‘I cheated’ prank goes wrong when girlfriend admits she also cheated


When you’re celebrating your fifth anniversary, it’s probably not a great time to prank your significant other – even if you’re notorious prankster Roman Atwood.

“I’m in Aruba celebrating my five-year anniversary with my girlfriend. I’m going to prank her tonight by telling her that I cheated on her,” Atwood said to the camera.

Atwood set up a camera and told Britney he had been unfaithful. Then, Britney turns the joke on him and admits she also cheated.

Note: Video spoiler below. Don’t keep reading unless you want to know the “twist” at the end of the video.

Atwood’s look of disbelief turns to anger as her words begin to sink in. Just as Roman gets really angry, Britney admits she was also pulling a prank.

“I saw you set up your camera you idiot,” she exclaimed. “I thought you were going to propose to me!”


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