Suspect charged in Randolph Co. homicide, house fire

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A Randolph County man has been charged with murdering his wife after a homicide investigation and house fire Friday morning.

Joseph Levi Grantham

Joseph Levi Grantham

Joseph Levi Grantham, 44, of 4462 Woodfern Road, was charged with murder and fraudulently burning a dwelling.

Grantham is currently incarcerated in the Randolph County Jail where he is being held without bond.

Authorities said the suspect’s wife, Constance Grantham, was found shot to death by deputies responding to a welfare call at the home around 12:45 a.m. Friday.

Officers said when they responded to the scene, they found the home’s gas had been turned on, along with the burners.

Around 8 a.m. the same morning, authorities said the home caught fire as the murder was still being investigated. The fire is being called an arson.

Firefighters appeared to have the fire under control within about an hour. About half a dozen fire trucks were on the scene as flames tore through the back of the wooden home.

At around 10 a.m., investigators said the suspect was found by authorities in the woods about 200 yards from the home and taken into custody.

Authorities have not released a motive in the murder and are still investigating.

The home is in a rural area near Woodfern Baptist Church in Seagrove about six miles southwest of the North Carolina Zoo.

FOX8 interviewed some members of the community, who said they are not used to seeing this type of violence in the area.

The suspect reportedly worked by cutting down trees and was described as a nice person by people around town.


  • Anthony Thompson

    I was coming home from work this morning and drove by there. The fire trucks were first at the church around the corner. I guess they went to the wrong one. Next thing I knew the fire trucks pulled out heading to the right place and several sheriffs cars as well. I saw the news vehicle already on scene. I live in this area and I was shocked to get home and find out there was a homicide. Its so peaceful and quiet out here.

    • Katie Danielle

      They were told to stage at Union Grove Church because the scene hadn’t been secured by police, since they has cleared the scene of the homicide prior the the fire. They weren’t at the wrong location, just watin’ for the police to make sure they could safely go in…

    • Katie Danielle

      Yea, not many people would, probably. It’s somethin’ you learn how to do well when you’re in emergency services… I never realized when I was younger how unsafe a lot of scenes are, then I joined the FD & learned how much it happens & how quickly a safe scene can become unsafe.

  • Pat Snider-Odum

    If I am not mistaken this gentlemen comes from a very large family, once living on Peachtree St in Asheboro. This is when I went to school in the late 70’s. They all were tree climbers/cutters by trade back then and the absolute nicest people you will ever meet. Religious ,polite etc. Sadly I wonder if this is the son of one of the brothers. As Faith said you just never know, but I would NEVER expect it from this family. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

    • Deborah Anne Grantham Grigg

      Yes,this is my youngest brother.We are a good family.Levi was injured and did not nor could not work in tree work.Everyone has his or her breaking point when constantly provoked.but no one deserves to die.This is a true tragedy in every way but,unless anyone knows ALL the facts maybe the gossip should stop.This can and could happen to any of your family’s when put in the same circumstances and pressure.I know Levi and Connie(as she was called) loved each other very much.And to set the record straight those charges from years ago were when he was under the influence of alcohol Levi turned himself in and served his time.but you don’t see the media stating all the facts in the paper.Their is more to this tragedy than you know.maybe what you should be doing is praying for both our family’s instead of assuming or gossiping.

      • Ed Oakley

        The Grantham’s took me in when I had know where to go. they are and will always be my family! Levi is a gentle giant. God’s word tells us to forgive each other.I will continue to pray for all involved.I will stand with the Grantham’s that’s what families do!!!!they have a hand in the man I am today! I praise God know matter what.He is our comfort.

      • Faye Wood

        Hi Deborah, my name is Faye Barnes Wood. We grew up on Peachtree near your family. My heart hurts for all of you. Know that we are thinking about all of you and of course are in our prayers.

      • Pat Snider-Odum

        Hey Deborah, I went to school with a lot of your brothers and as I have said in AL my posts, unless something was truly awry in the heavens this would have never have happenend. Your family was and is a wonderful family. Sam was my age, and Jacob and David were a little older. Sam was kinda like my brother. He always looked out for that new girl from NY. Peace be with you and your family.

      • Stephen Melton

        The article states: “Authorities said the suspect’s wife, Constance Grantham, was found shot to death by deputies responding to a welfare call at the home around 12:45 a.m. Friday.”

        LEO uses the term, “Welfare Check” when dispatching a unit to literally check on the welfare, or well being, of a person when asked and the circumstances deserve it…one can assume that given the way the conversation here started, she was simply stating that the term suddenly made sense.

    • Pat Snider-Odum

      I grew up with his father no doubt and the entire family. They were wonderful people who would give you the shirt off their back and a meal off their table. You just never know what happens to people during their life.

  • Fooey

    Bella, anybody can lose their temper and do something they didnt ever mean to in a moment of rage. Even good people. Dont judge until you know the whole story.

  • danny

    I knew Levi for a couple far as im concerned.he was a great guy that would do anything for anybody..he always worked and would go out of his way to help people…i would have never thought that he would have done anything like he did…i hate it for all the family that was affected by what happened and i pray for him and the family that lost a loved one!

  • Clint Lowe

    Haven’t heard about it on tv, but his cell phone was left in the bathroom at Sam’s (BP convenience store) in Forest Oaks, near GSO yesterday afternoon. My wife heard it ring and answered it, and it was his mother. She said he called her and told his mom he had killed his wife. My wife called the authorities, and from what I hear, they searched the store and the dumpster this afternoon. So sad to hear about something like that happening. Prayers go up to all the family and friends. Hard to believe something like this can happen, after reading all the comments on how nice the family is. Such sad news.

  • samuel

    This is my Mother! Murdered by that Terrible Man, Levi! He Destroyed My mothers life for 26 years. Now He will pay!! Mom’s in Heaven now. never to worry with that Grantham ever AGAIN!!

  • Kim

    Samuel I knew your mom and sister I worked with them both at the Downtown restraunt years ago. I know what your mom and sister told me then,and I want you to know that she was a special lady and she is at peace now. Now put it in the lords hands and let him take care of the rest. My heart and prayers with you and your family.

  • Carlos

    I am best friend of Samuel! His mom was an angel ladie! As he said his mom she’s in heaven and this monster Grantham needs to finish his day horribly in jail! There is no forgiveness for this man!

  • Carlos

    Samuel I am positive that God is already taking care of your pain my friend and as well all ur family in this unbelievable situation that this monster are making all of us go trough! God bless u all and see u soon!

  • samuel

    I can not believe he Shot and Killed a Helpless little lady as she Slept???WHY??? Why. My Mommy. Never to see or Hear Her beautiful self again?? Why!!! ??

      • Robin

        Maybe the police have informed the family of things that the media doesn’t know about, or has lost interest in. I don’t know, but that’s my guess.

      • samuel

        I i can only imagine who would ask this question! Why and How could I bbe there? I live 800 miles away. What a sick comment. I’m sure Det. TTurners going to find out who was there! You better start WORRYING! SShe’s coming for you!!!

  • Harold Reid

    Did she work for the Downtown Resteurant on Fayetteville Street?
    I worked there in High school and I am trying to remember what she looked like and who her daughter was?

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