New Mexico police shoot at van full of kids during traffic stop

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NEW MEXICO — A police officer’s dashboard camera captured a dangerous traffic stop on Oct. 28 in New Mexico.

According to KABC-TV, the incident turned into a wild scene when the driver took off as she was being ticketed for driving 71 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone.

Officers then opened fire on her minivan with her five kids inside.

In the video, Oriana Ferrell and a state police officer are arguing over a ticket. After the cop walks off, Ferrell drives away and is pulled over again by the same officer.

The dash cam shows the officer trying to pull Ferrell out while the five kids inside scream.

Finally, Ferrell agrees to get out and talk, but the conversation doesn’t last long. Ferrell and the cop struggle as she tries to get back into the van.

The woman’s 14-year-old son gets out of the van and rushes the officer, trying to defend his mom.

Ferrell starts to drive off while another officer fires at the minivan full of kids as young as six.

KABC-TV reported that a four-minute high speed chase ensues, as the woman is cutting into wrong way traffic before eventually pulling over and giving up in front of a hotel.

Ferrell was charged with five counts of abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Her 14-year-old son was charged with battery of an officer.

The family is reportedly from Tennessee, but was taking a road trip through New Mexico.

It was reported that both officers are under investigation.

Read more: KABC-TV


  • Tim says:

    Mother will probably end up having warrants from another city. If she had drugs in the van with all of her welfare kids, I am sure the 14 yr old was high as a kite with his mother….no shock once I saw the woman step out of the van in the video though.

    • JT says:

      I wonder, would you say the same thing if the van was full of white kids? I bet not…

      • RonSterling says:

        I wouldn’t say anything if it were White people. Now what?

      • Karl Hubrath says:

        I agree JT, and that it is wrong for this person to or not to say something like that in the first place. What is wrong with some of you people? 1st thing do you blame this countries entire problems on people who are on welfare, really? Then to imply only certain people of color are on it not to mention that maybe they should not be? No this country has more problems than that OK, God bless.

      • zaxtervid says:

        Nah, it aint a race thing this time. It’s the woman’s actions. Did you watch the video? Hello, McFly? Wake up, JT.

    • Val says:

      Oh please. Get a life, Mr. Racist. “as soon as she stepped out of the van” you knew. Yeah, right. Look, they were both in the wrong, the cops and the mom. She should not have taken off, but they wanted payment then and there…..130.00. Never drive off, but a cop should NEVER let his anger get in the way of his professional duty which is clearly what he did. Breaking the window with a crowbar??? Are you kidding me? What about the shattering glass? What about terrorizing the children? Then shooting at the vehicle? She was in panic mode when she sped off which put other people’s lives in danger, but the cops were as responsible for creating that situation as she was. They had her license plate no. An APB with the make and model and tag no. would have apprehended her in no time. This was overkill and anyone defending the cops actions are promoting a police state where NOTHING the cops do can be criticized. Cops are supposedly TRAINED to deal with people and diffuse a situation, not ESCALATE it. We are not robots that are programmed to comply with commands….we are humans and we pay THEM to do the right thing and lead by example. If cops are being disrespected, especially by black people, then they need to clean up their act and remember that they are governed by rules too.

    • mARK says:

      Equally time, im sure the “peace officers” are on – the -take- meth dealing, racketeering hit-man cops. If I were black in America I wouldn’t talk to a cop without a lawyer and witnesses present either

    • Dienazidie says:

      You, sir, are the shite of the earth.

    • Mike Land says:

      Very similar incident happened in my city a couple years ago. Sheriff deputy pulls over drunk Latino illegal in front of his home. He was being combative so the county asked for help from the city dispatcher. So they get him cuffed and stuffed and the deputy is in gear and pulls away to take dad to the jail. But soon serious gunfire erupts from the man’s house as his kids open fire directly on the pd officer headed back to her car. She takes bullets in legs, arms, side but survives. She puts on a mayday on the radio and pretty much the entire city police department shows up. They get a warrant and a tac team takes down the home with all its occupants acting like nobody had done anything. So, the illegal’s wife lawyers up and the two late teen age kids are cuffed and stuffed and the entire illegal family goes to jail to join Carlos. So, the boys are mirandized by the Spanish speaking city counselor and then taken to an interrogation room together. It was a plan that often works with illegals who commit violent crimes. One of the boys says, “Hey, they will never find where I hid the machine gun. I hid it very well. We are not going to jail because they won’t find our guns we hid under the house.” So, hearing that on the taping system a detective calls out to the crime scene techs and tells them to look under the house for the automatic weapons. They find them. Mom gets 30 years for aiding and abetting attempted first degree murder of a law officer and both boys get life in prison for same. As for dad, he got out and had to watch his whole Latino family go to prison.

