Man sees pregnant wife stabbed on videochat

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A Texas woman in her ninth month of pregnancy was brutally stabbed in the face and stomach last week — all while her husband, deployed thousands of miles away overseas — watched helplessly through the phone, police said, according to HLN affiliate KFOX.

UPDATE, Nov. 4, 9:45 AM: Rachel Poole has successfully given birth to a healthy baby girl.

poole-in-hospitalRachel Poole, 31, was allegedly attacked in her home Wednesday while using FaceTime — an Apple application that allows users to videochat over the phone — to talk to her husband, Army Pvt. Justin Pele Poole, according to El Paso, Texas police. Police Det. Mike Baranyay said that the woman recognized her attacker and repeatedly screamed his name to her husband over the phone.

The victim managed to call 911 and was transported to University Medical Center where she was last reported to be in critical condition. Her baby is listed in good condition. Rachel Poole suffered fractures as well as stab wounds to the face and body during the attack, police say.

19-year-old Corey Bernard Moss

19-year-old Corey Bernard Moss

The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Corey Bernard Moss, was located by Fort Bliss Military Police and turned over to El Paso police. Detectives said they have learned that Moss was inside Poole’s house when she got home — before he allegedly attacked her with a knife.

According to investigators, the motive involved money owed to Poole by Moss for vehicle repairs. Moss was charged with criminal attempted capital murder and booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility. His bond was set at $60,000.

r-pooleFort Bliss Spokesman Maj. Joe Buccino stated, “The stabbing victim’s husband is deployed overseas in southwest Asia. He has been deployed about nine months.” Rachel Poole’s husband took to his Facebook account this week to express his anger and frustration at the situation.

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  • STRETCH says:

    Wow…I hope the victim and her baby pulls through in excellent condition. With that said…I wouldn’t be surprise if it turns out the husband has something to do with all this.

    • Chacha says:

      Why would the husband have anything to do with this. If you read the story correctly, he’s been deployed for the past 9 months and apparently it had to do with money owed for car repair.

    • Darcy says:

      of course someone one would have to say this. It says clearly in the article that the woman was stabbed by a man who had worked on her car and she owed money to him. Her husband has been deployed and probably had nothing to do with her going to that mechanic you idiot.

    • Don’t bother reading the story, just comment away!

  • Angi says:

    I thought the article said he owed her money????? Or did I read that wrong??

  • ron says:

    I mustve read it wrong too, somethings not adding up, but I do hope they’re ok

  • anon. says:

    The article does say he owed her money. Regardless… no excuse either way.

  • Liz Morset says:

    So, did the pregnant lady fix his car???? I think the news needs to better edit there stuff before printing.

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