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Man sentenced after Stokes Co. woman hit by a truck, killed on birthday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Jacob Nunn

Jacob Nunn

STOKES COUNTY, N.C. -- A 20-year-old man was sentenced to a month in jail, admitting he hit and killed a Stokes County woman after he had been drinking and driving.

Jacob Taylor Nunn, of King, who was 19 at the time of the accident in August 2012, pleaded guilty in a Stokes County Superior Courtroom as part of a plea agreement.

Nunn admitted he hit and killed Jennifer Nieberle on Edwards Farm Road near King after drinking and driving. He was also charged with leaving the scene of the accident and underage drinking.

Prosecutors say he left the scene after hitting Nieberle, then later called his father. At first, they said, Nunn told his father he might have hit a deer. According to the prosecution in court today, Nunn later said, "She was wearing white shorts."

An autopsy revealed Nieberle died instantly.

Jennifer Nieberle, 33, of King (Facebook Photo)

Jennifer Nieberle (Facebook photo)

It was her 33rd birthday.

Nieberle's sister, Sonya Nieberle, said the past year has felt like one long nightmare.

"She was just a joy to be around and the life of the party. She was just always trying to help everyone," Sonya said. "We were planning on having birthday celebration and instead we ended up with funeral food in the fridge."

A memorial is still set up on road where Nieberle died, only blocks from her mother's home.

"She was walking to the top of this hill to see the falling stars that night because it was her birthday," Nieberle's mother Debby Nieberle remembered. "She loved there was a meteor shower every year around her birthday in August. She loved to walk. She loved nature and being outdoors and watching the stars."

"There are really no words," Debby said slowly. "People tell me it's supposed to get easier as time goes by, but I can't see that happening right now."

Family and supporters for both Nieberle's family and Jacob Nunn were in court Monday.

For the first time since the accident more than a year ago, Nunn briefly addressed the Nieberle family. "I am very sorry for your loss. I never meant for anything like that to ever happen," he said through tears.

His lawyer told the judge this was "not an appropriate case for an active sentence."

Nunn's thirty day jail sentence will be followed by supervised probation.

"As a family we're glad he got some time. We were afraid not even one day would be served," admitted Sonya. "I felt like there was not much remorse shown. We're glad this part of it is over with."

They say Nieberle will be remembered as an animal lover who encouraged spay and neuter causes and loved her dog, Cocoa. She was especially close with her maternal grandmother.

Debby added, "I hope this sentence is going to be closure so that maybe [Nieberle] can rest in peace now."


  • Transcender

    It’s not the laws that are flawed, it’s the two people who are PAID to protect the community and bring justice to the courtroom… especially in death cases. Vote the Prosecutor and the Judge OUT OF OFFICE.

    In the meantime, try to find the connections between those two and the Jacob’s family. Then file a complaint with The Judicial Review Board, on the Judge who agreed to this and ok’d it. Then file a complaint with the state’s Attorney General’s office requesting an investigation in the prosecutor’s deal with the drunk killer.

  • Sonya

    Yes, we should try to get more laws passed for drunk drivers and especially those who kill a person. I think it was a very lenient sentence and I am not happy with the DA at all. It should have been taken out of county but what is done is done. All the recent deaths in Jokes county and this is what you get. Feel free to go and commit all the felonies you want. You will only get 30 days.

  • Transcender

    For all of Jacob’s supporters and family members who continue to parrot the same old phrase, “God is the only Judge…do not judge… that’s God’s job… blah… blah… blah. Really??? Where is God’s courtroom? Where is this judging to take place? We have courtrooms for a reason: because we’re tasked as a community to right wrongs, and bring justice to those who have been harmed, in that courtroom. Stop invoking God when talking about a drunk killer. He will kill again… maybe next time he’ll wipe out an entire family. Then what????

  • Sad for Stokes County

    I’ve read this whole string of comments about this article. My first comment is regarding what folks might not know about the area in which the accident occurred. If one travels Edwards Farm Road, yes, it’d be found to be very curvy, BUT the accident occurred in perhaps the straightest stretch of the road before it intersects with Marshall Smith Road. Regardless of Ms. Nieberle’s night walkings, Nunn must have been seriously reckless and/or fast in his driving as he was driving through that straight stretch of road. In addition, I also question the events after Nunn struck Ms. Nieberle. Why did he wait so long before going back or sending his father back? What was he doing at the house he went to after the accident? I seriously question the validity of claims that Nunn has learned his lesson and suffers from his mistake. He was once again caught underage drinking at the beach this summer. I don’t believe he has the best of adult role models around him when it comes to substance abuse. I’m extremely disappointed and appalled with the Stokes County judicial system and wonder if it has any morality in it. It’s even county gossip that the sentencing of Nunn would’ve continued to be postponed had he not been caught committing crimes once again this summer at the beach! Regardless of this all being a terrible accident, crimes were committed and charges were filed. It’s incredibly embarrassing to the county and its residents that the sentencing does not match the charges, especially since Nunn is continuing to consume alcohol underage and engage in reckless behavior. I have no sympathy for a teenager who continues to act inappropriately after taking the life of another human being. I have no sympathy for a perpetrator’s family who try to act like the victims, especially when the family and its close associates have alleged substance abuse problems. I feel serious sympathy for the Nieberle family and hope they continue to display their message in King across from the business of Mr. Nunn. I believe it’s a fitting reminder to the community that folks should not drink and drive; however, as a result of the unscrupulous judge and astounding sentencing, Jacob Nunn has now learned he can do whatever he wants with only a minimal punishment.

