NORAD adds fighter jets to escort Santa in animation of Christmas Eve flight

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Santa will have some extra security as he flies through the sky on Christmas eve: a couple of military fighter jets.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command added the twist to this year’s animated tracking of Santa’s reindeer flight from the North Pole.

But the addition is not sitting well with some child advocates.

They claim military jets have no place in the childhood fantasy.

A spokesman for NORAD says adding the jets was part of an effort to give the program a more “operational feel.”

The military has been telling children Santa’s whereabouts since the mid-1950s.

Calls to Santa for comment were not immediately returned.

LINK: NORAD’s officials Santa Track website. Click “Movies” on the website to see the full animation.


  • we tell children not to lie, but the media lies to them from the get go…..SMH

  • Joust says:

    Well, if you don’t like to see military jets escorting Santa, then simply DON’T GO TO A MILITARY SITE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!

    Good Lord…..

  • larry d willard says:

    I think that is just sick,If children see that they will think that the jets are going to shoot Santa down and kill him. I think they should not do that and take it off.

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