Father of 3-year-old shot by another 3-year-old faces child abuse charges

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- The father of a 3-year-old who was accidentally shot by another 3-year-old in Asheboro on Tuesday is facing several charges.

William Monroe Simmons, 27, and his girlfriend, Melisa Ann Mumpower, 26, are facing three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, one count of felony child abuse and one count of failure to properly store a firearm to protect minor.

Deputies responded their home at 4851 Cameron Circle around 12:45 p.m. Tuesday after a reported accidental gunshot wound.

According to officers, Mumpower was inside the home with her child and two children that belong to Simmons.

Mumpower told deputies she was cleaning when she heard a gunshot. When she entered the room where the children were playing, she found the 3-year-old girl suffering from a gunshot wound.

The bullet struck the child in an arm traveled through the arm and entered the abdominal area.

The child was transported to Brenner Children’s Hospital where surgery was immediately performed. She is recovering from non life-threatening injuries.

Deputies said a .22 caliber rifle was unsecured in the room in which the children were playing.

Randolph County Social Services has taken custody of the other children that live at the home.

Simmons is being held on a $35,500 bond and Mumpower on a $6,300 bond.


  • Michael K Hains

    When are people going to learn to unload and secure. This family may be victims of there own mistakes. How quickly can things change, you own a gun secure it, Its that simple.

  • Godisgood1899

    I understand this is a horrible situation, and those guns should be locked up, but I cannot stand the term trailer park trash. I know several people that are good decent people that for financial reasons have to live in these establishments. I pray that people that use that term never have to fall from their high way of living. Instead of yelling out terms to these people we should keep them in our thoughts and prayers and pray that they will do better at protecting their children and get help they need in life. Think before you call out names because you never know when you may be forced to live in a trailer and you have people calling you trailer park trash

  • bud

    Not exactly. Livestock carries value and are also useful. Otherwise trailers are for hauling trash. I hope the kids are sent to a good Christian home for a proper raising. The last thing we need in this country is our own kind bringing us down.

  • angie

    living in a trailer or not you people have no right to speak of someones life style.there was a gun accidently left out and a child was accidently shot.just say a prayer for the childs recovery.there are a lot of prayers needed at this time..

  • Michael Miller

    I know this guy, he’s always nice to my mother and others when they come into the store he works at and he’s always polite. Calling them trailer park trash was just wrong as you don’t know a damn thing about him or his family. I grew up “trailer park” trash until being dropped of at my grandmothers and raised half proper. I’d rather be trailer park trash than an pompous prick who belittles others! Good people can live anywhere whether it’s a trailer or other.

    I only wish the best for the family, this was truly unfortunate and tragic! Like I said above I know this guy he is not a sorry/bad person in the least. Guns are meant for protection, accidents happen and it’s just tragic when they do if related to guns… I know in my heart this was not intentional and if they could go back in time hell they’d it quicker than any of you could flip that time machine switch!

    Don’t judge others when you don’t know them, not classy people so lets get off this negative train, shut up and simply pray! PRAY FOR THIS LITTLE GIRL NOTHING ELSE SHE NEEDS KIND WORDS AND GOOD THOUGHTS SURROUNDING HER! :D

  • Roxy

    Clearly another member of a well regulated militia. Pray all you want to, medical science and education are what will be required to fix this.

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