Mom hopes photos will help women love their bodies

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Credit: Body Image Movement Facebook page (Marissa Charles Media)

Credit: Body Image Movement Facebook page (Marissa Charles Media)

AUSTRALIA — One mom is striking back at the woman who posted a picture of her toned body following childbirth, asking other women what their excuse was.

Taryn Brumfitt, 35, is a mother of three who has been on mission to encourage women to live healthy and love their bodies at every shape and size. She calls her mission the Body Image Movement and earlier this year she became an internet celebrity after posting a very nontraditional “before & after” photo of herself on Facebook that went viral.

“I’m on a quest to redefine and rewrite the ideals of beauty. Women have been brainwashed into thinking fat, wrinkles and cellulite are bad. They’re not. It’s just a part of being a human being,” Brumfitt told the Daily Mail.

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  • Suzi says:

    Two words for Mrs. Brumfitt……Thank you!

  • lisaasenatohill says:

    I think you are beautiful and I bet your children do too!

  • Rachel says:

    you are beautiful, and we REAL women thank you!

    • Frink Stink says:

      Real women? So I’m assuming the one everyone’s getting mad about is…a hologram?

      • Sil says:

        Thanks Frink! I don’t understand the term “real woman” either. Mrs Kang should not be getting bashed for doing what she likes. No one should be attack for doing what they want to do. Whether they like to work out and eat clean, or be a couch potato and eat potato chips. This is ridiculous. Live and let live.

      • Its more like a Mirage.

      • Tom says:

        I would imagine the term ‘real women’ is referring to what women look like in real life, as opposed to heavily photoshopped/airbrushed/edited in pictures and magazines. I don’t see how that applies to this picture, though.

    • lunaburning says:

      Hey, now. Both women are beautiful in their own way. Caring about health and fitness does not make you any less of a woman.

      • Bekah says:

        Yes, but body shaming women who don’t fit your cookie-cutter mold of what is acceptable or not does make her less of a woman. It makes her a petty, self absorbed twit.

      • lunaburning says:

        Point taken, Bekah. Regardless, nothing will change until women stop being so cruel to each other.

      • My only concern is I don’t think she needed to “strike back”. They can be synonymous. It’s not just about loving our bodies – it’s about treating our bodies with love, which means being healthy.

        For Maria Kang, that means being a fit machine and evangelist, and that’s cool, but she never said we should actually look like her – she’s not shaming you for eating a cookie nor for not being cookie cutter perfect. She’s shaming our LIES we use to justify living AWFUL. Just we shouldn’t let ourselves become unhealthy and then blame busyness of motherhood (yes, blame our children for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, lethargy, etc).

        I think both moms TOGETHER make the right point.

      • And – oh – lunaburning… that’s my way of saying I completely dig what you’re saying. :)

    • joeriley says:

      Keep your nasty fupa’s to yourself! Straight nasty ladies! Then they wonder why their “husbands” find a side piece! Stretched out nasty!

      • Craig Page says:

        Looks don’t matter it is inside that counts. If she has a great Heart then she’s Beautiful,but if she is a B**** then she is Ugly

      • OBnurse says:

        joeriley, you are so eloquent with your words. I’d like to see you grow a person inside you, watch that skin grow taut, then explain to us HOW to snap it all back into shape, without a stretch mark in sight… I’m sure some lucky lady is going to enjoy your views someday…

      • sara says:

        You sir are a horrible person its not easy to get back into shape i have 3 kids and im 24 stretch marks are somthing u cannot change so do the world a favor and go fuck yourself giving life to a child is beautiful and ps my husband love my body and my stretch marks cause thats what happens to most women when the have beautiful gifts of life i hope you get fat and look like shit just so u know what its like have a merry holiday jerk

      • Trivfun says:

        That’s how us women feel about a man’s “dicky-do” don’t let your stomach stick out more than your dick do” FACT

      • And I wonder why any women might find a “side piece” as you so eloquently put it. What makes you men so special? All the ‘slobs’ out there with their ‘side pieces’, don’t think for one second she ain’t creepin on you!

      • Tina says:

        Keep your shallow comments to yourself joeriley you piece of s h I t, a REAL MAN loves his wife no matter what she looks like, you will die sad and alone you little d I c k motherf u c k e r!!!

    • Samii says:

      A real woman is not something that can be defined by physical appearance. As long as you possess biology to make you female, the rest of it comes from within. Both of these women are beautiful, absolutely stunning. A real woman goes after what she wants in life. Kang wants to be fit so let her, Brumfitt would prefer to not sacrifice the things that she loves to be fit. Both of these are okay and for anyone to judge that is not okay. I will never look like Kang and I am only a mother of one. I am okay with that. I am healthy and I am fit and that is all that matters to me. But that does not make moms who are fitness models bad people. Or any less of a woman. They are both beautiful and as women we should be able to see that in both of these mothers.

  • Lalala says:

    “She also addressed her critics..” yes, because if you don’t swear by the gym and low-calorie diets or up-the-butt “cleanses” you’re obviously ‘promoting an unhealthy lifestyle’ because we all know skinny people can’t be unhealthy. Just ask all the dead anorexics! (My friends I lost to that must be SUPER healthy then! Healthiest possible, in-fact!)

  • Teddy Tedrow says:

    Taryn Brumfitt you are Beautiful and “whats your excuse” woman im thinking the kids are not even her kids, Keep it up Mrs Brumfitt

    • shelby says:

      Ok… wanting to be thin AND Healthy is a choice. So sitting around and living life/eating however you want doesnt make you any more or less real…It just means that your life choices are different. Yes those are her children and she CHOSE to work out and get back to her CHOICE weight. I agree that girls shouldnt strive to only be “skinny” the should want to be healthy! Overweight is not healthy (im not saying this mom is overweight)

    • Louann mcagill says:

      Really Teddy? Not her kids? A little judgemental. Do you personally know her? Everyone’s idea of fitness, health, beauty whatever way you want to word it is different and valid. It’s what works for the individual so why not celebrate both moms for their different styles and diverse ways of what they think is best to protea their personal health and lifestyle?

  • Queen Bee says:

    Thank you Taryn from all of us who are not perfect and not willing to give up the small amount of time we have with our families to becomes so.

  • Isabell says:

    Honestly, looking at the blonde woman’s body makes me NEVER want to have kids. If my body ever looks like that, shoot me.

    • Blaire says:

      good and with an attitude like that I hope you don’t have children.

    • Brandon says:

      The ignorance of some people -_-

    • Dani says:

      This is so stupid!! Just because some women
      Choose to stay fit and teach their kids a healthy life style doesn’t mean they don’t spend time with their kids! An hour workout is only 4% of your day! Everyone can find time for that! Sorry but personally I choose to be healthy and fit because I want my son to be that way as well! I don’t want him thinking it’s ok to be lazy and not be active and stuff your face! Sorry but nothing is wrong with taking time to care for your body and your health! People that are even just 30 pounds over weight are ar higher risks of many disease and ailments! No thanks! Plus I like to take care of my body talso look attractive and toned not sloppy bad over weight

      • Samantha says:

        I spend an hour a day at the gym (some days more) and I do pretty intense cardio to the point where I am sweating buckets walking to the locker room. I am pretty slim and toned…however I do have excess belly skin thanks to two children close together. I used to let it bother me but I don’t anymore. I’ve accepted that this is just one of those things that come with having kids.

      • resa says:

        The POINT of this article is to love yourself no matter where you are at in your life. And to get the body that Maria Kang has in that photo takes a LOT more than an hour a day in the gym. So my guess is that mrs. Kang does spend more time on her personal appearance than she does with her children. And I know many people that do, and its unfortunate, cuz when your old your looks won’t be with you, but your kids will be (hopefully). There is nothing wrong with being fit, but there is also nothing wrong with not being fit. A persons value is not in their appearance, and because of that we should love ourselves no matter what. Which is the entire point of the article. Society spends a lot of time judging others. We should spend more time onn ourselves.

      • Christy says:

        I work out, I still have the saggy skin. That won’t go away. My body is not perfect like it was prior to having 2 kids. If I were to get back to that I would be at the gym all the time sacrificing time w/my kids. Nobody is saying not to be healthy, not to eat healthy, not to work out, but some of us will never have that “perfect” body again. To make those women out to be lazy & gross is wrong.

