Christmas decorations stolen in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro woman said her Christmas spirit was deflated this week after someone stole Christmas decorations from her front yard.

Alesia Little lives off Dewitt Street near Lee Street in Greensboro. She said the decorations disappeared this past weekend.

Someone stole decorative Christmas fences placed around her trees, angel statues, a snowman statue, and a Santa Claus statue.

“This was one of the best holidays when my mother was here. Some of the items they took come from her, and that’s where it really hurt,” Little admitted.

Her mom died years ago, but Little said the holidays are especially hard without her. Little has continued the family’s tradition of displaying decorations each year in her mom’s honor because their whole neighborhood looks forward to it.

Greensboro Police Department released information about how to keep your outdoor decorations safe.

Crime Prevention Officer E.Y. Watkins suggests keeping expensive or sentimental items inside, or displaying decor in windows. She says simple is better when it comes to outdoor decor.

“It’s sad but it happens every day. Crime doesn’t take a break because it’s Christmas or any holiday so we just have to be careful all the time,” said Officer Watkins.

In addition, she suggests keeps notes about any meaningful or valuable items. “Just make sure you provide us with all the information possible like serial numbers, pictures if you’ve taken pictures of your items.”

Alesia says she’s upset but not holding a grudge.

“My oldest niece Amaria said, ‘Well Auntie, we’re not going to have Christmas now because the stuff is gone.’ I looked down and said, ‘No baby. Christmas is going to come anyway. That’s not what it’s about.'”


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