Photo of baby holding pistol, surrounded by guns sparks controversy

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A photo of a baby holding a pistol and surrounded by guns posted to Twitter on Monday has been making the rounds on the Internet.

According to WIAT, the photo has been drawing mixed reactions.

“I’m all for gun ownership, but this is ridiculous,” Alabama resident Joann Hyde told WIAT. “Including a baby in a picture with any guns is ridiculous.”

However, on WIAT’s Facebook page, some people supported the photo, saying things like “Raise ‘em right, awesome picture.”

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  • Mike Bell says:

    we need to ban twitter and cameras

  • yo mom says:

    ……and people of the middle east are terrorists.

  • Macey says:

    I think it is a good picture, showing that the baby has good parents that protect her/him with guns, which I strongly believe in. I see nothing wrong with this picture other than there should be a bible or cross. Me and my family are protected by the good Lord and our guns, this picture is a good illustration

    • Robyn O. says:

      Really Macey? A good parent would have their infant child surrounded by guns? This is why I believe in selective parenting because obviously everyone wasn’t meant to be one.

      • bloodywendy says:

        Would you let your baby pose for this picture? It was obviously posted to get a rise from the anti-government lobby but I’d like a straight answer from all who post here. I wouldn’t have let anybody’s baby around guns. Period. It sends a message of irresponsibility, which those who use guns in their line of work, as I do, strenuously oppose.

  • gs says:

    what we need to ban is all the idiots in the world

  • Carrie says:

    Wow! It’s a baby that has absolutely no clue. Maybe it’s supposed to say ‘I’m protected’ or maybe it’s sick parenting. But not to judge since the ‘story’ says nothing, as usual.

  • Albert Stanley says:

    its our right to protect the ones we NRA.

  • jamie says:

    Im all for it. I dont see anything wrong with it. Raise them with guns then theyll have sense with them when their older

  • norm says:

    good picture! a baby that believes in the second amendment. atleast we all still have that right…..for now

  • felix says:

    That’s one safe baby. As long as they were unloaded and made safe before they were placed near baby, then I say it is fine. Its a political statement, and I take it as an image of safety and not something violent. Most liberals would see the direct opposite BUT THATS WHY WE CALL THEM LIBERALS 😉

  • bloodywendy says:

    No baby should be allowed around guns. Period.

    • Until they learn proper handling and trigger control anyway….

    • nancy says:

      that shows you that guns do not hurt it is the person that is behind it it is not the gun itself we grew up around guns and our parents did not put them up from us we were made to leave them alone if we did not we got our hinnies whipped and you knew better from then on our daughters grew up around a gun never had a problem with them messing with it until they got older and they shoot it from time to time now so it is not the gun it is the idiot behind the gun

  • Pamela says:

    I am all for gun rites but this is wrong on so many levels

  • William Horne says:

    Stupid. Play right into the hands of the liberal gun control freaks!

    • Agreed there….Lord knows that come Monday, the Brady Bunch will be claiming this kid went on a shooting spree..or his parents are unfit.
      While I see the correlation with the pic and the comment made with it, most wont…

  • Marty Aikens says:

    Hey look… all those guns and no one got hurt…whiners

  • me says:

    Awesome picture !!!

  • Dannis Peavy says:

    If the mama took a picture of daddy changing his first diaper would they call them child pornographers ???

  • jliles1205 says:

    Just taking a cue from the left- “get ‘em while they’re young”. It infuriates the left when parents teach their kids early not to fear weapons. The hoplophobes want to do the opposite. Send a 6 year old to jail for chewing a poptart into the shape of a Glock….

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