      • Louann McGill says:

        Go Dani! Physical fitness and a balanced diet that go hand in hand with all things in moderation is one of the best examples of love and parenting we can give our children.

      • Who says being fit is the same thing as being Magazine cover ready? There are people who will NEVER be able to reach that standard. Being fit and healthy is different for each person, dictated by lifestyle, but also by genetics. Saying that someone who cannot reach that standard is sloppy and lazy is pretty narrow minded and judgmental.

        If you were blessed with one of those bodies that looks great naked under the scrutiny of the camera, aren’t you blessed! But if not, there is no reason to kill yourself trying to reach an ideal that is not attainable. Be fit, be healthy, but be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

      • Mandy says:

        Sorry, for the rest of us after kids who find it hard to lose the weight, who eat well and work out, doesn’t mean we don’t try. But I guess by your statement I am “sloppy” and “stuff my face”. I may not have the best body, but i’m trying….

    • Nicole says:

      I had a nine pound baby 5 years ago and while I am not heavy. 130 lbs my I have excess belly skin that looks very much like hers. I ran my first marathon this past September and spent more tha an “hour” in the gym a day. It hasn’t been easy to accept my post baby body, but I am a great role model for my boys.

    • Angela says:

      Oh Isabell, talk about tempting karma. Good luck with that.

    • Romi says:

      That’s understandable. It can be really scary to see that when you’re used to having a normal body without extra skin or stretches on it. The prospect of having kids worried me a lot because of all the comments from women about how you would look afterward, and how your body would NEVER be the same. I felt helpless or something. But then I discovered something after having my first kid. I can still work out, watch my eating and look normal again! And then I had another one… and though it has been a bit harder since that one, I have a lot of friends who have been able to do the same thing. It really just depends on how self-disciplined and committed you are. Yes, your body IS different forever, but… that’s more or less how it functions rather than how it looks. How it looks is dependent upon the individual and the effort they put into it. So don’t get TOO discouraged. ;-)

      • Shauna says:

        My body was BETTER after kids! I’m comfortable in my skin and don’t let someone else’s opinion affect how I feel about my self image. After working in the medical field I am the last to judge others no matter what body type they are. We all need to be sensitive to others and stop being snobs.

      • Shawna says:

        Look normal again??? As if a woman’s body showing signs of having a child isn’t normal? Not everyone has skin that stretches easy and not everyone has skin that goes back to pre-baby. Does NOT mean they don’t look normal! Having a child doesn’t deform you!!!

    • I hear what you’re saying, Isabell. That is very concerning to many girls and young women. It is completely normal that you would feel this way looking at the picture they’ve posted. What is abnormal is the other mothers commenting on your fear. As experienced mothers, we have had to face our own fears concerning this issue, please don’t pretend that you haven’t, ladies. Everyone of us saw the damage to our mothers’ bodies and were a little repulsed and scared that that would happen to us.
      Isabell, you will come to understand the sacrifice you will be making is more than worth it to you, when you hold your baby in your arms. The feeling of not being the ideal beauty is slowly replaced with becoming the ideal mother. Give yourself time for this idea to mature.
      Secondly, I would tell you that the body you see in the picture is not the body you are guaranteed to get, if you have a child. The trick is to watch the weight you gain when you get pregnant and don’t let it get out of control. So often when we are pregnant, we don’t make the right choice, with the caveat that “I’ll work it off later.” Keep yourself in shape during pregnancy and you will not experience the angst of what these posters have been thru or are currently going thru with their body image.
      As encouragement, I am 5’7, turning 49 next month, weigh 110lbs, and have a 23 daughter. I wear a size 0 and while my skin does hang in spots, its not that big of a deal. Be smart, stay healthy, don’t gain too much weight during your pregnancy, and you’ll be just fine.

      • Teri says:

        I agree with you. I don’t know where all those other people get off telling her she doesn’t deserve kids or she’s horrible. She has a right to not want her body to look like the bodies in these pictures.

        But I think it’s important for people to also acknowledge that not every woman wants children. And there is nothing wrong with that. You say that when she’s older, she’ll realize that having a baby is worth more than all of that – well, to some women, it really isn’t. And again, there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make her a bad person, it doesn’t make her selfish, it just means that for her a baby is not worth all the sacrifices that have to be made to be a good mother.

      • meow lady says:

        That’s considered underweight I believe……Just saying

    • Rebecca says:

      Not every woman that has had a baby looks like that. I’ve had 3 kids and have no stretch marks… It’s all about how you take care of yourself while you’re pregnant. If you eat healthy, drink loads of water, are active, and moisturize the heck outta yourself… It will help tremendously. But stretch marks or not, having a baby is an amazing thing. Don’t sell yourself short for selfish desires

      • Shawna says:

        It also has a lot to do with skin elasticity. I have had 3 children and have some but not a lot while I have a friend who has 6 kids and not one. Another friend has had no kids, works out daily, is a size 3 and has stretch marks more than me. Every woman is different and none should be shamed. (Not saying you were, just pointing out that some women can try as hard as they want to avoid stretch marks and still get them)

    • Mel says:

      And, hopefully someone like you never gets to receive that incredible blessing. And, by the way, many people are missing the point here is not about being upset that the other mom looked great, it’s shamimg those who don’t and writing “What’s your excuse?” I was 110 lbs and 5’6 and gained 60+ lbs with each pregnancy…and lost most of that weight effortlessly each time. I was fortunate it was in my genetics. Then, my 3rd baby in my 30s made it a little harder. Instead of praising woman who get their bodies back super quickly, can’t wr praise women for just being a loving, good mom who takes care of her family and is proud of herself?

    • Shermax says:

      Isabell, my advice to you is not to ever have babies, but remember this….your body will become old and stretched and saggy, how will you handle that????

  • Melissa says: Ashlee is doing a photo project on the journey our bodies take after giving birth. She is on FaceBook, Instagram & the Internet

  • shell says:

    Isabell then you obviously don’t deserve kids. What a hateful thing to say.

    • Shell and the other commentators, Lets give her time to learn about motherhood. How is this comment supposed to teach a young girl, filled with fear or anger, to join us in the ranks of motherhood? Even if she chooses not to have children, we as mothers, need her to be beneficent to the rest of the children in her community and by extrapolation, the world. This comment goes a long way to enforcing negative, mother, stereotypes that the rest of us could do without.

  • Kayla says:

    Isabell, yes some people are naturally slim that is true. However if you knew anything about that “Asian lady” she DID in fact make sacrifices to have her body. Meaning working out and not eating “whatever she wanted”. Do some research because you sound ignorant.

  • Tiffany says:

    A lot of people have bodies like that and can eat what they want and not gain weight until they have children. I have two amazing little boys and I am not fat but I most def. never have the body I did before I had them and that fine with me. Isabell it is sure to me that you are a child or you would never talk so immaturely and have to use the language you use to “try” to prove your point. One day maybe you will grow up and see that a amazing child you have is what’s important in life not a few stretch marks and a little bit of a tummy.

    • Teri says:

      Did it ever occur to you that maybe she doesn’t want children? And that maybe there’s really nothing wrong with that, especially considering that it is her choice and not yours?

  • Sasha says:

    In my humble opinion, what should be gathered from both examples is find what YOUR healthy is! Having no discipline and Allowing yourself to eat whatever you want isn’t setting a good example for your child just as much as not appreciating and loving your body. Simply put, we need to stop comparing our bodies to each other. I am now a mother of a 6 month old and have had to adjust the way I find joy in being active. I do what I can when I can and try to ignore the media shoving expectations down my throat. Let your daughters and sons learn to love themselves and others in the home otherwise they’ll believe what the rest of the world is trying to tell them.

