Volunteer firefighter shot in head dies, murder charges brought against two

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ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. -- The family of a volunteer firefighter shot in the head earlier this month in Cleveland has chosen to take him off life support.

Murder charges have been brought against two individuals already in custody for the shooting.

Marcus "Marco" Kauffman, 25, was shot in the head during a home invasion on Dec. 2.

A newlywed, he and his wife had just returned home from a trip. Deputies with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said that Kauffman noticed something wasn't right upon arriving at his home and took his wife to a neighbor's house before returning to investigate. It was then that he was shot.

Police have upgraded charges for two men already in custody in connection with the shooting.

Khari Dewayne McClelland and Jaylend Daquan Turner (left to right).

Khari Dewayne McClelland and Jaylend Daquan Turner (left to right).

Khari Dweayne McClelland, 23, of Harmony, arrested Dec. 9, and Jaylend Daquan Turner, 19, of Statesville, arrested Dec. 6, have both been charged with first degree murder.

McClelland and Turner are being held without bond and are scheduled to appear in court Dec. 23.

Charges have also been upgraded for two other men accused of being connected to the shooting.

Tramel Devon Hart and Michael Dwayne Teasley (left to right).

Tramel Devon Hart and Michael Dwayne Teasley (left to right).

Tramel Devon Hart, 18, of Harmony, arrested Dec. 12, and Michael Dwayne Teasley, 25, of Statesville, arrested Dec. 6, are now being charged with accessory after the fact to first degree murder.

No bond information is available as of yet for Hart or Teasley.

Kauffman had been fighting for his life in Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte prior to the family's decision today to remove him from life support.

A post on the Praying for Marco Facebook page this morning said, "This morning the test results came back. We are choosing to bless God and let go of our dear Marco, for it seems God is calling him to Himself."


  • Lorrie Fowler Gallimore

    Praying for Marco’s family. We have followed this tragic story from the beginning. Marco fought the good fight and now is safely in the arms of Jesus. I pray that justice is swift. His family has shown grace through all of this that can only come from our Heavenly Father. I just pray that those responsible plead guilty and prevent this precious family from having to relive this nightmare.

  • Amy

    We should fo back to hangings on the courthouse lawn!!!! Someone just returning home to find 2 probably broke idiots n his home. SUCH A WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY…..GO AHEAD AND GIVE THEM THE DEAT SENTANCE NOW AND DONT WAIT 10 YEARS TO DO IT EITHER!!!!!!!

    • Dave Hunt

      @ Amy I just logged in here to make a similar comment. I don’t know why this particular senseless lost of life has had such an impact on me but it has. It may not deter murders but I’d take the chance that public executions could have an impact. I think it’s time, hell way passed time to get real on the people that would cause this much hurt to others.
      It’s time to support judges and politician that will make this happen.

  • FaithC

    Look at that smug look on their faces. They think they are so cool. That look will be wiped off in prison.
    I just hope the DA does not give any of these low life scum a deal. They need to plead guilty, or when they are found guilty, then get the death penalty. All of them!!!!

    This was a fine man who was married, had a life and a wife expecting their first child. This scum thought the way to get what they wanted was to rob and kill. They need to be treated the same way they treated this young man. Do them in the same way!!!!!!!!!

  • billy

    Marco was more of a man than any of these scum bags will ever be why is it if this was 4 white boys that did this to a black man everyone would be hollering Racism. ever time you look at them wrong that’s all they do is pull the race card so why cant we ?

    • Stephen Melton

      Honestly….its because everyone caves when they do. Everyone wants to be treated like equals, and then when you do…oh hell no….cant do it, that card comes out like a magic get out of jail free card….

      • Cry me a river

        Your no one to been equal to and in terms of blood shed your people remain the leading killers on this, planet.

      • Stephen Melton

        Cry me a river…LOL…I think you are the kind that C is talking about. My people? LOL..what? American Indian, or Scott? Im really curious because thats what I am. Now, if you want to talk about things that happened 200+ years ago…just instead of crying you a river, how about we just build you a time machine, due to the fact that is the only way you can make anyone alive today worry about things we had no control over….
        And, perhaps, you, if you are indeed black, can see how your people sold your people…and still do to this day.
        Equal? Son, you can only wish. Ill treat anyone the same, but I assure you, that when you get stupid, and you did, Ill throw it back ten fold…

    • FaithC

      Because whites are just so accustomed to black on white crime that we seem to accept it.
      You are right, we need to start yelling and making a fuss when the crime is black on white. Just like Al and Jessie do when it is the other way around.

      Everyone in the black community was so up in arms when TM was shot, said he was unarmed. Well this young white man was unarmed, so where is all the fuss for him?

