Cold front will bring windy conditions, possible snow flurries

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3 raddsdarA cold front that will sweep through the Piedmont on Tuesday will bring cold, windy conditions and a slight chance of a few scattered snow flurries.

The first of a few cool-downs will occur today, with high temperatures about 12-degrees cooler than Sunday.

Skies will be mostly sunny for the first half of the day, then become partly cloudy by afternoon.  Expect highs to be near 60 with light winds.

Tonight, partly cloudy conditions will continue as temperatures slip into the upper 30s.

Tuesday will be quite a lot of fun for folks who love a taste of winter!  A powerful cold front is headed through the state, and it will be rather windy through the day with highs near 50.  With the wind factored in, it will feel like highs are only in the lower 40s for most of the afternoon.

There isn't much moisture for the front to turn into precipitation, so any rain or snow probably won't register in rain gauges across the Piedmont.  Some folks will see at least a few snowflakes, but soil temperatures in the Piedmont are still in the upper 40s and lower 50s are way too warm for any snow to accumulate.