  • Kate says:

    I think the issue is the very fact that you call her decision to find happiness in different ways than physical perfection “defending mediocrity.” Sure–her body isn’t perfect. But as she said, and as you yourself quoted, it’s a trade-off. She made a decision not to sacrifice other things that made her happy. Similarly, women who work hard to get into great shape after having babies, or who use plastic surgery to achieve similar results, are making decisions that involve sacrifice. The difference is that it’s easy to see the evidence of their sacrifice, and it’s one that’s more acceptable in our society.
    I definitely let my body get a little pudgy after two closely-spaced pregnancies. When I decided I wanted to tone up and thin down about a year ago, it was a decision that involved a lot of sacrifice. I missed out on time with the people I cared about in the evenings because I had to wake up early to work out. Friends excluded me from invitations to restaurants they knew I couldn’t eat at while dieting. Others started feeling uncomfortable around me because I was so fanatic about counting EVERY LAST CALORIE. Later, when I started school in August, it was that much less time that I had with my kids; I could have used those early morning hours studying, but because I was exercising instead, I had to study later, when I would otherwise have been free to be with them.
    In the last year, I’ve dropped from a size 10 to a size 4. I enjoy being in better shape. I get a lot of compliments and I feel better about myself. There are sure a lot of positives. However, some friendships have faded a bit, I’ve missed out on a lot of celebrations, and most importantly, I’ve given up a LOT of time with my small children. They’re too young to care or even notice the change in mommy’s physical activity. All they know is that they didn’t get to see as much of me.
    Sometimes, making the decision NOT to dedicate yourself to your own body is courageous when it means that you’re sacrificing your own glamor and appeal for the sake of others–especially your children. Do you really think it’s “defending mediocrity” to make a conscious choice to spend that extra hour a day reading to your children or taking them to the park instead of logging in another great day of “Insanity?”
    You ask this women to let those people who want to get in shape get inspiration. Yes! Definitely! Getting inspired is crucial to achieving success in a workout program. But in a world where women are constantly confronted with the idea that the “ideal” woman is, almost as her most central feature, a physically fit woman, I think there is a place for women like this to come forward, too. So how about this: let those people who want to get in shape get inspired by people like Maria Kang. But on the flip side, let people who are making different decisions–decisions that are healthy in different ways–get inspired by people like Taryn Brumfitt.

    • Leslie says:

      I don’t really care for the way you stated this…it makes it sound like those of us who do work out an hour a day are depriving our children. Maybe you didn’t mean it like that but you should chose your words more carefully. I’m a stay at home mom and I am with my kids EVERY SECOND that they are awake. I take an hour during nap time to work out and other days I have them in the gym nursery for an hour while I work out. My kids love the nursery and I don’t see myself depriving them of my time. It is quality over quantity for kids. Plus if you take that hour a day to make sure you stay healthy, that can add years to your life so they can have their healthy mom later on. Im not saying this is the case for every person but being obese is known to cut down on your life expectancy. Modern medicine can do so much to undo the damage people do to themselves.

      • Kathryn says:

        Absolutely agree!

      • Brian says:

        Well said Leslie.

      • Catherine Williams says:

        Well said leslie. Taking an hour a day to exercise isn’t going to harm your kids and a mother needs some time for herself.when my oldest kids were I would wait for my husband to come home then go running
        With the later kids I went running with them in a running pushchair which they loved or worked out at home. We often go swimming as a family. My husband has insisted all the children learn to swim a mile.
        We have 8 . My husband works out too
        We both think its our responibilty as parents to encourage them to eat healthily and exercise.

  • Brandon says:

    Both women are beautiful…. Nothing else to speak about here… Move on..

  • kevins1963 says:

    To all you people who want everyone to pretend that fat is beautiful, everyone knows better. If someone tells himself or herself that they are just as attractive when they have ballooned their bodies with fat or simply never were physically fit to begin with, they are lying to themselves…and everyone knows it! If you want people to lie to you that is your problem. I’m overweight and 50. I was once quite herculean and was proud of my body. Will I ever get in great shape again? Probably not! Am I going to go around and pretend that I am just as good looking as I was when I was younger and fit? Of course not! It is called reality. If someone is unattractively fat you don’t have to point it out to them, but you also don’t have to blow smoke…. and tell them that they are attractive. What Mrs. Kang did was remarkable and her desire to motivate people to be fit should be applauded. The least we should be able to do for each other is be honest and have some integrity.

    • Hahawhat says:

      Yes but that is not what the message is. The message is that you still have worth even if you are not as attractive in the eyes of society; that you, as a human being, are still a beautiful creature, and that you have things about your life that bring meaning to the world. Your weight and saggy skin do not define you as a person.

    • Maiyia X. says:

      Well said. I can’t believe another woman went against Mrs. Kang to point out what a real woman is. Seriously! a real woman do not punch another woman in the gut saying your reality does not exist in this world? I stand with Mrs. Kang on this perspective. We’re all striving to become healthy and finding what we think is healthy. It’s inspirational when someone made it, we should stab her in the back for succeeding! but rather congratulating her.

      Every women’s body type is different. From what this lady is pointing out… being fat, having wrinkles and cellulite is fine? I could understand her view, but if someone comes along and show that you can do it… wouldn’t you want to do it and make yourself feeling the BEST!? I know I would and that’s what Mrs. Kang did. It’s possible.

      I’m in my 30′s now and overweight. Do I like it? honestly NO!, it’s actually working against my health and am having a hard time taking medications. I know that if I work out and eat healthy, everything would be back to normal. But, if I’m loving myself and lying to myself that this is my body and who cares what others think!… I’m just fooling myself.

  • gman says:

    if you marry ‘X’ then the husband wants to always be married to ‘X’….. if they change to an ‘O’ they will always want an ‘X’…. get it? and yes it goes both ways..

    • mm says:

      gman….u better hope you never wrinkles, gray, or gets any type of beer belly or spare tire….get it? Just sayin…..(imagine – if you can – that people commit for MORE than how they look!!!!!!!)

  • Lyle says:

    Let’s be real there is no comparison as to who looks better. The lady lfrim Australia ooked hot when she was young but you can see the hot body is gone because of poor eating habits, excuses, no exercise and too many Little Debbie snacks. It takes a disciplined person to eat right and exercise. If she’s happy then so be it but to me it looks like jealousy from a mans view.

  • val says:

    I commend being fit, but recognize that that looks different for everyone. I trimmed down after having a baby but put weight on later due to stress & divorce. I want to be more fit but know I will never look the same as did. I think the skinny mom may have gotten more likes had the caption not been so snotty & cocky. A kinder approach would have gotten message across without sounding like she’s putting people less fit down. And to the haters & unrealistic dreamers, there is nothing wrong with the other mom either, she is still beautiful. The two women are different builds, ages, really shouldn’t be compared to one another. No two women should.

  • ron says:

    I’m proud of both women…love yourselves!!! I also believe no person should be so big that it causes them health problems where as they have breathing problems, leg problems heart problems etc. Inwhich it makes it a harder life all the way around. I believe everyone should exercise some form or another andnot necessarily to become fit but just being a healthier person. &this is coming from a guy age 35 that is 6 foot 280 pounds muscular w/fat lol..who exercises 5 days a week but not to become small or fit but become healthier and lose a couple pounds / maintain the weight I’m at.but my exercising 3 to 5 days a week 30 minutes to an hour those days you are not only making yourself healthier, you are setting a good example for your family

  • Tiffany says:

    Both woman have uplifted many woman. I agree that no two woman are alike and should compare to each other. Every woman is beautiful, shape or size. I think it’s great that their are woman like these two who try to uplift and motivate. Also who are we to judge? Nobody’s perfect. Saying cruel things doesn’t make you look better. Our world has the “ideal perfect” woman well I would like to see her, because like I said nobody’s perfect.

  • Sarah York says:

    I do not even see why these two women are compared or why either of them should be hated on in any way. They have different views, is that not allowed anymore? One woman is saying “Love your body the way that it is” which is great, we should all love and embrace our bodies. The other one is sending a message to all of the moms out there who blame having kids for the reason why they are not in shape. Basically, either get over your body and live with it or change it. Those are the messages here and i love both of them for they are motivational in their own ways.

  • Must be nice to know you have the money to buy a new body whenever you want though, eh?

  • Amanda says:

    Just curious why people are getting so offended by Maria? She wasn’t putting anyone down with her post. And to address the comment that looking like her involves giving up everything that makes you happy, that’s not true for everyone. Plenty of people find happiness in eating healthy, feeling good, and exercising. You can still have a hot body and set an example for your children to have a positive body image.

