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Preventing common shoulder injuries on today’s House Call

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Shoulder injuries are frequently caused by athletic activities that involve excessive and repetitive overhead motion, such as tennis, pitching/overhead throwing and weightlifting.

Injuries can also occur during everyday activities such washing walls, hanging curtains and gardening.

Shoulder injuries are most commonly classified in two categories:

1. Overuse injury – caused by overusing the muscles in the shoulder, most often the rotator cuff muscles, therefore leading to pain and weakness.

2. Traumatic injury – usually involves injuries such as a broken or fractured bone (i.e. collarbone), shoulder separation, rotator cuff tears, and/or dislocation.

Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles can significantly reduce the risk of rotator cuff impingement (irritation and pain) and tears.

It is important to perform shoulder strengthening exercises regularly, which can easily be done in the comfort of the home with simple equipment such as resistance bands.

This is especially important for individuals who participate in sports or have jobs in which they often have to reach or throw overhead.

It is important to become aware and familiar with your surroundings during activities, sports and work to avoid falls that could lead to a shoulder bone break or rotator cuff injury.

Also, while participating in contact sports such as football, it is especially important to wear the proper protective gear.

This gear is designed to help prevent injury, not only to the shoulder, but to many body parts.

For individuals who are experiencing shoulder pain or have sustained an injury, it is important to seek medical evaluation to determine the severity of the condition.

Cone Health Orthopedic Center of Excellence has an exceptional network of orthopedic and sports medicine specialists trained to diagnose and treat all types of shoulder injuries, and return patients to their normal lives and routines as quickly as possible.

Physician Background:
Dr. Shane Hudnall is a primary care sports medicine specialist practicing at Cone Health Sports Medicine Department at MedCenter High Point.

Dr. Hudnall is a 2007 graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine. He completed his residency in family medicine at Cone Health Family Medicine Center and completed his fellowship in sports medicine at Cone Health.