Facebook facing lawsuit claiming it scans users’ private messages

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Facebook is being sued over allegations that it scans people’s private messages and profits by sharing the data with advertisers and marketers.

Bloomberg.com reported that the suit claims Facebook scans private messages that include links to a third-party website, follows the link and searches for information to profile the message-sender’s web activity.

Facebook is violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and California privacy and unfair competition laws, according to the suit filed in federal court in San Jose, California.

The case is Matthew Campbell v. Facebook Inc., 13-5996, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (San Jose).

The two plaintiffs are asking to bar Facebook from continuing to intercept messages and seek as much as $10,000 in damages for each user.

Facebook spokesperson Jackie Rooney told Bloomberg that the allegations are “without merit.”

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  • Christy

    It’s truly amazing to me how people tolerate this kind of business practice. I have heard people talk about this as if its no big deal because, well, google does this, and google is cool and hip. Those people are painfully brainwashed. It’s mind-boggling to see the world just give up on privacy and take it from google and facebook. Get real people. Quit google. Quit facebook. And start using privacy-based sites like DuckDuckGo, Ravetree, HushMail, etc. Even people that say they care about privacy don’t really care. This needs to change.

  • stormy

    Lets not forget that Facebook is a free service and signing up and using the site and all of its features is optional. Don’t like it, don’t use it. it’s their right to establish their own terms and conditions since they are providing a free service.

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