Opinions are great but having a backround on this helps .

  • Steve says:

    Today around 5am-dusk towards the mountains going to brea ca I saw 5-6 lights floating very low too 3 were very bright the others were going back and forth around them 1 actually flew more to the right of the rest but all were in a perfect line very strange I know they weren’t helicopters cause they didn’t have the little light bulbs that blink cause I saw them with some binoculars
    All were a solid color no blinking to bad I didn’t stay to see what happened finished my cig and went back inside trippy stuff

  • Salvador Vazquez says:

    maybe its a little to late to share this but im from stockton ca and about 1 momonth ago my brother and i saw these lights over as we were driving on hammer towards 99. They were 3 all together side by side and then took a triangle form but in about a laps of 60 secound they just seemed to have took speed and vanished. Go figure. My brother took a short clip right before they vanished . but this was i would say at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to when we saw the news reports. Tripppppiiiii

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