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Cancer patient says she’s banned from school over odor

Posted on: 3:15 pm, November 17, 2013, by


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A mother battling breast cancer said she was banned from her daughter’s elementary school because of how she smells.

KOBR-TV reported that New Mexico mother Kerri Mascareno is taking chemotherapy pills to shrink the tumor before surgery.

Mascareno is battling stage four breast cancer and unpleasant odors can be a side effect of breast cancer and chemotherapy.

Mascareno said the principal of Tierra Antigua Elementary School told her she could no longer enter the Albuquerque school because of her odor.

She said she met with the school’s principal, Robert Abney, last week about her daughter. Mascareno claims even after she moved outside, the principal stood at his window and told her to move farther away.

“He just said that he would have to ask me to sit in my car because he could smell me through the window,” Mascareno said, according to KOBR-TV.

KOBR-TV reported that the principal refused to comment on the situation when asked on Wednesday.

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  • What a freaking jerk! He better hope that never happens to someone in his family!

  • Jackie says:

    What an #?*! Hope he never gets cancer… The #?*!

  • Becky says:

    How disgusting of that principal! Where is his compassion? Some people have no common sense!

  • Marie Jones says:

    Proves my theory again… is not only the kids who are guilty of bullying.

    • Nikki says:

      Definitely not only kids.

    • Bonnie Garris says:

      Is it easier to blame the children for being a bully than to say they had to learn this behavior from adults starting at home !!! Adults are the main bullies this guy should work on a pig farm so he can smell something that smells bad a&&hole jerk !!!

  • Kay A Cecil says:

    wow.. I don’t even know what to say…

  • She should go to the local Board of Education and report the principal to the Superintendent. If the Board doesn’t do something about this blatant insult to this woman then she and her family should consider legal recourse.

  • Corrine says:


  • Nikki says:

    Bless her Lord. I pray she is healed in Jesus name!

  • terrie brown says:

    I would have stayed and discussed the real reason i was there some things happen to people because they let it…..he would have called the law first….where is her fight she’s gonna need it

  • wendy taylor says:

    Not only was that insulting and cruel, But you would not ban me from anyplace that my child is attending. She should have stayed and called the cops and the media. It’s unbelievable this idiot is in charge of children. May god bless and heal this woman, and open this man’s eye’s to the huge mistake he made.

  • Mark Stabler says:

    What has happened to Educators across the country? Have they completely lost all of their commons sense? Every day we read about some idiotic decision about what students can wear, what they can say or what they do. If it’s not that it’s about a teacher being arrested for sexual or lewd contact with students. I understand that teachers have an almost impossible job because there is no discipline in the schools anymore and no support from parents. Those that can not learn and those that do not want to learn are mixed with those that try…and it results in a poor learning opportunity for all. It is not a racial problem, it’s a discipline problem.

    • Cecil Williams says:

      To busy demanding more pay, less work, and more time off. I cry when I see my property tax and read the results. Children were educated many years, with less money. I had to attend school with two grades in the same class.

  • Barbara says:

    You can educate ignorance but you can’t fix stupid, these are stupid people to want to hurt someone with cancer .

  • Sharon says:

    I hope he loses his job. What a loser and a POS.

  • he sure is a loser…..the woman should call a good lawyer.

  • Randy Jessup says:

    Wow I have never met someone that brave before. Doesn’t he know about Karma? WOW

  • Brenda Coble says:

    If he doesn’t know Karma I’m sure he will be introduced to him soon ! God Bless this lady !

  • Bbroome says:

    What a jerk. He will reap what he sows! And for the poor parent….Lawsuit honey! That’s discremination!

  • Beth says:

    Oh wow, I can not believe that someone could be so cruel. That man needs to be fired and the woman should sue for discrimination. Also to stand at a window and tell the women she is still too close…… an outrage! Nothing more than an adult bully.

  • big bob says:

    I don’t see why anyone is getting mad. What if it was affecting other students and the principal and speaking for everyone wlse. Cancer is horrible .

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