Asheboro family seeking answers after mother’s death Sunday

ASHEBORO, N.C. — An Asheboro family wants answers after their mom is found shot to death. Police found 63-year-old Joan Harris dead in her Asheboro apartment on Sunday.

The apartment complex, Asheboro Summit is across the street from the Asheboro Police Department.

Investigators are calling her death suspicious.

“We need to know. I need to know to live the rest of my life. I need to know what happened to my mom,” said Zachary Byrd, Harris’s son.

Police haven’t made any arrests in Harris’s death but her two kids believe it may be someone they know.

“It’s because of them I no longer have a mother. My two children no longer have a grandmother and my two grandchildren barely ever got to know their great-grandmother because of this person,” said Gena Byrd, Harris’s daughter.

Gena Byrd talked with her mom just three days before she was killed. Harris wanted to know her grandchildren’s sizes because she was going Christmas shopping.

“43 years of spending Christmas with my mom, well 42, this would’ve been 43 but didn’t happen,” said Gena Byrd, Harris’s daughter.

On Jan. 12, Harris would’ve turned 64-years-old.

Harris’s funeral is Friday.


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