  • christina

    For all those out there that want to say things about jennifer saying she was high on crack or whatever she was on sooooo whwat most of those people that are saying it if they were in an accident that wasent their fault they would be dirty too I know accidents happen but this girl was the nicest most thoughtful person you would ever come accross she would not only give the shirt off her back shed give the last bite of food out her hand to make sure someone wasent hungary I knew her personally and it breaks my heart that this young man got less time that someone plowing theyre fields with an elephant in stokes county would get thats how messed up our laws here are you get 5 years for that but 30 for taking a precious beautiful life on her birthday of all days shame shame stokes county government shame shame

  • Sad for Stokes County

    FYI: It’s public record that you can look up the court list of who was the presiding judge that day. You can also find the record of Nunn’s second underage drinking charge, which was in Carteret County. I also want to point out that even if some allege Ms. Nieberle was a substance abuser, she WAS NOT the one choosing to operate a vehicle that night. Walking on/beside the road late at night might have been a mistake, but it wasn’t a CRIME like operating a vehicle under the influence and then fleeing the scene of a fatal accident. And yes, to Raven, Jeff Nunn owns Radiator Works on Main Street in King, which sits diagonal to Harry’s Electric, which belongs to Harry Nieberle, who I am assuming is related to the victim in some way. A memorial sign is displayed at Harry’s Electric concerning Ms. Nieberle and is hopefully a daily reminder to Nunn and the rest of the community that there’s only ONE victim family in this whole tragedy…and it’s not the Nunn family.

  • Tim

    I hope the family business goes under because of all of this….this dare devil kid only got out of trouble because of his father. Maybe his father will get what he deserves as well since he played a major role in all of this and then BS sentencing for his son. May Jennifer RIP knowing one day, the Nunn’s will get theirs because as we all know – KARMA IS A BEEOTCH!

  • just me...

    I would just like to say..Lot of people on here bitching about this sentence…Why are you all not at the court house holding picket signs and raising hell??

    • Virginia

      Lets plan a rally and invite local news stations. Invite the District Attorney and other court officials to attend also.

  • Virginia

    The following is the contact information relating reporting complaints regarding judges:

    Judicial Standards Commission

    Mail Address
    Judicial Standards Commission
    P.O. Box 1122
    Raleigh, North Carolina 27602


    I am not sure who to contact regarding District attorneys.

    Place that call and keep posting on this page.

    Remember this case on your next election day.

    I would love to see Fox 8 and other local NEWS STATIONS report on the injustice done to Jenifer and her family.

    “News 2 wants to Know” reports on stories related to injustice done to consumers. They should do a report on the INJUSTICE done to Jennifer Nieberle and her family.

  • Cale Yarber

    And this Guys record shows he has a problem with drinking. Tolly Carr didn’t leave the scene and got 2 years and lost it all. Drinking while driving should carry atleast 5 years if its death by motor vehicle for anyone with a clean record. Bad record should be double. I live here and if someone killed someone in my family while drinking and driving, you want have to try them Jitterdicial System. that’s a promise.

  • james

    This boy was already in the process of commiting two crimes when he commited the third one and the fourth one. Hitting the young lady and then fieeing the scene of the crime. Not leaving the scene of the ” accident.” What he did was no “accident.” When this person sat down in that vehicle and started that engine then put the vehicle into a forward motion and proceeded to drive that vehicle onto a public highway, the accident theory went out the window. Our judicial system has failed us. While it is sure the little drunk never intended to hit this lady, nonetheless it still occured. This judge (sic) needs to be evaluated. While this crime was not the Judges (sic) fault,his judgement, or should i say lack of, is most definitely his fault.How this person can lay their head on a pillow and sleep at night really amazes me. This person and the prosecutor should be ashamed of themselves. Id wager the farm that had it been a loved one in their family, they would have wanted a different decision.

  • Lee

    Why haven’t the parents spoken with a Civil Rights Lawyer yet???

    I doubt daddy’s money can buy him out of that one…LOL

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