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Eden Rescue Squad’s equipment vandalized

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. – The Eden Rescue Squad wants to know who vandalized their equipment and why.

Sometime late Thursday night vandals poked holes in their trailer, picked locks and ruined their only power washer.

“It’s just heartbreaking that they would come in and vandalized our stuff,” said Angie Ratliff, an Eden Rescue Squad volunteer.

The Eden Rescue Squad is mostly made of volunteers and depends on grants and donations.

“When we lose that money, it makes it harder for us to purchase equipment needed to provide emergency 911 services,” said Kenneth Clanton, an Eden Rescue Squad EMT.

A couple weeks ago, there was another public safety building vandalized just a mile down the road.

Vandals spray painted the Rockingham County EMS building. Deputies caught the three suspects.

“It’s someone who has no responsibility, someone who has no respect for the community, someone who has no idea what an emergency is until it happens to them,” explains Clanton.

The Eden Rescue Squad isn’t mad anymore, but disappointed and has an invite out for whoever did this.

“I’d say you should come up here and ride with us sometime and see what we do and how valuable we are to the community and then you would probably have a second thought about coming and doing something as childish as this,” said Clanton.

The damages are at least $2,000. The crew is looking to install security cameras.