    • paul dunbar says:

      no matter what The cop should have never fired a gun and simply followed the women to a point of no get away

    • Nat Turner says:

      “Mother will probably end up having warrants from another city. If she had drugs in the van with all of her welfare kids, I am sure the 14 yr old was high as a kite with his mother….no shock once I saw the woman step out of the van in the video though.”

      Clearly Timbo you are as bigoted as the racist cop who believe it’s alright to use deadly force on a black woman and her children for what at best is a misdemeanor. No law enforcement department in the US allows cops to use deadly force on a vehicle unless the officer feels his or someone else life is in imminent danger. Ignorant, uneducated, Neo-confederate, Tea-Bagging, white trailer trash bigots like you assume that all black people are criminals because you know in your heart of hearts that the most criminal-laden segment of America is whites.

      This woman was not stopped because of warrants from another state a$$hole. Even if that was the case it does that mean she and her children deserves the death penalty you piece of sh*t? And of course she must be on welfare right because she is black…right Di@khead? Do you realize that if every black person in America was on welfare, including all the millionaires and billionaires, there would still be twice as many whites on welfare? there are only 30 million blacks in America. there are more than 60 million whites on welfare. Can you do the math?

      Let me guess, you are sure the 14 year old was high as a kite with his mother because they are black or because white trailer trash like yourself start using crystal meth as young as 8 years old? Shocking right?

    • Michele says:

      I agree with you and I see they are trying to make the cops look like the bad guys well if she would have listen and did what they said the first time now of this would have happened she is to blame not the cops and what kind of mother lets her children be in that she should have stopped and stayed there like she was post to

  • FaithC says:

    OK, shooting at the van was wrong on every level. The woman driving is just crazy and put her children in a harmful situation. She needs to spend time in jail.

  • ray says:

    shooting at the van was wrong with kids in it. the woman was wrong still i seen no need of shooting at the van

  • RonSterling says:

    Poor patrolmen just doing their job, and these idiotic people with their garbage. Hope the driver and her idiotic 14 year old get nailed in court. Good job officers!!!

  • Cap'n Doug says:

    This is not black, white, yellow or red. This is poorly trained police. Children are the most important, stop the welfare comments. Let’s not be ignorant! We are all in this big pile of shit together, wether ya’ll like it or not. Police: There is no reason to fire at a vehicle, unless you life is in present danger, which clearly it wasn’t. Safely follow the vehicle, eventually they will:
    a. Give up
    b. run out of gas
    c.the police can put chains in the road that safely stop all vehicles.


    • hug stuf says:

      See you say all that right, but what happens when she crashes into an innocent vehicle during her chase and injures other people? She was driving on the wrong side of the road at high speeds attempting to avoid the officer. Noone does that unless they are A) Crazy B) have something to hide. Either way she deserves felony charges for this and need to have her kids taken away. I do think that firing at the vehicle was a bit harsh BUT once adrenaline and tunnel vision kicks in and you’re in that situation you’d be surprised how you would react. For some people, myself possibly I may have seen a criminal who already ran away from the cops attempting to kidnap a van full of children. She said they were her kids but there wasn’t any proof of that at the moment and in my mind what mother would involve their kids in a high speed chase like that over a routine traffic stop?

    • satt131313 says:

      Scott v. Harris, No. 05-1631 (April 30, 2007). , the U.S. Supreme Court held that a police officer’s attempt to terminate a dangerous high-speed car chase that threatens the lives of innocent bystanders does not violate the Fourth Amendment, even when it places the fleeing motorist at risk of serious injury or death.