    • momof2 says:

      All she had to do was say, “If I can do it, you can too!” Her “What’s your excuse?” was very condescending and rude. Good for her for getting that body back. Many of us can’t. Not only does your skin stretch, but your hips spread as well…at least on some of us.

  • I eat what I want when I want & will do so till the day I die. I am skinny, always have just can’t seem to gain weight for the life of me but I am 15 lbs over that fabricated chart of what we are suppose to weigh compared to our height. If I weighed what they said I should I would look seriously anorexic which is gross looking to me. I think women are sexier are with some weight on. I’ve had 3 children & my tummy is not tight, I have stretch marks but do I care? Nope….do the men I’ve been with care? Nope….why, cause I have self confidence in myself. I am comfortable running around my house naked cause I think I look damned good. Do I care to look like those chicks with the slim stomach & no stretch marks? Sure, but I had kids & my genetics just didn’t run that way so either I have surgery to look that way or stay the way I am. So I stay this way cause I ain’t paying no stinking doctors bills when I can take that money & have fun with my kids with it. Beauty is within all of us. To many are superficial & think that you have to have this perfect body to be considered beautiful. Well you people are wrong & realize that a healthy happy woman doesn’t mean a perfect airbrushed body. It means a real woman, with flaws, cellulite, curves, maybe some flab ( or it will show up in the future) is the way to. Can’t airbrush reality. Oh & men like you guys are all perfect? Grow up…..

  • Dani says:

    This is so stupid!! Just because some women Choose to stay fit and teach their kids a healthy life style doesn’t mean they don’t spend time with their kids! An hour workout is only 4% of your day! Everyone can find time for that! Sorry but personally I choose to be healthy and fit because I want my son to be that way as well! I don’t want him thinking it’s ok to be lazy and not be active and stuff your face! Sorry but nothing is wrong with taking time to care for your body and your health! People that are even just 30 pounds over weight are ar higher risks of many disease and ailments! No thanks! Plus I like to take care of my body talso look attractive and toned not sloppy and over weight!! Get off your lazy butt and take care of your body!! You want to teach your kids it’s ok to be lazy and not care about your body?

  • Tammy says:

    Maria Kang’s intentions are being grossly misinterpreted. She’s not about being a size 0; she’s about being healthy. Read her blog before you jump to conclusions and start harshly judging her. She posts pictures of her loose skin and stretch marks (yes, she has them and admits to them and shows them). This story is ridiculous. The poor woman is being chastised because of her success and very hard work. Let her be an inspiration and stop attacking her. Taryn looks great as well, but her intentions are wrong because it’s about attacking Maria Kang, which makes them disingenuous. I was overweight but never accused skinny people of fat shaming me. Instead, I let myself be inspired by them. I’ve lost 65 pounds and am now at a healthy weight. I would love my body to look like Maria’s (and if I keep working at it, perhaps someday it will), but I’ll admit that I look more like Taryn. I will take my body that I have today over the body I had two years ago. I’m not ashamed of it and I don’t feel like Maria Kang wants me to be ashamed of my body image. She wants me, and all women, to be healthy. That’s her intention. If you take offense to her, then that’s your fault and your problem. Nobody but you can make you feel bad about yourself.

    • sara says:

      Leslie its what the smaller women said not that pdople are jealousits the whats ur excuse part what ticked people off granted i dont have the money to pay to go to the gym nor a babysitter i do what i can at home but alwsys gets interupted fo to the fact i have 3 kids

  • Taylor Abegg-Lawrence says:

    This still doesn’t address the problem. Yes, there are skinny people who are unhealthy and larger people who live healthy lifestyles, but the truth is that most people do not take personal health seriously enough. They don’t exercise, they don’t eat well, and they don’t get much sleep. Maria Kang was trying to encourage people, mothers specifically, to take their own health more seriously. Women should not be made to feel shame about their own body image, but the other extreme is perhaps even more harmful: complacency. To avoid addressing obesity and heart disease for fear of offending people’s delicate sensibilities is absurd.

  • Krysten says:

    Dani just because she doesn’t work out doesn’t mean she eats all the time and just sits on her butt. She is just trying to get woman to love their bodies that don’t have to best cofidence in themselves. Sorry to tell you but I don’t work out and I’m not fat by any means. You don’t have to look like a stick just to be healthy.

    • Becca says:

      Raising kids is exercise enough. I have one and I have no idea how my parents were able to raise 3 of us

  • Me moose says:

    How about this my wife is not only the most beautiful women to me before and after our babies, but thanks to her body I have two beautiful kids. I find her just as attractive now as I did when I married her. I married her for who she is, her body is a perk. I married her for who she is not what she is. My best friend, my lover, I’m a man who loves his wife for more then her body.

  • Heather says:

    She’s just saying you don’t have to be a fanatical about working out to be beautiful. I think it’s a little over board to take a picture of yourself and ask everyone else in the world what there excuse is…I guess she really likes herself.

  • Healthy is key. That is what I talk to all my clients about every day. I am by no means skinny but I am not fat either. I love who I am and what I do. I walk/roller blade, run etc.. I will never be 135 lbs. I also know that there are so many people out there putting their health at risk by removing fat by surgeries that its sad. I know that there are alternative methods to do this which is why I work for a company that helps women deal with these issues. check it out..

  • dd421 says:

    Before having a baby, I used to work out 5 days a week, sometimes for two hours at a time. I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy due to complications. My body is much different now, and I am still trying to lose the weight. It’s really, really hard. Before, I focused only on myself, working out as much as I wanted, and now, I do what’s best for my child. I am lucky to belong to a gym that has babysitting, but it’s not always in her best interest to go to the gym with me all the time. So, I restrict my workouts to weekends mostly. I think if you are a stay-at-home mom, then taking your kids to the babysitting at the gym while you work out is great. However, if you are working full-time, like me, it’s not a good idea to work all day then ship your child off to the babysitting room in the evening,, when you haven’t spent any time with the baby all day. I really love what Ms. Brumfitt has done, it’s real life!

  • nosoup4u says:

    Definitely looked better before. Sorry I’m not sorry.

  • Rebekah Diky says:

    I just want to point out that a lot of you are saying “being healthy is the important thing” none of us know if either of these ladies are healthy. Health is not just physical appearance, they are other aspects involved. Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. We are, all, as usual, judging a book by its cover.

  • Paula says:

    My opinion on this… She doesn’t have a confidence issue. Most of us, when we let go of ourselves and our health because we get married, have children, and put ourselves last lose our self esteem and confidence and it starts affecting our overall well being. Not everyone goes thru this. This sweet mommy is happy the way she is, awesome. Maria Kang is happy with what she does, awesome. I’m happy with the changes and transformation I have made, awesome. I think the media has nothing better to talk about that keep drilling on the same story over and over again. They should dedicate this time to showing more success stories of women that have changed their health, their lifestyles and hopefully get the message to more and more women and inspire them to find their strength, their health, their fit, their confidence and self esteem will skyrocket.

  • Brandon says:

    That couldnt be more wrong.. Fat and cellulite (condensed fat) are bad for you. They kill you, obesity is deadly. Not saying that 5% body fat is healthy either, thats borderline deadly, but no one should celebrate being unhealthy. Might was well put up a photo of yourself drinking straight from a fifth of alcohol with a lit cigerette

  • I ran 30 minutes this morning, lifted for an hour this evening then enjoyed wine, lasagna and cookies with my girlfriends all while my children (and theirs) ran around and decorated said cookies.

    My point? Its called finding balance and living YOUR life not telling others how to live theirs. The photo with “what’s your excuse” is rude and unforgiving. This blog says I have to give up everything I love to work out —> both are wrong.

    Oh, and I am a 34 year old mother of 3 who body builds because I want to be fit and healthy not because I want to be in a magazine. I encourage others to do something healthy each day – not to COPY me. I give myself an entire 90 – 120 minutes each day out of 1440. Hopefully I’ll set a good example for my kids about how to live their life.

    • Jane says:

      Amen! I also compete and have a daughter. She’s 2 and refers to all fast food as “yucky”. She prefers healthy, clean foods because that’s what mommy eats!

