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Surgeons leave glove inside English woman after operation

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Royal Derby Hospital (Google maps)

DERBY, England — A woman in England was shocked to find out a surgical glove was left inside her body following a hysterectomy in November, according to the Mirror.

According to the report, Sharon Birks, 42, went to Royal Derby Hospital for the operation on Nov. 19 and did not feel well after it was completed.

Birks said her stomach was hurting and hospital staff initially thought Birks might have an infection. Doctors gave her a bladder scan and antibiotics.

It was three days before she discovered the error following using the bathroom.

“I just had this really bad stomach ache and it almost felt like something was wedged in my stomach,” Birks told the Mirror.

A hospital trust has apologized for the incident.

“We are extremely sorry for the distress that was caused to Mrs. Birks. Clearly this should not have happened and we have launched a detailed investigation,” said Sue James, chief executive of Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

SOURCE: The Mirror