      And that includes the threat to the children in being taken on a high speed chase.

      I suppose if this fleeing woman had hit and killed your family you would be suing the PD for not stopping her.

    • satt131313 says:

      No one here seems to get it. Everyone always says why didn’t they use stop sticks, or let the vehicle run out of gas, or some other nonsense. Stop sticks do not stop a vehicle and by the time she ran out of gas she could have killed someone and her kids in a wreck..

      A vehicle is a deadly weapon. As deadly as a gun. It does not always have to be your life in danger in a situation to use deadly force. You can use deadly force to stop someone you believe is a immediate threat to someone else’s life.

    • Mak DDog says:

      Wait for her car to run out of gas? She was driving in the opposite direction! Innocent people could have lost their life as the was driving in the opposite traffic! She could have had a head on collision with a school bus full of kids and killed 30 kids + her 5. I think they should have killed her on the spot for trying to harm a police officer, an office of the law!

  • joe bob says:

    ok so when will it ever be right for a officer to fire on a car? according to others never. i am glad everybody was there to witness the occurrence, and hear what was said. why do sheep, people that listen to gossip, have the right to criticize officers when we are not in their shoes and don’t know the whole story? why did the woman run? maybe she had something in the car she did not want the cops to find. maybe she was wanted, maybe she was a convicted killer.. at the time the cops did not know. there must have been something she was doing or wanted for because she was pulled over the second time.

    • Val says:

      We did witness it. It’s all there on the tape.

      • A Mother says:

        But did you REALLY Witness it? With todays technology can yo say you truely have all the facts???? Was this really a drug induced murderous woman with something to hide runing from the righteous law abidding police men who were only doing there jobs, OR was this a woman who feared for the safety of herself and her children, running for safety from a attack from an angry policeman who felt challenged and some new arrivals on the scene who really had no idea what was happening or the fact that the car was even full of children, but still felt the need to assist the slighted officer by shooting at the van?? Was it live or memorex???

    • Yes. She could have had illegal plants or liquids in her car. Better the entire family be slaughtered than suffer even the most minor Transgression against the police state.

  • A Mother says:

    Arrested for “Drug paraphernalia” is not drugs. Tobacco rolling papers is also called drug paraphernalia. While I don’t condone the behavior of the woman with her children in the car, who are we who wasn’t there to judge. I don’t believe the police had to go to the extremes of bashing in the car window or firing multiple shots at a van full of children considering the family had not presented any violent actions towards the police. Nothing that was done justified the officers actions. Not a good job on the police officers part no pat on the back. This is a case of “Family Vacation Gone Bad” as I am sure the woman will end up with multiple fines and the rest of the children were probably put into protective custody. Hopefully the 14 year old child will be treated as such and not beat himself for protecting his mom… Hmmm… Only in America!

  • josephg says:

    The gene pool is dipping here. When is it ever ok to fire your gun at a fleeing car? At what point did the car going the opppsige dife,tion of thw police make them fear for their liee?

  • CHS says:

    You are all saying “shooting at the van” because that’s what the video narrator says. Looks to me like the officer was shooting at the tires to disable the vehicle. Did anyone notice there was no report of where the bullets hit or if anyone was injured?
    Or maybe half of you are upset because the the cops were shooting at Black tires. If the tires were white, do you think the cops would have pulled their guns???
    Wise up, this was a good, fundamentally sound traffic stop.

    • A Mother says:

      My tires are white! Wrong is wrong, Black tires or white tires, truth matters!

    • Power says:

      You talking about the van didn’t get hit so he was shooting at the tires the “Black Tires” didn’t get hit either maybe it would be better if they was white maybe he woulda hit em. Clown

    • Alabama says:

      Up until Sept 2011 I would have sided with the officers actions without question, except for the one that fired his weapon… In Sept 2011 I traveled to Albuquerque from Alabama with my wife and 4 kids to visit my father who was sick with cancer. On my return drive I was pulled over by a NMSP officer near Santa Rosa. The officer approached my vehicle on the right and ordered me out onto the highway without even telling me why I was being detained ( wife and kids freaking out ) After exiting my vehicle the officer ordered me back to his car at which time the officer told me he clocked me going 82 in a 75 and wrote a citation.. I am 100% positive the poorly trained officer clocked the car coming up behind me. The officer falsified the road conditions on the ticket and stated my minivan was silver and it was black. I was going 70mph max up hill. I signed the penalty assessment rather than returning 1200 miles to fight a $77 ticket…
      I would question if the women was actually speeding… I do not consider NMSP highly trained, they are poorly trained and use the motor vehicle code to target out of state drivers to raise revenue for the state… ( very common practice ) Anybody that thinks the NMSP are a respectable agency needs to google how many NMSP officers have been arrested for dui in last 3 years or fired for having sexual relations on top of a police car in uniform…. The officer that fired his gun needs to be charged….. period…..

  • Holly says:

    I just dont understand why everything that is posted on facebook is always about what race it is you know god made this beautiful world to live in and we have destroyed it with hate and people are racist and god never said for one part to be for blacks the other for whites and so on for all others i dont see why people have to be this way if it is where do me and my kids go we are mixed do we just get pushed to the side….. And yes this mother was very wring vfor what she did but so was the officer for shooting at thevan when he knew there was kids in the van

  • Did you folks notice that the third officer drew his weapon after the fat guy started shooting? It is called a gang because they think like a gang. All three need to be giving out parking tickets for the next twenty years. I wouldn’t fire anyone. Just let all three of them take the tape statewide as a training aid for what not to do. Since nobody was hit it is comical to watch these three stooges in action. Pay the woman a half million and bust the fat guy down to cadet.

    • A Mother says:

      LOL!!!! Good one Charles! Best comment I have heard all day! Loved it and truely laughed out loud. Have a wonderful day people and keep the judgments down, Remember when you are pointing the finger three are pointing back to you!!!Blessings to you all and Pray for those who spitefully use and abuse you!

  • Power says:

    Lol y’all always making something about race y’all act like white people don’t have welfare just some idiot trail or park welfare lifting a** white people give it a break. Y’all make yourselfs look dumb.

  • Tim says:

    It all started with her pulling away and putting everybody in danger….the officers fired which was in the wrong, but what about the woman and pulling away and putting herself, her kids and the officers and public in a possible death situation???? The officers fired their weapons, God forbid they do something wrong, but this woman deserves to be locked up for awhile and her dumb son too. The officers need to go back to training for sure, but dont punish them for doing what they thought was right…they are given weapons and trained in them, not trained for dealing with some idiot mother who could have killed innocent people and her kids.

    • Tim: Let me put this in perspective for you. There is nothing in this film footage that even comes close to anybody being put in danger until some idiot drew his weapon. What you are seeing is called “contempt of cop.” It happens every day without anybody getting shot at. These cops were trained and have to take annual refreshers to make sure they understand “Use Of Force” rules. I hear cops complain every week about the growing contempt people have for cops. It is a self inflicted condition. I used to know cops that took pride in having gone ten years without ever pulling their gun and now they are carving notches in them. If a person is scared by the agressiveness or deminer of a cop they have the right to go to a public place, following the speed limit and obeying the traffic laws, and pull over. Likewise, the cop had the right to detain her after she “rabbited.” After that she was arrested, but nothing she or her sone did warrented weapons hot and heads will roll on this one.

  • Elspeth Alston says:

    If cops weren’t so eager to shoot blacks, perhaps they would get more cooperation. In this country, when it comes to Blacks, cops tend to shoot first, and make up lies later.

  • Daniel says:

    The cop that shot the van just got there so he just reacted. They are trained for this, if any of the kids where hurt he would have to live with that. I sure if he knew there where young kids in the van. He would not have taken the shot. The van driver is to blame! What was she thinking. She put her kids in danger. Just think in other countries they would not think twice to fill the van with bullets. So don’t blame the cops on this one. They did what they had to do given the situation. I am sure most of you can say you would do things different but really you can’t. Pulling a car over is one of the most dangerest things they do. If you can do better than apply to be a cop

  • The woman was not acting responsibly nor did she have her children act that way either. we do not need folks roaming the country thinking they can flee the law,assault the law or disregard a lawful order. To many police officers get hurt and/or killed being the “nice guy” (electra glide in blue) they maybe should not have shot at her car, but she should have not fled and eluded either !!