  • Kelly says:

    Ok, yes…we should love our bodies and I agree 100% that you do NOT have to be thin or toned to be healthy, BUT…don’t slander the women (or attack via blog about their photo) because they chose to be thin and toned. That’s JUST as bad as saying “what’s your excuse?”! This woman IS THIN!!!!!!! Sure, she has loose skin, but she is still thin! I think the toned woman who started this was gearing more toward the people who are sickly overweight and need motivation, the rest of us were only offended (including myself) because if our own insecurities about our bodies. But that chick needs to realize that not all of us were blessed with that beautiful elastic skin! I lost 40 lbs. and got to a beautiful size for my height and STILL did not look like that, even with muscle, because if my skin. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, but we don’t always feel that way. Respect other womens bodies (good or bad) as well as your own.

  • Vee says:

    Not spending time with her kids ? 1 hour a day is more than enough to aid in fat loss and muscle building . If 1 hour a day exercising is being a neglectful, self absorbed person ; then what about the mindless hours spent on the internet ? cleaning the house ? watching tv? You can exercise while your kids sleep . I do . Or have them workout with you . Bashing Maria for being healthy and teaching her kids to have a healthy lifestyle is just silly .

    • Kathryn says:

      I agree! Working out for an hour a day is so important for me and my peace of mind. Between 2 boys…one 3.5 months and the other 8 yrs old, I need that time to just recharge and relax.

  • Kathryn says:

    I wonder why it is assumed that just because a woman works out means that she sacrifices any time with her children? Is the assumption that a woman is working out 24 hours a day? How is 1 hour (which is how long I personally work out) sacrificing any time with my two boys? My youngest son is 3.5 months old, I am home all day with him and take care of him all night (dad works graveyard), my oldest is 8 years old, I take him to and pick him up from school everyday, soccer, homework, dinner, etc… Why am I not allowed to be healthy just because I am a mom? Am I not allowed just 1 hour a day to myself? To reflect, to set a good example, to be the healthiest person I can be? Why do women hate each others accomplishments so much? Too much criticism and hating on each other…

  • K says:

    Hey, here is a solution! Do fun active things with your kids! Play tag, go on a hike/walk, shoot some hoops, walk up the stairs don’t ride the elevator, eat healthy – active lifestyles can involve your children – not separate. Compromise is pretty cool!

  • Loppt says:

    “What’s your excuse” is something used by people who want to motivate other’s not to put down anyone. This was not you’re fat and I’m not, this was not you’re a bad mom. this was intended to just be motivation to other people who want to be fit. look up fitness or what’s your excuse on google and you will see other picks like this. So don’t make this about you! ( you being a used in general)

  • Rhiannon says:

    Both women are guilty of body shaming. Kang is saying that even after having kids you don’t have an excuse to not look superfit and amazing. Any mother knows that when you have kids, you DONT have time to work out unless you have someone helping you. As well, most mothers don’t want to be away from their babies. They want to bond and be there for everything. In order to get that body she had to spend a lot of time working out. On the other side Taryn is accusing her of not being there for her kids, only wanting a good figure back. Taryn is also not promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. I’m sure she eats healthy and gets whatever excersise she can, but not all women are able to have that time when they have kids. If you do, awesome. If you don’t, that’s ok. What’s not ok is telling the former or latter that they are wrong. It’s not your right nor place to do that.

  • Julia Skrsry says:

    It’s great to be a role model for people who are looking for inspiration to make a change, but being a role model for people who need justification for “sleeping in on weekends” and “eat whatever they want” is something else. I’m not sure it is still an admirable kind of role modelling if it promotes inaction, rather than action. It’s not about body image, or dieting – please don’t get me wrong – it is about mobilizing people to do things with their lives. Some of those things could be exercising, feeling good, having energy to explore and produce memorable moments. This is probably just me, but I personally do not require a role model to let me know it’s okay to be lazy.

  • Amanda says:

    Bottom line is that every woman is different. Some women’s bodies bounce right back after having children, some don’t so easily. Genetics plays just as much a role as her “dedication” to get back into shape. Everyone is different and everyone is beautiful! We all have different situations and access to different advantages. So what. We should stop comparing ourselves to others so much. Yes, the “fit” mom looks great, but she is the exception, not the rule. Kudos to her. After two children and being 40, I look nothing like her… and I’m totally o.k with that. I am not her and she is not me, so I don’t compare myself to her and neither should anyone else.

  • Erika says:

    I’m wonder how much money she has to stay fit like that …. Good food in the country is expensive so are gyms and time for that matter … Who’s watching her kids while she takes time for herself… She seems like a lucky one who gets help with her little ones so I guess good for her. Unfortunently I have two of my own and know all the work that goes into being a mom and not that staying fit isn’t a option … We try but with out help it would never have time for myself. I would be ashamed to be that woman posting “what’s your excuse” as if she doesn’t know what goes into taking care of three other humans ontop of yourself, either it’s fake or like I said she gets a lot of help!

  • Janet CIulla says:

    I wish that I had someone 26 years ago to encourage me to do more to stay fit after my sons were born! I would not have gone on to gain a ton of weight, and develop type 2 diabetes. I focused too much on being a Mom and forgot about myself and my health! Maria is awesome and she promotes fitness period! People are way off base when they attack her……

  • Lola says:

    I am thin and have 3 children. After my 3rd child I was back in my jeans within 5 days. I ate what I wanted and did not go to the gym or exercise apart from looking after my kids. However despite fitting into size 10 jeans I have stretch marks which I have hated with a passion since the birth of my first child. I have spent years detesting my naked body. I think Taryn is not only beautiful but brave as well. We live in a world where women are promoted as beautiful or sexy objects. Who cares if you are over weight or under weight. The message Taryn is trying to get across is love yourself no matter what. She deserve some respect!

  • Cassia says:

    Poor Isabell you should die alone,to be a Mother,to carry a baby it’s a honor!!!

    • Teri says:

      Cassia, what a terrible, disgusting thing to say to someone. You should be ashamed of yourself. Because she doesn’t want a body like the one in the pictures, she deserves to die alone?

      About it being an honor to have a baby and carry a baby, not every woman feels that way. And it’s okay if a woman doesn’t feel that way. Not every woman wants kids, and whether you agree with this or not, there’s really nothing wrong with that. She’s not less of a person, less of a woman, or someone who deserves to die alone just because she doesn’t want to deal with the damage the childbirth would do to her body.

  • Simpson says:

    There are 2 kind of people on theis planet whiners and doers I think I just found the page the whiners hang out on. why do women hate each other so much. I can’t count how many times in my life I have heard women whining about how child birth has ruined their body’s. And than a woman comes along and says it doesn’t have to and all the same women whine about that too. kang was not putting anyone down she was telling all the whiners if I can do it so can you. Get the f__k over it. Whiners

  • Jes says:

    Here’s the thing….while I agree with Brumfitt to a certain extent, if you want to teach your children to accept themselves as they are, you have to be the example. But what are you teaching your kids if you shame others about how they feel about themselves? Both of these women have every right to feel exactly whatever way they want to about their bodies. If the “what’s your excuse” wants to work out all day long to obtain that body, that is her choice. The other wants to hang out with her kids and sleep late on weekends, that should be ok too. I think we are all much too quick to judge everyone else’s choices. If it’s not how you do things, that should be ok. Work out, don’t work out…’s up to you. But I feel like this woman on woman war is a little out of control at this point.

    This is also coming from someone who likes cookies and doesn’t work at as much as she should. But, it’s my choice, and I have to deal with it. I try not to judge anothers’ choices all the same.

  • Lorriann says:

    I think our society sorely needs more images of women in all the various shapes and sizes they come. I am saddened by the posts of people saying “shoot me if my body ever looks like that.” It’s only “nasty” because we’ve had a lifetime of imagery telling us what we should look like, and any deviation from that is ugly.

    As women, we are expected to always look young and fit, no matter our age, number of children, life experiences, etc. Fitness does not always mean a “hot body” for everyone. The blond woman is fit, but she has had a life-changing event–childbirth–and for most women, that changes the shape of the stomach forever. Why should we look like something other than what we are? Why is it a compliment for someone to say, “Wow, you don’t look like you’ve had three kids!”? Why should we go through an expensive plastic surgery procedure to “get back” something that is not gone, but only changed?

