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Woman receives death threats over Boston Bombing costume

Posted on: 8:13 am, November 4, 2013, by

Several offensive Halloween costumes have surfaced on the internet this year, but one woman says her family is receiving death threats after she sparked a cyber outrage.

According to the Huffington Post, Alicia Ann Lynch, 22, dressed up as a Boston Marathon bombing victim.



In a picture posted on Twitter, Lynch wore a running shirt and shorts, marathon ‘bib’ and had bruises and scrapes on her legs, arms and face, complete with fake blood.

Lynch later wrote that she had lost her job over the costume. Her Twitter account has since been suspended.

Lynch isn’t the only one who has used tragedy for Halloween costume inspiration.

Other costumes surfaced online, including Trayvon Martin and bloodied Asiana Airline pilots.

Read more: Huffington Post


  • Good Lord – how ignorant!

  • Richard Trickle says:

    Glad she lost her job. At least she still has her life. #murica

  • toolman says:

    So what ever happened to Freedom of Speech in this country. She still has the right to act stupid if she wants to. She can even vote for Obama if she wants.

  • sally jane says:

    Should know better….That was a Tragedy,with people being maimed and loss of life.Should have used her common sense,oh wait,she must not have any…………………

  • Donna says:

    What are people thinking these days? yes we live in America, yes she the “right” to do this, but what the hell is going on in her head? that she would want to and think it was “funny”…o boy…too sad…

  • Why do people take stuff so offensively I mean people make jokes about everything else

  • chele says:

    Yes people have freedom but that is just dumb. how are you gonna make fun of someone that almost died or died in a terrible incident. other people ask why someone is making a big deal about, just imagine if it was ur family or close persin you know that it happenes to. You would take offense to it tio. Just keep that in mind when you want to judge someone’s reaction on a situation like this.

  • If I were her boss, I’d probably fire her too. Insensitive c***. What is wrong with people????

  • Pat says:

    Really really stupid

  • Mopps says:

    Freedom of speech etc doesn’t mean you are free from the consequences of these freedoms. People and employers are free t oreacts just as much. tasteless costume.

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