Burlington City Council passes new graffiti ordinance

BURLINGTON, N.C. – The city of Burlington is trying to clean up their graffiti mess. Tuesday night the city council voted to pass a new graffiti ordinance. The new rules say if your property, business or home is vandalized you have 10 days to clean it.

“It stays on the buildings a long period of time before it’s ever cleaned up and you know we want to live in a nice environment, don’t want to look at it every day,” explains Alan Stewart, who lives in Burlington.

Burlington’s Police Chief Jeffrey Smythe says the problem goes beyond the paint. Graffiti is a public safety issue because a lot of times they’re dealing with gangs.

“That’s going to lead to a gang fight and unfortunately they bring guns and knives and they don’t discriminate when they shoot at each other and other people get hurt,” said Chief Smythe.

Officials did recently arrest a group of teens who they believe are behind at least 30 incidents.

“It’s everywhere buildings, train stations anything that’s around that’s posted to the ground it’s on it,” said Stewart.

Under the new ordinance if a property or business owner doesn’t clean up the graffiti in the 10 day period the city will do the job and send them the bill.


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