  • Kelly says:

    The defendant should have been cooperative and took the ticket for SPEEDING (an infraction) however…her driving off does not constitute the use of deadly force PERIOD. At that point the officers were no longer being threatened. They should have given chase…no fired shots. They were completely within their rights to bust the window in their ASP baton (it wasn’t a pry bar) in attempt to apprehend…or I guess they could have ASKED the occupants to just open the car—as they have complied with the officer SOOOOO well up until now. This is how officers are killed…its called escalation. That lady wasn’t thinking and neither was the cop that fired his weapon.

  • Randy Jessup says:

    OK the mother should be charged with reckless endangerment and attempted murder as she tried to get her kids killed by running from the police. I am all for that we are living in a police state thanks to Bush and Obama But woman was speeding and deserved her Ticket. And no I don’t care what color she is. I cant really tell is she black, white or Hispanic.

  • Chucky1992 says:

    There were just so many things with the way this all happened. The ignorant people always want to make it about race. Then you have the ones who make assupmtions about their financial standing or lack there of. There is a saying about what happens when you assume.

  • Jess says:

    People are so quick to jump and play the race card. It has nothing to do with race, if anyone did what this woma did, the same thing would of happened.It doesn’t matter what race they were. And to the man who said “no shock once I saw the woman step out of the van” that’s just an ignorant thing to say.
    The officers had every right to do what they did, shooting at the van may have not been the best decision but this is their job and they shouldn’t be under investigation for it. I’m not always the biggest fan of cops but in this situation I don’t think they did anything wrong. The mother should of just accepted the ticket and went on her way. She was getting a ticket because she was speeding and she escalated it by trying to drive away twice.She needs to make better choices as a mother. She was in the wrong and endangered her children by running from the cops. I feel bad for these cops, they were just doing their job.

  • cynical1 says:

    She was doing 71 in a 55, deserved the ticket and was stupid for taking off twice. And the kid should have stayed in the van and definitely shouldn’t have rushed the cop. End of story, leave all the other bs out of it.

  • John Doe says:

    you can’t fix stupid, you are required by law to follow the instructions of a law officer. maybe she needed more time to throw away the drugs she had. I see the 14 year old wasn’t any smarter that she is. Give the officer more training, it’s called idenify your target, hit your target !

  • William says:

    Sure she was wrong, but…
    1. It does not take 3 bullets to pop a tire. (Is he a bad shot ?)
    2. She wasn’t ever going to be able to outrun two 400-horsepower Police Interceptors in a crappy minivan, anyway.
    3. Firing into a roadway at a moving vehicle puts anyone in the area at risk with a missed shot or a ricochet.
    4. The second police cruiser could have blocked her from the front instead of parking off to the side. Then the last half of the saga wouldn’t have even happened.
    5. Why is the speed limit still 55 on highways anywhere anyway? ;-)

  • There were no bullet holes at all in the back of the van, the tires were probably the target here, not the van full of children

    • Kathryn: Not shooting at the cab of the van doesn’t make it safe and it certainly doesn’t make it legal. I had to laugh when I read that they charged her with endangering the children. That is funny after this cop shoots at her and the kids. I assume by provoking a cop she can be assured that she will be shot if she doesn’t do what she is told. I KNOW that I would view this as racial if I were black.

  • Nikki says:

    I agree with what the officers did…the mother was not taking anyone’s safety into consideration. They had to stop her before she killed someone by wrecking into them or running over them. The 14 year old knew better than to fight a cop…it was stupid on both of their parts not to take the smaller children into consideration. Its terrible to have to shoot, but, they did what they had to do to protect themselves and other innocent citizens in the area. I know from experience in EM, the order they teach you to help/protect someone is, you, your partners, the innocent bystanders and then the victim(s).

    • Mr. Gibson says:

      that does not apply 2 EM, and u don’t have a weapon… ur only job is 2 make sure the scene is safe…that is ur JOB!!!