    I am a mother. I can be a woman who has had three children and still be attractive. I don’t look like I’m 20 and pre-baby, but there isn’t only one way to be attractive. Childbirth isn’t the only thing that changes a person’s looks, and it isn’t only women whose looks change over time. When I see the negative comments, I can only wonder if you would chide your own mothers that way, for looking however they happen to look after giving birth to you.

  • Sherry says:

    Love it….But still like to help people do the opposite….Before and then AFTER:=)) / minute workout is the best…come and see for FREE

  • Daisy says:

    What’s objectionable is the obnoxious attitude of the “What’s Your Excuse” woman, not her genetics, which have provided her w/an adolescent boy’s body that responds quickly to diet/exercise.

    • Shawna says:

      Agreed, Daisy!!!!!!!! That’s what I found offensive. As if she thinks everyone can look like that. People need to realize everyone is different and not everyone can achieve that no matter how hard they try. For her to put it out there as if people who dont look like that are lazy is pretty rude. Good for her on having good genes, not everyone is that blessed.

      • Ross says:

        This proves that fit girl is right. There are so many excuses (genetics, all day working out, no time, that people give to not be healthy. I lost 25 lbs in 3 months with hardly working out by drinking Herbalife shakes. There are ways to slim up despite all the excuses we sometimes (seems like a lot of people in this thread do too) tell ourselves. Being fit isn’t hard, you might have to cut out things you might be addicted too (sodas, fast food-read junk food, candy/sweets, pasta, white breads- basically the American diet. Things are stacked against us but if you learn to avoid these pitfalls it’ll greatly improve your health.

  • Alyssa says:

    I agree nobody should be bashed for doing what they love. I’m sure Mrs.Kang really enjoys her lifestyle and what look like sacrifices to others doesn’t feel like sacrifices to her because she genuinely enjoys living that way I’m sure her picture saying what’s your excuse was not geared toward those who are living an opposite lifestyle from hers I’m sure it was geared toward those people out there who tell others everyday how bad they want to be really fit like her but find every excuse I’m the book as to why they can’t, I think she wanted to challenge and inspire those people by showing if she can do it with three kids then they can too as long as they don’t make those who are happy and comfortable not living that lifestyle like Mrs. brumfit that’s great all that matters is that they are healthy and happy. I don’t think Mrs. Kang’s picture was geared toward those people.

  • Amanda says:

    Before I say anything else, both women are mothers of three, and both women are happy with themselves. That is all that matters. In Kang’s defense, her “ad” wasn’t meant to shame “real” women for not being in shape 8 months after having a child. I first saw that photo on a fitness blog on Tumblr a long time before it went viral and the “What’s your excuse?” was added to it. It was meant to motivate women who DO WANT to make a change for themselves, but who feel they “can’t” because they have too many children or too many other things to worry about. No part of her photo is offensive or meant to be that way. And honestly, achieving a body like that may not come as easily to some people, but all it takes is half an hour a day of exercise, eating healthy, and drinking water. It doesn’t necessarily take hours at the gym every day. It can be done at home, with your kids. And I think that was the whole point of the photo in the first place. The idea is, if you WANT to look like that, then there should be little holding you back. It’s not supposed to be telling women that that’s what they SHOULD look like.

  • T jones says:

    The idea of real vs not real is simple. Photo shop is not real. Media uses photo shop. It really is that simple. Women who tend to have a poor self image are buying into the fact that every image they see is real. It is not!

  • Andrea Bruels says:

    I am 36 years young and am 3 months pregnant with child #5. With all the emotions being thrown around on this page I must say I find comments like “what’s your excuse” appalling. The same as I find the phrase “real women” appalling. I think the point of this site is to try to get us to see that we are all different. We all gain and lose weight in different ways just as we adapt to it in different ways. The point is to love yourself and respect yourself enough to not care what others think or say. Love your body because you’ve earned it in one way or another. Sure I don’t look the way I did before I had my first at 21but I don’t mind because each and every one of my children was worth it. my husband doesn’t mind either. He is very grateful for the family that we have and even grew a belly to match mine lol. Once you learn to be okay with you will find it less pressing what other people say or do.

  • Hollie says:

    I think she’s beautiful! I think that all women should celebrate a healthy body – no matter what size or shape it is! I think we should celebrate and high five the body building, triathlon mom and I think we should cheer on the car pool, room moms! We are all just a bunch of woman doing the things we love to do! Some people find peace in baking cookies with their kids and some people find it in releasing their stresses through working out. I hate that it’s even a discussion as to which woman is the better woman – as long as we are doing our best, whatever that is, then aren’t we all just good enough? I’m not in the mood for comparisons anymore!

  • Andie says:

    Oh please, Kang is a personal trainer. Her career makes it essential for her to have that perfect body. Her picture was simply another way to get more clients. If I got paid to work out all day I would have the perfect body too.

  • Brian says:

    Maybe if we weren’t so “PC” all the time, maybe if we didn’t pretend that it was ok to be fat (yes, I said fat) and MAYBE if we actually spent even a small amount of time each day or even every other day exercising we wouldn’t be paying so much for healthcare. We wouldn’t be the fattest country in the world. We wouldn’t have obese children.

    Get over yourselves, you can be fit if you so desire. Time is an excuse- cut out television. Stop making excuses, get fit, eat healthy. It’s that simple.

    Diet and Exercise. Really, that’s it. Stop making excuses for being fat.

    Before you judge, or jump to conclusions- I was a fat kid.

  • Bob says:

    One word “Surrogate”!

  • Jlam says:

    They are BOTH beautiful! I’m a mother of 4 who ran my first marathon in October qualifying for Boston, however, I do not look like Maria Kang. So the offensive part of her photo is “What’s your excuse?” Well, everyone has a different valid excuse and for some it is simply NOT POSSIBLE, genetically, no matter how much diet and exercise. I think it’s ignorant of her to assume that people are just lazy.

    • jeniffer m says:

      You’re being dumb. Stop it, it hurts.
      She’s stating that if you ultimately want to look hot again, get smaller, loser weight, whatever THERE IS NO EXCUSE. Sure you ran a marathon, woop de doo. Plenty of average looking women run them, so what? She puts a LOT of effort both into her diet and exercise regime. Probably x3 as much as you have. POINT is you don’t have to balloon up after pregnancy/make excuses.

  • fran says:

    Queue misandrist women hating on men because shes ugly now.

  • fran says:

    Queue misandrist women hating on men because shes ugly now. Sorry we cant see her personality in a picture.

  • Nikki says:

    She is only trying to say that being healthy is more than what you look like. It is how you feel emotionally and spiritually as well, and how much love you are surrounded with. You can look wonderful and be happy about that, but inside you may be an emotional mess.

    Being truly healthy is a combination of mental, spiritual, and physical health, not just one of the three. I think both of these women are on the right track in one aspect of health, but I’m sure they have another aspect that needs strengthening.

    (As every one of us does.)

  • Breanne says:

    Why? Just why? Everyone is beautiful in there own way, but tell me honestly does anyone want to look at her belly! No one WANTS to see her stretch marks, belly, and all that. if more people did don’t ya think there would be more… “Mom competitions”… I can see it now. ‘Ladies and gentelman put your hands together for all these beautiful women who just don’t care anymore! She’s doing nothing to prove to her kids it’s ok to just be OK!’

    I get her point she wants to sleep in, play with her kids, eat whatever she wants, and all that jazz. In reality, before she’s a MOM, she just another woman who is using her kids as an excuse not to have discipline. I believe the term is “frumping out”. If I where her husband I’d be pissed! He married a different looking woman. I know a lot of women who complain their men gain weight so how is it any different. He still has to look at that!

  • Cate says:

    I personally differentiate between living a healthy lifestyle (getting regular exercise and eating primarily whole foods and less sugar and fat) and obsessive diet/exercise for cosmetic reasons. That’s fine if you want to do that, but the euphemism that it’s health driven is just silly. It’s vanity and looking for approval from others. If that works for you, then go for it. But I prefer to work out and eat healthy for myself, not to get approval from a shallow culture.

  • Theresa says:

    What is up with all the hatred? Both woman are beautiful why do people have to hate on the fit woman? It’s rude no matter what what you speak negatively about.

