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NC ‘Back to Work’ program offers hundreds of scholarships

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For those looking to get back to work or change careers, North Carolina is offering some help -- free of charge.

The state is doing it with the "Back to Work" program. It is being offered through community colleges with hundreds of scholarships now available.


  • Lisa G

    I was employed in IT for 25+ years. Most of that time was in Winston Salem, NC. I found myself unemployed in February of last year. I applied for several hundred jobs, anywhere from $10 and up. I took full advantage of the Back to Work program at Forsyth Tech this past Spring. I took 5 IT classes in desktop support, and DBA Management. While I was enrolled, I kept applying for jobs. I saw an entry level mainframe job at a company I had worked for previously. My resume was immediately dismissed by HR, because I had too much experience. I was able to ask someone to call HR for me. I got an interview, and I have to say I pretty much begged for the job. They wanted entry level lower paid workers. I told them I was willing to work for the entry level pay. It was a 45% per hour pay cut. However, what sealed me getting the job is that I was enrolled in this Back to Work program. They saw that I wasn’t lazy, and I was willing to work hard. However, unless you have someone at a job site help you get that first interview, it’s almost impossible to get hired while you are unemployed. You are either considered lazy, or over qualified, or damaged goods. Not everyone that is unemployed is lazy. They want to work. I know I did, and I feel so blessed that I am now. I was out of work for 15 months. My teachers in the Back to Work program were amazing, and I met a lot of older unemployed people willing and able to go to school while looking for employment. It’s a great program. It was 1 semester long, and I gained a ton of knowledge that helps me in the career I have today. I love my new job.

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