  • Mark O says:

    Where do police agencies recruit so many mindless people that will willingly fire on their own countryman including children. I want to know what brain.washing technique is used. I bet it was used in Germany not too very long ago

  • jkl0730 says:

    Deadly force for eluding a cop? none of the pigs lives were in danger. what a bunch of stupid thugs, they need to be retrained in the use of deadly force. Effing idiot cops.

    • Tim says:

      Heat of the moment reaction…..and what if she pulled out an AK and started firing, would we be saying the cops should not have shot back because kids in the car? Do not comment unless you have something educated to say dude. You must be one of those mindless creatures we call humans who have 100 comments, but 0 sense.

      • JT says:

        And what if a vampire ate the sun, or what if bullfrogs had wings? Let’s deal within the parameters of the story, shall we, Tim? as for commenting before you have something intelligent to say, if you are the person who started this thread (first post), you’d do well to heed your own advice. After all, if this is the same Tim who posted the first comment, it was you who said this all made sense as soon as you saw the woman’s ethnicity and speculated as to her socioeconomic status.

      • Miliak says:

        That’s right Tim u dumbass, moms with a van full of kids pull that type of
        Shit everyday…

  • Concerned Parent says:

    If an officer can not handle dealing with children then he has no business being in law enforcement in the first place. Secondly, using a tazer on a 14 year old when all he had to do was throw the cuffs on him.. are they that out of shape that they can not restrain someone without either killing them or doing bodily injury… or worse yet a mental trauma? I think the law enforcement of this country is out of control when they harm their own and don’t even care.

    • Charles says:

      Your ignorance upsets me…I, as a former police officer, can and will speak from experience. Just because a person is 14 years old does not mean they are easily controlled…physically or verbally. In fact, I will have you know that I found that teenagers are much harder to physically control than adults because of their youth and vitality. Handcuffing someone is not as easy in real life as it is on your beloved CSI episodes. The only two acceptable forms of response for that officer against the 14 year old was to either physically take him to the ground or taser him. Do us all a favor and dont open your mouth when you dont have a clue what you are talking about….ignorance like yours is why there are so many BS lawsuits against cops!!

    • My oldest son is in 6th grade and almost as tall as me. I have seen several kids at his middle school who are the same height as my husband 6’1″ and could probably give him a run for his money in a fight. I’ve seen the damage some of these “kids” can do and they can be extremely violent. Look around next time you are in the mall and see how many of these full grown “kids” you could handle if they got violent with you.

    • karen says:

      All she had to do is take the ticket like everyone does every day. She has a blog that she says people thinks shes a hero. For what causing all this protecting her children from what she caused don’t see it.

  • I guess it is the medium of the internet news collectively that is concentrating the deadly force incidents of the U. S., into our knoledge base, but this is starting to cause paranoia. Putting it in perspective, cops don’t shoot at very many unarmed civilians. That being said, the ones that do have to be dealth with. I hear the LEOs arguing that it is dangerous out there, but it isn’t really. Statistically it just isn’t, and if they wanted to stop cop killings by being ready to defend themselves, they would want to shoot everyone in every car they stop because it is as they approach the car that cops get shot. Shooting into a fleeing car is totally unacceptable. It is just plain Hollywood; totally unprofessional. Where any LEO would get the idea that they can get away with this is beyond me, dashcam or not.

    • Charles says:

      Agrees as a former police officer…That was certainly a Hollywood scene. That cop should most certainly and immediately be fired.

  • Dacobs says:

    They will end up suing the Police and getting large sums of money. And get off welfare. Win, win all around I say!

  • Alice Richards says:

    Isn’t it ashamed that when you see a state trooper or police officer and you, ( a single mother) with her children are in fear of your life or harm??? Have to think ” what would you do”??? Have to wonder what was going thru her head… Crash?!

    • Chris says:

      My wife didn’t react like that, and thousands of others in the coarse of a year. What was she hiding or does she just have a lack of respect for the uniform?

  • most people here seem to blame the cops. the woman drove off not once but twice. the 14 year old gets out and assults one of the cops. the cops have to wonder why there was such a need to get away from the cops. were the other kids kidnap victims, was their contraband in the vehicle, were they running away from a crime that the mon and older son had committed. usually only guilty people run from the cops like this. would you blame the cops if the mother killed this kids?

