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Great-grandfather arrested for trying to hire hit-man

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jackie Allen Fox, 70.

ALEXANDER COUNTY, N.C. — Deputies have accused a great-grandfather with trying to hire a hit-man to commit murder in Alexander County.

According to WSOC, Jackie Fox, 70, was arrested during a traffic stop not far from his home and is locked up under a $750,000 bond.

Deputies said they moved very quickly to arrest Fox, fearing someone could end up being hurt.

Fox’s wife, Geraldine, was shocked.

“It’s not my husband. Who would do something like that? I’ve known him for 54 years and he is a sweetheart,” she told WSOC.

Investigators said Fox tried to pay someone $2,500 to kill a man who owed him money. They said it was a tip that led them to begin their investigation earlier this week.

Authorities are releasing few details about their investigation but said they have a solid case against Fox.

Geraldine believes her husband may have become confused from his medication and is asking for prayers tonight for her family and answers in the case.

Deputies executed a search warrant at Fox’s house in the Bethlehem community where his wife said they seized several of his firearms.

Fox remains in the county jail.

Source: WSOC


  • FaithC

    “Geraldine believes her husband may have become confused from his medication and is asking for prayers tonight for her family and answers in the case.”

    What kind of medication was he on that it would cause him to try to hire a hit man?
    Prayers? How about prayers for being thankful they arrested his a s s before he had someone killed.

    • DaughterSisterWifeMother

      Actually there are medications and medical conditions that can make a person think or act in a way that seems as if they have all of their faculties. For instance, my mother-in-law has dementia but some of her actions, to those who do not know her diagnosis, would seem like those of a very evil woman instead of someone with a mental health issue. I could definitely see her being convinced that someone is out to get her and her calling to put a hit out on that person. We cannot judge those that we do not know.

    • FaithC

      If you hire a hit man, I would assume you would have to be pretty clear thinking. Sounds to me this guy just figured he was going to kill the guy who owed him money.
      If the meds did cause this and he has to be on them, that still makes him a threat to society.

      • Vanessa L. Boling

        How old are you FaithC? I would ASSUME not very. If you live long enough you too will be old someday, and then you may find out what meds can or can’t do to the mind of an ill elderly person.

        A danger to society? What would you suggest be done with sick elderly people – hire a hit man to do away with them so they don’t become a danger to your precious, perfect society?!

  • Robin

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  • Debra

    I have been a CNA for over 8 years, And YES…some medications can affect a person this way…..I have been bitten, punched and cussed out by the best of them….But they were either on the wrong meds or had Alzheimer or Dementia…So please don’t judge until you know all the fact’s…..

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