  • Nicole says:

    I think it’s about the people who do complain about being overweight and being unhealthy that she is directing her photo too. People who complain they have no time or have a family to take care of but choose to do other things when working out takes such a small amount of time. She is a sign that it can be doNe no matter what. She is Not saying if you don’t look like her then your a lazy POS (how everyone is taking it!) i Agree with Leslie!^^ funny how everyone thinks you have to spends hours upon hours in the gym to be fit. 80% of being lean and healthy comes from the kitchen. What you put in your body! Women can look great post baby/ies if they watch their diet before, during and after pregnancy and spend a small amount of time working out consistently. All depends how hard you wanna work and the will power you have to get to your goals. Don’t take care of yourself or not taking the steps to ensure you have a healthy lifestyle, well you all know what that does. Just because you look great naked doesn’t mean you have neglected your kids in anyway! Wish people who know nothing about fitness/healthy lifestyle pretend to know everything because it goes against their beliefs or feelings. Flat tummy or post baby belly, both are prolly great moms but this Australia woman has no right to call herself a better mom/person. Everyone makes their own lifestyle choices. Yeah for working hard and promoting healthy in yourself and your family. Yeah for not giving a care about being in shape and choosing to put me time into another responsibility. Just neither complain about what the other is doing.

  • Audrey Neitling says:

    I understand that women should love themselves in their own skin, but I still support striving for a healthy lifestyle. There must be a happy medium. I agree that the standards society and media has placed on women lead to an unhealthy body image for so many of us, but I think the whole ‘big and beautiful’ mantra is foolish. Not that big women don’t have beautiful hearts, but the fact is it’s unhealthy as hell. Being a good role model, which mother number 1 (Kang) is despite all of the negative attacks, is showing your children that healthy eating and fitness are important components of life. She wasn’t shaming women, but merely saying with some lifestyle changes and yes, a few sacrifices, it is possible to be a mother AND be healthy. I fully support mother number 2 in that we need to teach our daughters to love their body’s, but what is eating unhealthy and not making an effort toward a reasonable standard of physical fitness teaching them?
    I have been on both sides of the coin, so I feel it’s more than fair to stand firm with my beliefs. I am a mother of one, but I was widowed in my early 30s. I was quite overweight, much due to grief. I decided to get fit and show my daughter by example a better way to go through life. I didn’t do it at a gym, I did it at home with workout DVDs while going to school full-time. I made small changes in he way I ate, and within a year I shed 90lbs. I also gained a tremendous amount of muscle. But my biggest reward is the self-confidence I gained and a daughter who sees the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is 15 now and we workout together. It’s awesome bonding time!
    It’s okay and best that we don’t adopt Holleywoods idea of what makes a woman beautiful, but it’s also high time we stop bashing healthy women that put the work in because we don’t want to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle.

  • Lana says:

    Thank you Ms. Brumfitt!! As a mother of 2, I constantly forget my own value as a woman. My husband tells me all the time how beautiful I am but I don’t see it. Seeing your picture and others like it reminds me that I don’t have to be 110lbs to be beautiful. I’m happy with my life and my husband and I have 2 beautiful, healthy daughters. That and a beautiful spirit, smile, kind heart, kind words, and good deeds to others is what makes us beautiful. I still may not think I’m beautiful but I know “I didn’t fall out of the ugly tree!”

    • Tina says:

      Exactly! Awesome!

    • RJPJ25 says:

      That still doesn’t make u healthy though…I’m real happy that you’re so content with yourself, but that unfortunately does not mean the majority has to agree w u. Anyone who can physically work out can get into shape, that doesn’t mean 110 lbs, it just means on shape, i.e. healthy, i.e. NOT FAT! There are no excuses for being fat unless u physically can’t exercise.

  • Ashley says:

    Haha… Maybe she should have posted a picture of her lifting her baby, that counts as quality time, no but seriously bashing this Kang woman is seriously why woman today are enemies. Maybe she should have used a better line than “what’s your excuse” but I honestly think she was just trying to encourage a healthy way of living and she was proud of her progress so she posted this photo… I don’t think she was truly trying to offend anyone at all, and this other mom, everyone in the world is going to see your naked body which should be a mystery, and for your spouses eyes only in my opinion… At least she had work out clothes on. By posting that photo she just proved how jealous woman really are of others accomplishments, especially if it infuriated her that bad to act on it by posting herself naked for the world to see… That’s a great example for kids. Haha, your lifestyle, choices, and happiness is all that matters. Lets spend less time insulting eachother and more time congratulating eachother. :) As women we already have it hard enough… Drama, drama, drama…

  • stee says:

    Wait one minute here, on her blog she says she doesn’t want to sacrifice time with the family to workout like Maria Kang. Instead she schedules plastic surgery.
    Then she cancels the plastic surgery and spends 15 weeks training for a fitness competition.
    Isn’t she doing exactly the thing that Maria Kang did? I thought she didn’t want to miss time with the family by working out????

  • Anna says:

    You can’t look at someone and tell how much time they dedicate to working out. I gained 65 lbs with both pregnancies with only 9 months in between. I can count on my fingers the amount of times I have worked out and I did not diet to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I have no idea why I do not have loose skin or stretch marks. Women probably look at me and assume I spend time working on my outward appearance, but I don’t. I don’t see how it is my fault. Everyone’s body responds to the changes of pregnancy differently. You can not compare yourself to other people. Other than maintaining a healthy weight and an active lifestyle, there is nothing more that you should ask of yourself or others. And stop judging other women for having good genetics. And women with good genetics should stop pretending that diet and exercise can get always get someone back to how they looked before.

  • Crystal says:

    When I was in my early twenties, I had two kids. My body went back to size 1 in two months. I didn’t diet. And though I went jogging a few times, I didn’t exercise hardly at all. My genetics and my age left me with a flat tummy and no stretch marks. Then in my 30s I had three more kids. Now my tummy won’t shrink back. I still look 4 months pregnant. Age and genetics has a lot to do with it. You can work out as diet and still have that pooch that won’t go away. You can also shrink back to size 1 by sitting on your butt and eating badly.

  • seandon2186 says:

    Someone needs to call the jelly school. Pretty sure there’s an opening.

  • safdjsjfsjasd1123 says:


  • Mary Grace says:

    We are all REAL women. I remember as a teen someone telling me I wasn’t a “real woman” because I didn’t ware make up and run drooling after every boy that crossed my path.

    What makes me upset is when women that have the blessing of being able to get there bodies back in to the same shape it was in before having children look down there noses at those of us who struggle to just not gain any more weight. Or, when women just let them solves go and say, I am to busy to take time for my self. Balance is necessary.

    People need to realize that not everyone has the money to join a gym or the time to do a power work out every day. (expensively when you have children who are running all over the place, and would have to get a baby sitter on top of getting out to the gym.) And lets face it…some people just don’t know HOW to eat right. Also there are women who take it to far and forget about the precious moment so easily lost in those first few years there children are growing up, and obsess about looking perfect. That is not healthy either. (on an emotional level.)

    If you see someone struggling, lift them up. If you see someone who has succeeded, congratulate them. If your on the top help someone get up there with you. If your on the bottom, support the people above you. We can all be better then we are, whether physical, or spiritually, or emotional.

    We are all on the journey of life and health. Stop nit picking everything. BOTH SIDES. And check your heart attitude.

  • Camil Jackey says:


  • Rogan12 says:

    This whole ‘Its OK to be fat” movement is cringe worthy

  • Samantha says:

    “I’m on a quest to redefine and rewrite the ideals of beauty. Women have been brainwashed into thinking fat, wrinkles and cellulite are bad. They’re not. It’s just a part of being a human being,”

    Although this mom is trying to do/show something nice. Let’s be realistic here. Fat, wrinkles and cellulite are not attractive. I mean sure a bit is okay and it’s natural. But working out/eating properly makes them go away, or at least reduces them. So to bash that fit mom from a couple of months ago is as ridiculous as anyone praising being fat/wrinkled/having cellulite. It’s great that she loves her body – everyone should. But to attack someone for being a fit mom and praising someone for the opposite is just pathetic.

  • Melody says:

    She looks better after

  • Kelly says:

    It amazes me how much people personalize and dramatize stories like this. This woman’s message is simple: love your body at every stage and don’t demonize fate, cellulite, and wrinkles (and the like).

