Fight over apple fritter on Christmas day ends in stabbing

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Contisha Q. Hayes

Contisha Q. Hayes

OHIO —  One sister is recovering from stab wounds and the other is in jail after an argument over apple fritters that ended in a stabbing.

Akron police were called to a home on Springdale Street around 11:30 p.m. Christmas night for a reported stabbing.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, one sister was in the kitchen making apple fritters when two other sisters “started to play fight” over the treat.

At one point, police say, one sister pulled the hair of the other sister.

The sister whose hair was pulled, Contisha Q. Hayes, pulled out a knife and stabbed her sister, Tamara D. Delaney, 21, in the chest.

Delaney was taken to Akron City Hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

Hayes, 21, of Callis Oval, has been charged with felonious assault.

She is in the Summit County Jail.

Source: Akron Beacon Journal


  • Cripes A Mighty says:

    When you are raised in a culture of violence, you will act out with violence. Had these two been raised with loving parents who taught them well, read to them, loved them and nurtured them, then maybe this would not have happened.

    But when you are raised on rap music, drugs and crime, the results are not hard to predict, prison. Instead of giving these kids names when they are born, we should just issue them a future prison number at birth and a nickname that they all seem so fond of instead of knowing each other by their real names.

    So, this young lady at birth would be given the nickname Fritter with baby inmate number OH-40589670

    • Jimmy Hat Splaaaat says:

      What’s your kid’s inmate #? NC-HERPDERP

    • jd says:

      Rappers have been known to glorify: apple fritters, drugs and violence so i’m with you on that sister.

    • jd says:

      You learned this between flipping burgers? Someone should tape an apple fritter to your back and drop you off in the hood.

    • smh says:

      @ Cripes, how do you know how they were raised? Do you know this family personally? Its saddening that people ALWAYS assume that someone comes from disadvantaged family!!!

      • Rob says:

        all you have to do is look at its face and you can tell how it was raised

      • mike jones says:

        Wow there “Rob”. All I have to do is look at your punctuation and grammar to tell how you were raised. Hang on! I’m getting something. I see a trailer with a fat and smelly man on the porch. I see an overweight woman surrounded by children with dirty tattered clothes and brown rings around their mouths… bring back any memories?

    • Yvonne says:

      Does it always have to come down to race? Remember, Jeffrey Dahmer was raised in the “good” neighborhood in Stow. The Columbine killers were raised in “good” homes in “good” neighborhoods. Chardon is a beautiful city and it produced a school shooter. This victim survived. The victims of the “good” kids raised “right” are 6-feet under. Remember that.

      • jack says:

        Do you mean “white”, when you use the word “good” in parenthesis? You are just as “racist” as the people you confront.
        On a lighter note;
        We up all night to get some…..
        We up all night to get some……..
        We up all night to get fritters
        We up all night to get fritters

  • Hey, at least it was for a perfectly good reason, unlike over some overpriced tennis shoes.

  • Chucky1992 says:

    Now see? I thought from the headline they were fighting because of how the fritters were made or because they both wanted one… “over apple fritter” when in fact they were fighting and ended up over apple fritters. What a misleading headline. And shame on the girls for acting like that.

  • Jason says:

    (In an Elvis voice) In the ghetto….. On a cold and grey Ohio morning, another crazy fritter critter sista attacks in the ghetto…. In the ghetto

  • Seems fair…(sarcasm on) Get hair pulled, stick knife in chest of puller..yup..totally makes sense…(sarcasm off)

  • Angela Gaskins says:

    Assume that’s what a lot mf do is assume if u don’t know then shut the f__k up please

  • henry says:

    hell yeah

  • henry says:

    wheres big al and jessy boy?

  • Lee Martell says:

    Stabbing your baby sister over an apple fritter? Ridiculous! Blueberry, I may understand.

  • ASAP says:

    we’ll she didn’t go to school an shoot people

    • jd says:

      You make a good point but I would be willing to bet that if its was apple fritter day at her school, somebodys getting stitches.

  • jd says:

    Wow! That was so out of context and not relevant to anything. Be sure to pull your head out of your back side before you try and fit those crappie in there.

  • Rob says:

    category 5 chimpout over an apple fritter (maybe they had crack in them)

  • this guy right here says:

    Well, That escalated quickly.

  • Selfabsorbed says:

    @Mike you need to look at your own punctuation and grammar there dude.

  • John says:

    This is just sad to me. It demonstrates how people have reverted back to selfishness and savagery.

  • fred says:

    Typical Holiday a the Hayes home.

  • Steve Dave says:

    Well! Just goes to show next time someone asks” Are you go’n to eat yo cornbread(Apple fritter)” and they respond with ” Hell yeah I’m going to eat my cornbread(Apple fritter) you come over here and try to take my cornbread(Apple fritter) there’s going be consequences and repercussions. I bet the next time she won’t take her cornbread (Apple fritter)

  • smh says:

    @Rob, “look at its face” I do believe that she is a person, perhaps maybe not in your world, but she is a PERSON NOT an IT!!!! Its apparent that you didn’t learn the use of nouns, pronouns in school!!!!!

    • Argent Furor says:

      No smh that is not a person.People tend to think , people don’t stab family members over an apple fritter. Look at it , there’s not even the tiniest spark of intelligence in its eyes.

  • Argent Furor says:

    Only in the “urban youth” environments.

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