26 movies added to Netflix streaming content

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Netflix also giveth, even while it taketh away.

The company made news recently with the announcement that as of January 1, it would no longer be streaming such movie hits as “Titanic,” “Flashdance” and “Top Gun” because of expiring licensing contracts.

But take heart film aficionados. Mashable is reporting that Netflix has added some movies to its streaming offerings.

Here is the list of newbies, according to Reddit:

•American Psycho (2000)

•Raging Bull (1980)

•Thelma And Louise (1991)

•West Side Story (1961)

•What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

•Big Trouble In Little China (1986)

•Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

•Bull Durham (1988)

•Red Dawn (1984)

•Mousehunt (1997)

•Spaceballs (1987)

•Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

•The Chinese Connection (1972)

•Amelie (2001)

•Grapes of Wrath (1940)

•Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987)

•Children of a Lesser God (1986)

•Scrooged (1988)

•Days of Thunder (1990)

•The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

•The Talented Mr Ripley (1999)

•Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

•Death Race 2000 (1975)

•Ghost (1990)

•Good Burger (1997)

•Play It Again, Sam (1972)

Will these films make up for the loss of such fare as “Braveheart” and “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo?” You tell us. Sign off in the comments below.


  • Michael

    Netflix has gotten so bad, and it is also filled with old episodes and movies…i decided to just switch back to paying for Time Warner Cable. And Time warner was supposed to turn my cable on one week ago and still hasn’t, but Netflix is so bad that I still am going with Time Warner…tell you anything about my care?

  • Gaye

    They need to get more updated episodes of the shows that have been on awhile. I know there are more seasons of Supernatural, Ghost Hunters International etc. I’d like to see Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures on there too.

  • Alex

    They should not be taking movies away…they should continually be making their offering larger. Netflix is doing a great job of developing original content (i.e. house of cards, orange is the new black) but they need to continually be adding both “old” and “new releases” to their mix. Out of that list of “new” movies the only one that I’m interested in is “The day the earth stood still”. Btw…no way I’m paying for cable or satellite ever again!

  • Marie Dunn

    I love Netflix! I AM upset that the new lower price for streaming on 1 device is only offered to new customers. It’s not right to punish their loyal customers. I’ve stayed with them through all the bad and the good, yet I can’t get the discounted price. NOT COOL NETFLIX

  • dani

    Netflix doesn’t compare to hulu… if I have to pay to watch something, I’m going with one that shows New episodes within 24 hours of broadcast, not MONTHS after the broadcast. Of course, I also have cable, lol… can’t find very many kids shows on either Netflix or hulu…

    • LC

      Why pay for any of it? If you want current episodes with NO commercials watch it online. There are many FREE websites, you just have to know how to get to them without getting frustrated. You’re just watching TV, right?

    • Chris Redshaw

      I use Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime… plus Plex, so there is nothing I can’t find. I still pay WAY less than I did with cable (which I ditched completely). I got irritated with connection problems with Hulu over the weekend and abruptly cancelled because their customer service is clueless, but I can always add it back and don’t have to wait for anyone to show up between 1 and 5 :p LOL

  • Debbie Coley

    Well there you go Michael, you get what you pay for and with Time Warner this is just the beginning. Netflix at least have replaced some of the movies with some that are just as good. Also I assume you don’t have any kids because there are some movies the kids really like and learn great things.

  • Deanna

    Just cancelled my Netflix. Their streaming choices are terrible and this list pretty much proves it. Amazon Prime is not much better. Guess I’ll stick to Redbox but I sure miss Blockbuster stores.

  • Jackie

    Who wants to see the same movies over and over. I’d barf if I had to watch titanic again. Keep new movies coming Netflix ! I rather have netflix any day than HBO or Showtime and $9 is so much cheaper a month than red book!

  • John

    I agree with Alex I don’t think that Netflix should be taking away great movies like Braveheart or Top Gun, those movies are classics. They should be expanding to these new listings, but do take away ones that I have already selected for “my list”! Also, adding newer episodes these to series that are on Netflix would be an improvement. And how come Netflix will have the English version of Shameless, but not the American verison?!?!?! And now would be a great time for season 4 Walking Dead and downton Abbey! Can’t wait to start up on Orange is the New Black and House of Cards…..