    Whether you are gaining weight, losing weight, or going through a physically-transforming experience like pregnancy or surgery, choose to love yourself. Our bodies are constantly changing and everyone has fat, 99% of women have cellulite (Which is just fat located under the skin as opposed to elsewhere), and we are all going to get wrinkles if we live long enough.

    People are always going to have different opinions about what is attractive, what is healthy, etc. But we can all choose to love and appreciate our bodies throughout life. And we need to have enough personal confidence about our own bodies and decisions that we don’t feel the need to judge and put others down for however they look or choose to live.

  • Suzzie Q says:

    This whole topic is ridiculous, people should just be happy to have a body at all. Think about it, there are so many people who have past away who would’ve given anything to be here with their loved ones a few more hours, days, weeks, months, years. Just be happy to be alive, no matter your body type.

  • Stacy says:

    I have four daughters. 2 are 20yrs old one 18 and the other 15. Thank god I taught them beauty is much more then what you see when you walk past someone on the street. Some of the people who left a reply here should be ashamed of themselves as I’m sure there mothers would be if she could here you talk about other humans ( that you don’t even know) like that. I have some BEAUTIFUL friends who are all different sizes and I love them all. People you need to grow up and realize beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • Steve Montano says:

    My wife’s stretch marks are a result of me when she gave me children. Her Rubenesque body is a result of her taking care of these children and an old man instead of going out dancing all the time. And along with her physical features came wisdom, maturity and caring for other people more than herself. And this is the kind of woman I would prefer to a self-centered, narcissistic wench.

    • Catherine Williams says:

      Well thats fine if that is what you like. My husband husband is happy to have a slim energetic wife after 23 years of marrige and 8 children.
      What gives you the right to insult women who care about their health snd want to give a good example to their children.
      Children do not make you fat , eating more than you need does.

  • tired of butt hurt america says:

    Taryn Brumfitt needs to grow up.

    It is all find and good that she wants people to feel good in their bodies regardless of their size. However, using a professional mother whose JOB as a physical fitness instructor puts out there if you are not happy with your body, you can change it as fuel to “fight back”…. Just grow up.

    This ‘Butt Hurt America’ has GOT TO Stop!!!! We are all different. Deal with it and embrace it. We can all learn from each other and build a better national. Instead we are fighting each other to make everyone think like someone else.

  • Brian says:

    I like the before better

  • Gina S says:

    Beautiful, before and after :) Thanks for sharing!

  • carly says:

    First and foremost, you are a person. You alone make decisions on the lifestyle you lead. Basing your success around your achievements as a “mother” is a ridiculous way to live, and in my opinion the WORST example to set as a parent. Are you happy? Are your children happy? Thats all that matters. If youre unhappy with your body…fix it. Dont sit here, crabbing about some woman who worked hard for an amazing physique while praising Tayrn for a “real” body image. The lesson should be that no-size-fits-all. Be confident in you. All this article represents is the battle of ideal body image and is no different than the “no excuses” broad. I solute woman that work out everyday, eat right, and have a rocking body… its inspiring, not demeaning and I equally respect the woman that is comfortable in her skin and willing to say F*** you to societal expectations.

  • jeniffer m says:

    Bahahahahaha, how pathetic. Victorias Secret models are beautiful, end of story. Yes, wrinkles and some cellulite are natural, but being fat is not. She isn’t astounding in either, but the before picture is definitely better. It’s cute, how defensive some of the less than fortunate (and less than educated) people who are either too lazy to work on their body, or stuck with a bigger woman, are. “I rather my large loving wife than a narcissistic wench”. Case closed, ultra butthurt noted. Someone’s a wench for taking care of themselves? Your fat wife is a wench for NOT caring for her body, and stuffing her face, and generally not being a good example to her kids.

  • jeniffer m says:

    yeah, seriously leslie. It’s like “durr hurr you’s depriving your kids of your time because you work out”… sooooo fat people are spending every minute of their time playing with their kids? i don’t think so

  • Ramisme says:

    What is it about kids that makes women so delusional?

    That little fucker growing inside you may have caused your skin to stretch a little, but it shouldn’t cause you to become a lazy and disgusting piece of shit stuffing your face all day.

    Being fat isn’t genetic and it isn’t a “body type.” You’re fat because you eat too much, and that is easily controlled.

    Also, the point in these articles isn’t to necessarily love your body, but to love yourself. You should love who you are, and always strive to be the absolute best you can be, including health-wise.

    Giving birth isn’t an excuse to get fat. Get over yourselves and work hard to stay healthy. If not for your “man,” at least do it for yourself and for your kids. They deserve a healthy mother. Don’t deprive them of that of all things.

  • Loren says:

    “Women have been brainwashed into thinking fat, wrinkles and cellulite are bad. They’re not. It’s just a part of being a human being,” Um… I’m not a doctor or anything, but I believe being “fat” or overweight leads to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure… etc. So yes it is bad. Doesn’t mean you should hate yourself. But I do think fitness and being in healthy shape and condition is VERY important!! She’s pretty much telling women everywhere that it’s fine to weigh 100 lbs overweight and not go to the gym or eat healthier, that’s horrible advice. What ever happened to blunt truth, because that’s what a heart attack is, no mercy when that day rolls around unfortunately. Nothing wrong with wrinkles and cellulite though.

  • Andrea says:

    Hmmm…not sure why this has to be such a black & white issue. As a mother of 2 who is very physically active & weight trains at least 4 days a week I worked very hard during & after my pregnancy to stay healthy. I am in better shape now than before my children. This is MY choice & it’s not for everyone. Although I do not care for “shaming” of those who do put their health as a priority. It is not about just looks for me but strength & power. It should be about HEALTH & not just body image. You can be skinny & unhealthy, & also heavier & healthy depending on your lifestyle. You get what you put in, so do the work or quite whining about what you don’t have people.

  • RJPJ25 says:

    Is it wrong to suggest with some hard work, dedication and exercise you can transform any body type? Nope, bc that’s fact…I have to sit 9 hrs a day for my job, does that mean its ok to develop a gut and then call it beautiful? Nope, bc it’s not, everyone can look healthy despite their genes or how many kids they have..some ppl just have to work harder than others but that’s life! There is NO excuse for being fat and out of shape, none! Unless for some reason u can’t diet or exercise, but when is that the case?

  • kaelynn says:

    She is beautiful before and more beautiful after!! The selfish act of motherhood is beautiful! !!! She still looks like she is in her 20′s :-)!!! You ma’am are gorgeous! !!!!!

  • Nat says:

    Who said it takes an hour.. ever heard of HIIT? I worked out 25 mins a day during nap times and lost 34 lb. To free HIIT videos on youtube. Now I’m 5’6″ 118lb after having FOUR kids, the last one 4 months ago. (Yes I was exercising before/during/after the pregnancy and the weight gain of my pregnancy is not included in the 34lb.. the pregnancy I gained 18lb, then lost it 2 weeks later.. and I had a 9lb baby so don’t say I should have ‘gained more’).

    My tummy is still a bit loose but getting tighter, I lost 10 pant sizes so far… Derma rolling helps a TON to make the stretch marks fade and tighten skin, I recommend it to all women that are loosing weight and have stretchmarks and loose skin, the injuries to the skin make your body fix it. I got my roller on ebay for $12 so it dirt cheap and I’m not selling them.

    Don’t say you don’t have 25 mins a day… look up 30 day shred level 1 on youtube to start with! It takes effort and determination, not excuses. All you ladies saying you have no time are here on these message boards wasting time reading and writing instead of taking action.. so transparent. NO MORE EXCUSES! You’re all on facebook all day long too!!! Make a free account on myfitnesspal, track your food intake and exercise energy expenditure, set yourself a goal of when you want to weigh what, and then GO FOR IT. Just do it :)

  • nothing wrong w being healthy. if we werent jelaous os the skinny women . we may never have the oomph to push ourselves to be healthier. the 1ooo pound women loved herself. it didnt do her no good, im sorry

  • Nick says:

    Workout twice a week and she would look 100x better. She could be worse though.

  • Dylan Ranville says:

    This woman is cool. Being confident in your own body is tough after child birth and most women claim their beauty are over…. Fuck that! My girl is a hottie after two kids! But her confidence is down so I dig this chicks message!

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