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High Point city councilman files for bankruptcy

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High Point City Councilman Foster Douglas

HIGH POINT, N.C. — High Point City Councilman Foster Douglas filed for bankruptcy late Monday afternoon.

Filing for bankruptcy means his home cannot be auctioned off tomorrow.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office had planned to auction off the home to settle a 10 year old debt with the City of High Point totaling $32,000.

The debt dates back to 2002, when Douglas and his brother sued the City of High Point. A judge ruled against the brothers, then ordered them to pay the city’s legal fees.


  • Mary

    How in the heck do we have a Mayor and City councilmen who owe the city they work for or the state they live in money!? I find this beyond disturbing and as a citizen of High Point incredibly sad!!!!

  • chucky1992

    It figures that he would file bankruptcy. What kind of vehicles does he own and how much money does he owe to creditors? He should have paid this 10 years ago. It seems to me that he is trying his best not to have to pay it even though he claims that he wants to pay it. They need to pass a new ordinance or better yet, state law that prevents anyone who has debt to the government for more than 2 years (local, state or federal) from running for or holding an elected office.

  • linda patterson

    What a horrible joke the government of High Point has become,but if you elect people who have always been on the take and never worked for anything, this is what you get. He and the mayor both need to be gotten rid of . Trash in , trash out.

  • zb

    look at who your talking about or should I say what your talking about. Just put the MONKEYS back in the cages and throw away the key. SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fred

    By filing for bankruptcy does it mean he gets to keep his house and not have to pay his debts?
    Sound like a good idea..

  • sinnerfrank

    Typical taxpayer burden,paid by the taxpayer then steals from the taxpayer!! He has a big future in politics !!Since only the sorry voters come out in HP.

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