    • Chris Redshaw

      It’s all about the licensing. Between hulu, netflix, amazon and plex you should be able to find almost anything. I now pay $285 a year as opposed to $1600 a year I paid with Directv/Time Warner. Nobody will ever convince me that any movie or tv show is worth the over $1K savings.

  • Latanya

    Come on people stop complaining $9.00 a month and you can watch any movie or tv show they have at any given time any amount of times that you want. 6 movies from redbox will cost you that and you only get those for one night each, family video will allow you to rent an older release for .50 for five nights; that’s 18 movies and they are for specific movies. We all have choices, if this choice does not fit you make a different one.

  • My Name

    I have had Showtime since I have had Timewarner. The first time I got it was because the Disney Channel was free with it..Later..they took the Disney off as it was free anyway..

    Showtime has no good movies after they started renting them on Timewarner..None-Zero..Zilch…It is the biggest bunch of junk movies ever! Once in a blue moon they have one good movie..otherwise…you have to pay…
    I finally decided I would not pay anymore and I buy my movies..

    The remote Timewarner gave me for one of my tv’s is also impossible to use because it has semicircular buttons ….and….the up arrow will work but not the down…the left arrow will work but not the right.
    I have to work so hard to punch in a number…when I try to punch 25..I always just get the two..Lord help if you try to punch in a three digit number…and you can not use the four digit numbers…..

    I am taking a video of it all…..

    I pay over 200 a month for the junk I have..Am getting in touch soon and I want what I pay for to WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally…..you have to reboot at least 3 times a week and in the middle of a program????????????

    I have this comment ready to send to Timewarner…just wondering if anyone else was having all of these problems..

    I despise what they have done..still paying for the no-good-useless wort ever Showtime and no decent movies of any kind…Took
    them and moved them to ReNT-RENT-RENT..I am not renting them!!!

    • ROb

      Yes, others have problems with TWC and crappy remotes and crappy signal/reboots. Were it not for all the sports and the originals series on HBO and Showtime, I would not have them at all.

    • Chris Redshaw

      That’s why a large number of people are cutting the cord and going to streaming only. I would much rather watch TV the way I want then have a cable company dictate to me what they think I should watch. Roku and a few monthly subscriptions and I have far more options than I ever had with cable. And a great remote :)

  • Jarrett cook

    I have both hulu and Netflix. Netflix is good footer watching entire seasons with no commercials but hulu is good for watching new episodes so it’s good to have both.

  • Stephanie Steele

    When will Breaking Bad season 6 be added. There are also many other programs that needs to be updated.

  • Mike

    One third of these movies have been on there for the last year! What are they talking about? New movies? Really!

  • Adam

    I’m amazed at how many people have little to no understanding of how the business model works as it relates to the licensing of content from various film/television studios. As has been said above, the agreements are timed from the start. Nothing is ever permenant.

    You get what you pay for. If increasing the price from $8.53/month to $11.99/month would provide substantilally better offerings (subjective analysis – I know), then I’d be willing to pay that extra $3.46. Still, I’ll bet that most of you who are so unhappy with Netflix would lose all bowel control if you were told that in order to secure more content and do it closer to release dates it will cost you more money.

  • Joyce

    Time Warner advertises that it also streams onto pc or laptop if you have their digital tier service. Movies and On Demand is also available. Big problem…every time I stream a so-so movie, it stops buffering mid stream and I am not able to watch the entire movie. I invested an hour into the movie only to NOT to see the end. Netflix is better, but if you’re with it for quite a while, all the watchable movies have been seen, and the not so great choices, are not so great. (sigh)

    • Joan Chandler

      A friend of mine wanted to see a film on Movies on Demand and it wouldn’t come up. She called cable and the person said, oh, I’m sorry, it’s not available. To which my friend said, “You don’t understand. The name of the service is Movies on Demand. And I DEMAND to see it now.”

  • Joan Chandler

    I don’t understand why this latest dropping of films by Netflix has gotten so much publicity. Netflix drops movies every month. What annoys me is that everything on my last has short wait or long wait after it (not the streaming, obviously).

    • Adam Ziarnik

      Bull Durham used to be on there a few years ago. You could just buy the movie instead of waiting for Netflix to pick it up again ;)

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