Funeral held for 16-year-old High Point stabbing victim

Girl, 14, charged with murder in High Point stabbing

HIGH POINT, N.C. — A High Point teenager who police say was stabbed to death by his sister is being buried Monday.

Ti’kere Martin, 16, was stabbed to death over a week ago at his Brentwood Crossing apartment in High Point.

He was a student at Southwest Guilford High School.

His sister, who is 14, has been charged with first degree murder, a charge filed within the juvenile court system. First degree murder is defined as being premeditated.

Officials haven’t said whether she’ll be tried as an adult.

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  • FaithC

    This is a shame. Two lives destroyed.

    People need to stop popping out babies, just to let them run wild. Things like this would happen much less. I am going to assume there was not much parent involvement with these two.

  • Mrs.Honeycutt

    I totally agree with the obvious lack of parental involvement! If parents don’t start raising their children with some comman sense and some self respect, instead of little heathens!!

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