      • Cry me a river

        Take it up with your justice system. I dont want to be around you anymore thank you me but do to social enginering we have to interact with you and pretend to like it to pay the bills. Seperate but equal was to scary concept for your people but with intergration you control everything which is your true greedy evil nature. The conviction rate for white on black crime is marginal compaired to white on black or hispanic on black. Its your justice system, your government and yes your country. This is your design, and your true god satans, and no one elses.

  • billy

    yeah but some low life attorney will turn it around and find something the police did wrong like they always do and get them a lighter sentence that what wrong with the system now is the attorneys

  • C

    Im black and feel that if you take a life you should lose yours just that simple white people there are black people who feel pissed when ignorant black people make us look bad. There are decent black people who work jobs and hate stereotypes that bad black people fall into.

    • Stephen Melton

      Good posting, was hoping someone would say something similar…

      Without baiting, just asking a simple question:

      WHY when in a case like this, very few, if any, black folks ever speak up, and out about it as loud as they do if it had been white on black?
      If we speak up and say anything, its racist, but there is a deafening silence when its the other way around….

      • C

        Stephen a lot of black people are scared of other black people the just dont say it. My parents are in there sixties and I fear for them because young black people disrepect their elders it frightens me I grew up with both parents married had children after getting married still married for forty years. Its young black people who have no home training that often commit crime. My father would kill me first before he let me ruin his name and I respect my last name.

      • Cry me a river

        Because your people have shown us that we will not get the same compasion in turn. Your evil nature doesnt allow for it because you are of satan.

    • Larry M. Shelton

      C, I’m white and I agree with you,. there are many fine black people highly educated and pillars of the communities across America. so yes don’t blame all black people because scum can be any color.

    • Cry me a river

      These people could care less about you. Put your faith in god because his is the only opinion that matters and on judgement day you better been as far away from them as possible

    • smh

      There are just BAD people in the world PERIOD!! and it doesn’t matter what COLOR they are!!!!
      Although I have to agree with you the fact that some black people make those of us that are decent law abiding people look bad , as do some bad white people make other decent law abiding white people look bad. It goes for ANY ETHNIC group NOT just BLACK and WHITE!!! Its ALWAYS SAD to me to see any innocent person get hurt or killed!!!

  • truth.com

    the jewish media has brainwashed far too many young blacks to be the scum of the Earth….if we were so inherently evil, then why wasn’t we killing whites back when we would have been justified to do so…why did black males become such criminals around the time of the private prison boom which was around the same time white music exec. started phasing out conscience rap and started force feeding black youth including myself gansta rap and glamorizing a life style that leads to jail or death. and these worthless animals are the result of what they did to us…

    • cry me a river

      There is not truth in them so dont burden them with facts. They are content to project their sins on the rest of the world.

  • The One

    Where is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson chiming in. Yes if they are found guilty the should be hung on the courthouse lawn. Also it should be put on the 6:00 news with video.

  • Rick Yokeley

    I will buy the timber for the gallows, pay for the rope, pay for an expert to tie the noose really nice and secure, and donate my front yard for a public hanging. Where does it end?

    • Cry me a river

      You owe too much back child support for those dirty lice infected kids to afford timber. Then you have to get off your lazy back side to get that broken down care off the lawn to even have room for your devil fantasy.

      • Stephen Melton

        So, to show you are not part of the problem, you will take a day off from your job, you will come stand for this fireman who was killed for no reason, and show some honor to prove you are better than those of us that WILL be there…right?
        You will show some respect for an innocent and even if just for a moment, forget whatever it is that has you so full of hate….or, are you going to go to the courthouse and protest that those two are locked up?

  • Jason

    When will Americans get tired of all these black thugs robbing and killing and take revenge? Every single day you see it in the news that a black worthless thug has robbed or taken an innocent life because they are savages and too lazy to actually earn a wage. I say hang all those thugs from a tree and leave them as an example to the other thugs as a warning. I dare a monkey to even approach me or my residence.

    • Cry me a river

      Your only 10% of the world population so the numbers arent there otherwise you devils would try. The non puritan people have been ready to rid the world of satan for centuries so brush your five teeth and do your worst cowboy.

    • smh

      Jason, Jason well what would you call what George Zimmerman did?? There are JUST as MANY white people if NOT more doing the same amount of harm to people!!!!

    • cryes me a river

      Your alouf demeanor and distain for truth is a result of your inbreeding. You would been wise to learn who YOU are.

      • Stephen Melton

        He probably does know who he is, now, tell us….is your obvious hatred of the white man, or any man for that matter based on your idiotic rant to C, due to the fact that you simply are a racist person, or is it that fathers day is confusing for you?

  • George

    More murder monkeys slaughtering whites, unabated. They have no fear because they have so many white liberals running interference for them, like Tim Wise. People, buy a quality firearm and learn how to use it legally, lawfully and responsibly.

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