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Blind man and his service dog kicked off a bus in Greensboro

Posted on: 10:14 pm, October 28, 2013, by , updated on: 10:21pm, October 28, 2013

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A blind man and his service dog were kicked off a bus in Greensboro Sunday.

John Dyson, a blind graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro walks with his dog Sarge to get around campus.

On Sunday, when they tried to board a HEAT bus at UNCG, they were denied a ride.

“I started boarding the bus and he said, wait I’ve got to call my supervisor to see if you can come on here with the dog,” Dyson said. “I said according to ADA, he’s allowed any public places I’m allowed.”

Dyson said he got on the bus, took a seat and was surprised when the bus driver refused to leave the depot.

But Dyson refused to leave.

Dyson said a security guard then told him to leave or he would have to physically remove him.

Dyson ended up getting off the bus to work things out, and was allowed to ride the bus later.

Information Specialist Kevin Elwood says both the law and the policies of Greensboro Transit Authority say buses are accessible to people with disabilities, including those with service animals.

“Unfortunately it was a new operator who had been on the job less than 90 days,” Elwood said. “And he was not familiar with the policy regarding that.”

Elwood said all of the drivers go through sensitivity training to learn these policies.


  • Ginger says:

    He should have been trained properly. His superiors should be reprimanded not him. Then again, the average citizen knows that service dogs are allowed any place their owners are.

  • Bigg Dogg says:

    Really? That driver hasn’t been on this planet long enough to know that’s the law everywhere?

  • Wes says:

    Fire the driver.

  • David Sampson says:

    What gets me is the driver didn’t know so he called a Supervisor. Now it seems the Suopervisor told him that the dog wasn’t allowed and to get a security officer to remove him from the bus if he wouldn’t leave. Now a security officer comes in and threatens to physically remove him. Shouldn’t he know the ADA law about service dogs?

    Sorry I am all about frivolous lawsuits but the stupidity of the Supervisor and Security Officer is no excuse.

  • Sophie Samra says:

    Seriuosly? How long has the driver been living in the United States! That has been a law for as long as I remember and that was completely incompetent of the driver! Not to mention just plain rude!

  • carol says:

    This gentleman should call a disability rights attorney.

  • Rodney Klinger says:

    Sounds kind of fishy to me, management at fault but driver was more to blame. who in their right mind would refuse a blind person and a service dog. Did not know sounds lame to me.

  • Monica Renee says:

    That was mean of that bus driver to not let that blind, and his dog on the bus. His boss definitely needs to fire him.

  • Phyllis Thuman says:

    I cannot believe any Person bus driver .. security o whatever would d something like this to a blind man!! I HOPE they fire all Persons involed with this.. There s NO excuse for this to happen..If I knew the man, I would personally come and get him and take him to school every day,


  • Randy Jessup says:

    I don’t say things like this often and I regret feeling compelled to say it now but I believe that bus driver may be too stupid to be allowed to operate a car much let a bus. I am surprised the man has enough sense to know to breath in and out. I certainly hope he lost his job. No person any where alive in this country should have the excuse he wasn’t trained to treat a service dog as he would any persons aid to get around would he have told a man walking with a cane that you cant bring a cane on the bus. A cane could be just as deadly as a dog. Also the security guard should have advised the bus driver that he was an idiot and refused to help him. So not only should the bus driver be fired but the security guard as well. This is representative of the people working for the government then they need to rethink their hiring strategies. Don’t you have to take some kind of test to work for the city or county government? Obviously not a very stringent one.

    • Sheree Godwin says:

      I completely agree with you!!! How crazy is this?? No excuses at all!! So sorry for the man and his dog!!

  • Faith says:

    So that was at least 2 people who are unaware that a service dog is allowed anywhere this man is allowed? What rock did they grow up under?

  • marcy says:

    FIRE the driver and the Security Guard! both clearly did not know that he could ride the bus! Training…WHAT training????

  • Mary Robbins says:

    This was a guide dog. The law has allowed guide dogs everywhere for decades. This isn’t even an issue of questioning whether or not it is a “service dog”.

  • Does he live under a rock and not know what a service dog is.. Lord please fire this person apparently they are not coherent enough to be driving buses full of human beings.

  • laurie says:

    So sad!! And so wrong! THEY ALL SHOULD BE FIRED!
    Bus driver,security officer, superiors & management … they all knew better!
    This is a majior problem!!

  • Lara Taylor says:

    This is common sense. If you lack the sense to know a blind man can bring his guide dog in public places, you shouldn’t qualify for jobs that require interaction with such individuals and service animals.

  • anonymous says:

    The driver and the security guard violated criminal law. File charges against them, and against the security guard for a verbal threat and/or threatening a person with a disability. There’s no excuse.

  • Kevi Nmaiden says:

    Bad enough the man is blind then he gets treated like this.
    It makes you wonder how much training HEAT bus drivers really receive.

  • Cliff Fox says:

    Lawsuit! Make’em pay and they won’t be apt to make that mistake again! I’m not even in public service and know the law as far as service dogs go and these guys should too! As long as the Americans with Disabilities Act has been around these guys must have been hiding under a rock somewhere or they’re complete idiots!

  • Willow says:

    I used to live across the hall from this guy, he is the nicest dude I know. I can’t believe someone would do this.

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