SNAP program has $11 billion cut today

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A temporary boost from the 2009 Recovery Act ended Friday cutting $11 billion from the SNAP food stamp program.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or "SNAP," distributes to one in seven Americans; 1.7 million North Carolinians rely on the program each month.

The SNAP benefits are distributed per household per month and will be cut on average from $11 to $36 each month.

Nearly 42,000 households in Guilford County receive SNAP benefits each moth; nearly 25,000 households in Forsyth County; and nearly 12,000 in Randolph County.

Local food pantries and food services like Greensboro Urban Ministry are asking for donations to fill the gap for families in need.

The Salvation Army expects an increase in emergency assistance requests that help families with food, rent and even electricity bills.

As of last month, 351 Greensboro families and 581 families in Forsyth County were allotted emergency assistance funds.


  • Mary Robbins

    Cry me a river. I have to find $500 per month more to feed the beast due to BUMMACARE. For worse coverage for 2 people.
    Those that ae stealing my money have zero right to cry about $36 bucks of free money for 4 people.

  • Jason

    Boo hoo, someone’s government hand outs are going to be cut. I say cut the whole program off in it’s entirety. If you can’t afford groceries, then you don’t eat!!! I’m so sick of paying for lazy people to lay around having babies and eating like royalty on my/taxpayers dollars. Seems everyone wants a handout these days and nobody wants to get off their lazy *ss and work for a living. I have no sense of sympathy or charity. Like I said, end the whe program and let the recipients fend for themselves. It’s survival of the fittest baby, can you make it?

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