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Greensboro to hold public hearing on renaming of High Point Road/Lee Street

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro City Council will hold a public hearing at Tuesday’s meeting to get formal feedback on the proposed renaming of a 19-mile stretch of High Point Road and Lee Street to Gate City Boulevard.

Back in August, the city held a series of community meetings and created an online survey to initially gauge how people felt about the proposal.

According to the results, released in Tuesday’s council agenda packet, most people who responded were not in favor of renaming the road.

When asked why, about 140 participants said they didn't believe it was beneficial and felt that renaming would be difficult to pull off.

The biggest was the cost to property and business owners for things like changing business cards.

The name Gate City Boulevard has been approved and recommended to council by Greensboro’s planning board.

Staff say the new name will help promote investment in the area and hopefully improve the perception of the stretch of road, which has been associated with crime.

The proposed renaming is part of a bigger investment by Greensboro in improving the High Point Road/Lee Street corridor.

Greensboro city spokesperson Donnie Turlington said city leaders could make a decision Tuesday following the public hearing or decide to continue discussion.

If approved, the planning department recommends council delay the effective date of the name change until summer of 2015.


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