  • Charles says:

    The officer who fired on the van is in the wrong…there was no justification for deadly force here. The initial officer should have tasered the mother when she went to return to the vehicle and also should have tasered or sprayed the 14 year old when he came around and attacked him. In the end, the woman and her son were both properly charged, but the officer who fired his firearm should also be disciplined accordingly.

    -Former Biloxi, MS Police Officer-

  • Sons says:

    Too many idiots on here. Yes, the mother should have been arrested for driving off. But, that doesn’t justify the police shooting the vehicle and putting the kids in danger. Trying to shoot the tires ….please. We all know that’s bull. What if he shot the gas tank? Would the lives of six PEOPLE be a fair exchange for the 130.00 ticket that this was all about from the beginning.The son was just doing what any child would do when they see someone causing harm to their mother. We are not robots that do everything the police say. They are not gods and they do make mistakes like everyone else.The problem is that quite often they don’t pay for their mistakes and that’s why so many people dislike police. In poorer areas or when minorities are involved the police feel they can do whatever they want because People don’t have money to fight for their rights. Regardless of wealth or the position someone holds.I believe everyone should be accountable for their actions. Unfortunately that’s not the world we live in.

    • Chris says:

      It’s total lack for the uniform, that is why the kid rushed the cops. He obviously learned that from his mother. Shooting at the car by the 3rd officer as they were driving off was inappropriate, and a very ineffective effort. In stress situations most shooting is off and he probably couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Up until that the cops did not use excessive force. She was combatant and the kid placed the officers in danger and himself.

  • Yuki Wada says:

    Well I guess we found where the least trained and smallest mental capacity officers are accepted…figures about the same chance as the state ever paying for itself without stronger states like NY $$$ Support. Can’t train stupid. Maybe the next century will bring us intelligence /HGH in a bottle wear we can add it to the water supply to get 100 IQ and 175 soaking wet men to apply not Darrell deputizing Darrell

    • Dacobs says:

      Its “where” not “wear” Yuki. Time for you to drink some of that IQ water.

    • Dacobs says:

      As for training “stupid” lets start with the mother of those children. You do not jump back in your vehicle until the Police say you can leave, duh! If she’d comported herself properly we wouldn’t all be posting here.

  • nothaving it says:

    I wonder how many people here realize that the Supreme Court ruled many years ago that it is unconstitutional to shoot at an unarmed fleeing vehicle?

  • Jason says:

    Another example of Nazi police offiers going crazy. They should all be fired and put in prison. No wonder there is so littlle respect for law enforcement anymore………….

    • Chris says:

      Nazi police? Really? That is your argument? Try harder and then comeback this fear mongering and empty argument is part of the problem with people

  • Alabama says:

    Up until Sept 2011 I would have sided with the officers actions without question, except for the one that fired his weapon… In Sept 2011 I traveled to Albuquerque from Alabama with my wife and 4 kids to visit my father who was sick with cancer. On my return drive I was pulled over by a NMSP officer near Santa Rosa. The officer approached my vehicle on the right and ordered me out onto the highway without even telling me why I was being detained ( wife and kids freaking out ) After exiting my vehicle the officer ordered me back to his car at which time the officer told me he clocked me going 82 in a 75 and wrote a citation.. I am 100% positive the poorly trained officer clocked the car coming up behind me. The officer falsified the road conditions on the ticket and stated my minivan was silver and it was black. I was going 70mph max up hill. I signed the penalty assessment rather than returning 1200 miles to fight a $77 ticket…
    I would question if the women was actually speeding… I do not consider NMSP highly trained, they are poorly trained and use the motor vehicle code to target out of state drivers to raise revenue for the state… ( very common practice ) Anybody that thinks the NMSP are a respectable agency needs to google how many NMSP officers have been arrested for dui in last 3 years or fired for having sexual relations on top of a police car in uniform…. The officer that fired his gun needs to be charged….. period…..

