UNCG library vandalized, racial slurs found

GREENSBORO, N.C. — University police are investigating after the African American Studies section of the Jackson Library at UNCG was vandalized last week.

Racial slurs were founds written on tables, walls and in books. Police say because of what was written and where the vandalism happened this is being looked at as a hate crime.

“Its not just simple vandalism. It’s not a prank. We take it very seriously,” said Major Paul Lester, with the UNCG Police Department.

A housekeeper was the one to discover the mess. The combination of the words and the fact that the vandalism happened in the African American Studies section make this a hate crime.

“Obviously defacing the books in the library is bad enough but then when you do it under the premise of a racial slurs and with a hate bias and motivation, the district attorney’s office will not like that,” said Major Lester.

FOX8 showed students the pictures of the vandalism.

“They have to be very ignorant because this is a diverse school. For them to do something like that is kind of outrageous,” said Tailor Farmer, a UNCG sophomore.

“I think the people who did this should be punished and other people should get the message that this type of thing shouldn’t be tolerated,” said Jeremy Shelton, a UNCG sophomore.

UNCG Police were able to get a picture of two people from surveillance cameras. They aren’t calling these people suspects but do want to talk to them.

UNCG Police say the suspects did leave a marker they used behind at the scene. Police are working on leads.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 336-334-4444.


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