Dry, windy conditions increase risk of brush fires

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While leaf pick up is underway across the cities of the Piedmont, rural homeowners often turn to burning to get rid of their leaves.

But recently conditions have become dry and windy. This is the ideal set up for debris burns to get out of control.

This past weekend and on Monday, the Pinecroft Sedgefield Fire District responded to brush fires across central and southern Guilford County. The damp weather on Tuesday gave firefighters a much needed break.

But Fire Chief Steve Allred fears the fire calls will return when the damp weather moves out.

"People will go out the next day and think we got a little rain and it's okay. But that's not the case. The wind is going to dry everything out. It's going to be a lot drier than you think it's going to be," Allred said.

The Pinecroft Sedgefield Fire District continues to issue burn permits. But they are recommending that homeowners hold off on burning until more rain arrives.