  • Out of curiosuity what would some of you think, if the mother had wrecked and killed all her children running from the cops? Would she be so innocent then? I’m sure the officer that shot at the van was aiming for tires since we didn’t see any windows shatter. I seriously doubt she was taking her kids to the Rio Grande…there is so much more to this story

  • This is a case about excessive police force against a mother and her children and cops gone wild. Yes, she should not have driven off. The force was excessive in response to the original stop for simply speeding. Shooting at a vehicle loaded with children is not a reasonable first response.

    In a similar case in Florida a black female college student was assaulted, battered, and arrested for not rolling down her window “all the way” to receive her yellow copy of a traffic ticket for a bad tail light. Her window was smashed out by the cop also.

    Sign this petition if you agree there was, again, excessive force.

    Signing petitions such as this send our message that excessive force by police officers will not be tolerated in our society.

  • Michael says:

    First off anyone who drives away from a cop after getting pulled over is in trouble and the 2nd time the cop pulled her over I think he had every right to be even more aggressive then he was. Then she refused his orders and her son bull rushed the cop and locked the door so he broke out the window. As for the 3rd cop who arrived you can clearly tell that he was aiming for the tires but if any punishment for the cops it would be on him. The two other cops were just trying to do their jobs and the mom should be locked up and the boy should get some sort of probabtion or juvenile detention because he is only 14. This is not a race thing so stop trying to make it one it is truly a pathetic excuse

    • Amy says:

      So let citizens basically disregard the law and law enforcement and expect officers to just “be cool” and let blatant disregard of rules we have set to protect our society? No way! We already spoon-feed the irresponsible and reward negative behavior.

  • ah052070 says:

    The cop didn’t have any grounds for shooting at a car pulling away, I don’t care what anyone on here is saying. That guy should definitely be fired and I served my country as a military police officer on various bases overseas. Everything on the video indicates the other cops are overzealous, especially after they know it’s a woman driver who poses them no physical threat. They’re also all aware that there’s kids in the car after the one guy approaches the window. This lady probably just should’ve been given a short lecture and I’m sure that would’ve made enough of an impression on her. The other officers represent what we used used to call a clusterfuck on base. It’s when too many officers converge on a scene like this when it really would’ve taken one officer to handle the matter. These guys give new meaning to the term “Keystone Cops”. What they are is idiots who are unfit for duty as police officers.

  • Amy says:

    After watching the entire video, it is beyond apparent that she is completely irresponsible and blatantly resisted and avoided arrest. I feel sorry for the officers that had to deal with such an idiot. If everyone was allowed to behave the way she chose, we would be dealing with complete anarchy. She has no respect for the law. She deserves to learn a leason.

  • Amy says:

    To all that are commenting on this incident, make sure you watch the entire video. It will shed so much light on why the officers had to do what they did.

  • Len says:

    You’re already worked up, nervous and upset for getting the ticket. The cop escalates the situation by being dispassionate and unsympathetic regardless of how rude the lady was acting. He could have used better IPC skills and left her felling good about receiving the $100+ ticket and moved on. He only added fuel to the fire by not recognizing the situation for what it was and handling it appropriately. The Officer had all her information! Make a command decision and send her the bill, or even a court date. A little cool down time for citizens could go a long way for both sides while improving relations and allowing the State/Gov.. to still rake in the $$$. Take her kids away and don’t be surprised if she retaliates with something really cray-cray. All over an slighted Officer trying to impose his attitude, power, and authority over a speeding ticket.

  • Eric.m says:

    This is very wrong discrimination will never end in this country .but I am very sure those officers will walk away free after all .i am very very mad when I saw this video I can’t believe this .

  • Eric.m says:

    I hate this country same time I feel like is to wrong to be black. But I will stand my ground

  • Chris says:

    Tim may be bigoted, well is but the cops were not completely in the wrong here. The woman left, why? She was pulled over and cop lost his cool, but the son got out of car! Not smart. Then the woman got out, good idea that went bad again when son attacked cops again. He is lucky he didn’t get tazered or shot at that point. It was a bad situation that just out of control. When stopped by police, pull over, don’t argue, you won’t win in the field. Just comply and move on, and deal with it later. Cops get worked up when pulling people over because they get shot at, people grab their arms and drive off. Constant threat of danger, don’t be stupid like this woman and her family

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